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My name is Jeremy Smith (33), originally from Charleston, WV (state capitol), but now living right outside of Huntington WV (home of the Marshall Thundering Herd). I'm a rabid WVU fan as well. I have a very sweet and beautiful wife, Brandy... a gorgeous and super smart daughter, Kaitlin... and a brute for a baby boy (no joke, he's a hulk), Nicholas. UPDATE.... On Aug. 8th, we just gave birth to our newest addition, and second son, Benjamin Patrick!!! I am an extremely proud dad! My job now.... to make sure all my kids love the Denver Broncos as I do!

One of my biggest hobbies is paranormal research (ghost hunting). My experiences / findings have been outstanding, numerous, and enough to make some staunch disbelievers reconsider the world as they think they know it. Other interests and passions include zoology, movies, TV (I've been loving the Walking Dead.. can't wait for Game of Thrones... Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are other favorites of mine), computers/electronics, nature, art, I'm a fanatical lover of music , and I love ancient history as well.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • MMA Anderson "The Spider" Silva
  • Boxing Roy Jones Jr.
  • Fantasy Denver Juggernaut
User Blog

Getting Tougher Starts At the Top

I'm not sure if you have seen Greg Cosell's article (which can be found here) on how Seattle was able to dominate us so thoroughly, but it was very insightful.


Players Who Need to Step Up

This year has been one of the most memorable years in Denver Bronco history. The Sheriff is in town! The offense is on pace to shatter records, we've only (barely) lost one game, and it seems as...

I love this kid!


Chris Harris is ready to step up and fill the void of Champ. Somehow, I believe him.


My Admittedly-Emotional After-Loss Rant

Man, I really hate Andrew Luck's goofy looking face and Bert and Ernie voice right now.... you ever heard him talk? He sounds like a freakin' Muppet or something. He's a darn good QB, though. ...

Del Rio Expected to Emerge as Candidate for USC Head Coaching Gig


Hopefully this is BS: Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is expected to emerge as a candidate to replace Kiffin, NFL sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter. Multiple team sources told's Jeff Legwold on Sunday morning that Del Rio will stay through whatever becomes of the Broncos' season, no matter if he interviews, or even accepts, a new job for the 2014 season. Del Rio is in his second season as the Broncos' defensive coordinator, which has made him a rare coach in that position for the team. Upon his arrival to John Fox's staff in 2012, Del Rio became the seventh defensive coordinator in seven seasons.



Questions. That's all this game left us with.... questions. Well, that, and a horrible taste in our mouths. I've been going back and forth with people on the internet all day about it, and...


Emerging From the Chaos ~ A Battle Cry

Chaos!In May, if you would have asked any one of us here what the upcoming season would bring, the answer would have been a resounding "we're Super Bowl contenders." We were relatively healthy. ...


In John Fox We Trust!

There's been some spirited debate over at the Bronco Planet Facebook group about John Fox. Will he lead us to the promised land? Is he what we truly need to make that next jump? Was he just the...


One Man Doesn't Make a Team!

Von, we love you bro, but what the hell is wrong with you? It all started with a fax machine blunder. Wishy washy and flip flopping like a teenager, Elvis Dumervil finally made up his mind that...

(A Great Read) Miller Ban Wouldn't Doom Denver!


Jeffri Chadiha writes that even if we do end up losing Miller for four games, it's not going to be the end of the world. In fact, he predicts us to win every single one of those games. Ravens - It's at home... the Ravens are nowhere near as talented as they were last year (they lost Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, for god's sake)... we're still a talented team without Von... we have Peyton "Freaking" Manning! Giants - A road game, BUT, Peyton will not, under any circumstance, drop a game vs. his little bro. Period. Oh... and we have Peyton Manning. Eagles - It's the Eagles... it's at home. For those of you who think Chip Kelly is going to turn that ship around, year one, try again. That team is fundamentally flawed... they don't have a QB to compete against Manning. I personally think Kelly will be a flop in the NFL. We have Peyton Manning and a nasty receiving core. Raiders - It's the Raiders... it's at Mile High. We have Peyton Manning.

Woodyard Wants a New Deal


It looks like Wesley Woodyard and his agent are pushing for a new deal to be done before the season starts. If it's reasonable, I say we should do it. We definitely have some cap space... plus, we won't have as much dead money next year, which will help us to sign a couple more guys as well. The kid is 26 years old... he's coming off a stellar season which saw him rack up 117 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 3 picks. He's great in our WILL role, he's a leader on the field, respected in the locker room, great in the community. To me, Wood is a Denver Bronco through and through.

Louis Vasquez a Denver Bronco!!!


We just gave him a 4 year deal, worth $23.5 million ($13 guaranteed). Not only is this a great signing for our club (and upgrade from Kuper/Ramirez), it also weakens a division rival. Vasquez is one of the best Guards in football, and easily the best lineman on the Chargers entire team! How bout dem apples Phyllis and Mike McCoy, you traitor!

