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My name is Jeremy Smith (33), originally from Charleston, WV (state capitol), but now living right outside of Huntington WV (home of the Marshall Thundering Herd). I'm a rabid WVU fan as well. I have a very sweet and beautiful wife, Brandy... a gorgeous and super smart daughter, Kaitlin... and a brute for a baby boy (no joke, he's a hulk), Nicholas. UPDATE.... On Aug. 8th, we just gave birth to our newest addition, and second son, Benjamin Patrick!!! I am an extremely proud dad! My job now.... to make sure all my kids love the Denver Broncos as I do!

One of my biggest hobbies is paranormal research (ghost hunting). My experiences / findings have been outstanding, numerous, and enough to make some staunch disbelievers reconsider the world as they think they know it. Other interests and passions include zoology, movies, TV (I've been loving the Walking Dead.. can't wait for Game of Thrones... Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are other favorites of mine), computers/electronics, nature, art, I'm a fanatical lover of music , and I love ancient history as well.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • MMA Anderson "The Spider" Silva
  • Boxing Roy Jones Jr.
  • Fantasy Denver Juggernaut
User Blog

Could we use this man's services?


One time juggernaut of a TE, Chris Cooley, was released today by the Redskins. I know he's been hurt, and he's struggled to find much success here lately (who would with those QB's), but my gut tells me he could still come in and play at a high level with a fresh start. What say you, MHR?


My Ideal Opening Day Roster

Offense: QB: Peyton Manning ~ Brock Osweiler RB: Willis McGahee ~ Knowshon Moreno ~ Lance Ball ~ Ronnie HillmanFB: WR: Demaryius Thomas ~ Eric Decker ~ Brandon Stokley ~ Andre Caldwell ~ Jason...

And here we go again!


Safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee), tackle Orlando Franklin (concussion) and cornerback Joshua Moore (hamstring) did not participate in practice. Fox said that during practice, wide receiver Eric Decker strained his groin, running back Ronnie Hillman injured his hamstring and wide receivers D’Andre Goodwin and Greg Orton suffered ankle injuries. I know you can't stop injuries in football, but this is already getting silly. Decker, Franklin, Hillman, and Carter.... wow!

"The truth will come out."


Elvis Dumervil texted a message to the Denver Post today, simply put, "the truth will come out." Sources close to Dumervil say that the Range Rover and gun do not belong to Elvis... the investigation will focus on any finger prints that might possibly be on the .40-caliber pistol (even though it wasn't confirmed by a police spokesperson)... and finally, the 911 caller (a Victoria's Secret employee) wasn't specific enough to definitively link Dumervil to the crime. Let's all hope and pray this is the truth... we need Doom something awful. To me, Elvis Dumervil is the main cog to our defensive machine (at least for our pass rush), and I found out yesterday that our team sack totals go up 50% when he's on the field.

Really good article by Kiszla on Doom... a must read


I'm normally not a Denver Post kind of guy, but this article is well done (especially that closing line). I agree with Kiszla that something smells fishy with this "road rage" incident. It could be wishful thinking on my part, but how did a Victoria's Secret employee have a perfect vantage point for the play by play on this - in that heavily congested traffic? IDK. She's not a living DVR cam is she? The odds that she saw everything, exactly as it happened, in those conditions, can't be great.... can they? I think these athletes have every right to carry firearms... especially one who was there the night Darrent Williams lost his young life. Doom is a good guy..... I don't blame him for letting that parking attendant have it (all that was dropped so fast, you can't count it against him).... and I'm not going to crucify him for some speeding violations. Doom is our man.... we need to realize he's human and can make mistakes, no matter how rich he is or what his job description is. We've all been in road rage incidents, and someone throwing an "object" at the car I'm driving would piss me off to end as well. Still..... something doesn't seem right about all this. Perhaps some guys from Doom's entourage did brandish weapons..... perhaps the vehicle Doom was driving did have a firearm in the glove compartment.... but I'm gonna wait before I believe a good guy like Elvis Dumervil, flashed his piece to a couple in broad daylight.... in the middle of a traffic congested street. I urge you to let this play out before we play the role of Roger GODell.... judge, jury, and executioner.