Derius Swinton hired as new ST's Assistant Coach


I'm going to miss Keith Burns (Mr. Denver Bronco), but it shouldn't make too much of a difference. Now, if we can just get Matt Prater back to his 2011 form!

Free Agents We Should Avoid -- Bleacher Report


A list of free agents who Bleacher Report feels we'd be wise to avoid.

Bronco Fans, Meet Your New QB Coach!


Greg Knapp, who was the Raiders OC last year, has now been hired to replace Adam Gase as our QB coach. Knapp is a 19 year NFL coaching vet, who's polished some great QB's on to great have great seasons. Steve Young, Mike Vick, Matt Schaub, Jeff Garcia, and even Carson Palmer came on some towards the end of last year. I love this hire... you can't go wrong by adding an experienced offensive coordinator as your new Quarterback coach. GO BRONCOS --- MILE HIGH SALUTE!

Adam Gase is our new OC!


I like this move, Adam Gase has had success everywhere he's been and he's a Bronco through and through! GO BRONCOS!


The Big Hurt!

I'm speechless! I don't know where to begin... I don't know how the Broncos (and the replacement refs) gave the Ravens so many freebies... I... just... don't... know! I want to be so mad right...


A Late Night Bronco Ramble

Look... I'm not knocking any team that played today, all were good to great teams (obviously)...but I didn't see one team today that truly scares me, nor should they scare the Broncos... not one of...

A really strange observation


Ok guys, I know this is sort of silly... but what is the deal with the little white dots on John Fox and Jack DelRio's jackets? If you look closely, you can see 4 white dots on Foxy's left shoulder (right to the viewer), and only one dot on JDR's. They both happen to be wearing the same jacket as well (I'd love to purchase one, I think they look really sweet). Anyways, I know this is trivial, but just couldn't help but wondering. It's either there on purpose, or both guys had some giant dandruff, IDK.... lol.

Chiefs Player Kills Himself at Practice Facility.


They're being silent on who the player is... but apparently there's another shooting, off site, that is directly linked to this suicide. The player killed a woman (a girlfriend?), then turned the gun on himself this morning at the Chiefs practice facility. My prayers go out to all affected.

A Replacement for Matt Willis?


I'm not saying we should definitely do this... but it seems like Matt Willis can't get the offense down. Every time he's been targeted thus far, it's resulted in Manning shaking his head. Would Gaff give us an upgrade at #4, and better insurance should one of our top 3 WR's go down (God forbid)?

D.J. Williams is back


IDK about him guys. He's a supremely talented guy, but at times, he still sounds like he's not humbled. I know these reporters can be annoying as hell, but c'mon D.J., you did this to yourself, no need to get aggravated.

Sneaky, Sneaky Patriots!


The Patriots weren't just running any hurry up offense... they stole a page from the Oregon Duck's book and were running one word plays! Bill B and co. are so good at stealing these little nuggets of goodness from the college ranks.

Hey MHR.... I'm not trying to be a Jay Cutler crybaby or anything, but where are all the posts at? ...


Hey MHR.... I'm not trying to be a Jay Cutler crybaby or anything, but where are all the posts at? I know everything is kind of mixed up right now... SB Nation has gone through some radical changes... but where is everyone? The No Bull Review.... Studs and Duds? Just getting a little worried here, cause this place is a big part of my life.

Modern Era Nominees for 2013, HOF Enshrinement


My head would explode if you asked me to narrow this list down to the finalists. So many epic names... epic players. The list of first year eligible players alone is insanely good. Michael Strahan... Tom Nalen... Steve McNair... Warren Sapp... Priest Holmes... Larry Allen... Jonathan Ogden... John Lynch... Keenan McCardell... Sam Adams... Ted Washington... Bryant Young... Morten Anderson. One of the best first year classes I've ever seen.


The Sky Isn't Falling (and other thoughts from the Texans game)

I was afraid this would happen. I was afraid that the bright, shiny new toy called "the freaking," would elevate expectations so high, we would end up being brought back down to earth a bit. ...

A guaranteed laugh!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm sorry, I had to! Remember these same type scenarios happening with Jay and Rivers... the jawing and Jay getting pee pants nervous? Charles Woodson made my night.

Pork Chop (like me) doesn't think our D did bad


I'll reiterate this again... we were playing the Steelers folks. What does Big Ben and that offense do? They stay alive on 3rd down by Big Ben evading the rush and improvising, and those speedy WR's can get down the field in a hurry. They do it to everyone! What really pleased me (and Williamson apparently) was our run D giving up a total of 75 rush yards. Redman had more than that by himself in our last game against them. The sky isn't falling... Del Rio isn't some bland play caller.... our pass rush is still one of the sickest in football.... we luckily don't have to play Big Ben every week.


My Thoughts on Game 4

Even though the final score didn't look like much, I think there were a lot of positives to take away from this game. There were plenty of negatives as well, but we now have a clearer picture of...

Will the real Marcus Thomas please stand up!!!


Whaa.... boo hoo hoo. Focus on football young man! Stuff like this makes me not miss you one bit.

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