"Take me out to the parking lot!!!"


Va-Jay-Jay..... at it again. How did I already know he couldn't sing?

150.... the unlucky number for offensive lines


An interesting look at how age along OL's can hurt a team. We should feel very blessed to be in the situation we're in. Now, if all the youth on our line can string it all together is the question.

Uh oh Nate..... best be grabbin your helmet for this one!


Nate Webster.... of Denver Bronco lore.... has apparently been a very naughty dude. We all knew he was a douche.... but didn't know it went to this extent. LOL!!! Wow!


My Final 53

Short and sweet people.... short and sweet. This is my attempt at a guess who the final 53 will be, including the Practice Squad. As it stands now, we need to figure something out with Ty Warren...

The true Nate Irving story???


Nate Irving missed out on a lot of money last year. His agent seems to think he could start for us..... who knows? I tend to think he just couldn't beat out Mays.... but that in itself is a mystery.

What if Luck came out last year?


This is a funny, animated short with narrative by Dave Dameshek from It has a lot of our Broncos in it, and the animation is pretty cool.

Denver inquiring about Antwan Odom


"DE Antwan Odom: He's been forgotten the past few years, having to recover from a botched hand surgery. But prior to injuries mounting, this dude was tearing up quarterbacks and giving elite tackles a hard time off the edge. He's regaining strength, lifting weights again, and should be able to show off for teams within a month. And teams are calling, Denver among them. Once, again, pass rushers are always a hot commodity. Back in 2009, Odom registered eight sacks in just six games for the Cincinnati Bengals -- a team that didn't have many complementary pass rushers. Once healthy, he will find work. Odom is still just 30 and could play several more years. A 2010 suspension for taking a banned substance shouldn't be a huge concern at this point, considering the minimal risk that would be involved in any contract." If you remember correctly..... Odom had more sacks than Dumervil did (before he got hurt), the year Dumervil was the NFL sack king. I'd love to sign him on the cheap, and see if he has anything left in the tank.

If we were to sign a Fullback.... this would be a great option


Ovie has been a real consistent player during his time in the league. A very powerful lead blocker, who I feel would help our backs tremendously.


Knee Jerk City, or the Apocalypse?

Whew! Where do I begin. Thank the heavens some positive posts have started filing in! For a minute there... I lost myself (Thom Yorke.... anyone?). I was starting to feel real nervous, even...

A run stuffing Safety, should Dawk not return?


I've followed Chris Crocker well, since he's somewhat of a local hero for many around my area (Marshall University). This isn't a player that's going to wow you with any one aspect of his game, but he's very solid in his run support and blitzing (who's that sound like - Dawk at this point in his career). He's coming off a knee injury, but he could be had for cheap and would be an immense upgrade over anyone else on the roster.... as it stands today.

How Peyton Manning Became a Bronco (John Elway Sales Spectacular)


Guys, I apologize in advance if this was posted before... I checked, but I'm in a hurry and didn't see it. This is an article from Peter King which chronicles Peyton's journey to become a Denver Bronco. Some of the more interesting tidbits? John Elway never made a hard sell.... opting to be completely honest with Peyton, and allowing Peyton to make his own mind up without badgering him (unlike Seattle and Arizona). John Fox, nervous Peyton would balk, had our PR guy, Patrick Smyth, come up with a couple nice selling points to ease Peyton's mind. The first.... the average kickoff temp. in Denver is 60 degrees. The second.... Fox was worried Peyton wouldn't think our D was adequate enough, so Smyth came up with a nice little stat for him.... when any of John Fox's teams have scored 26 or more points, they are 39-3. While Manning was in Denver, he visited with the Shanny boys at Mike's home as a courtesy (they had already traded for the rights to RGIII), and Elway jokingly texted Shanny, telling him to put in a good word for the Broncs. Ohhh..... Elway, you lil devil you. Also while Manning was in Denver.... the Seahawks brass made an unannounced and private visit to the airport, with hopes of getting a meeting with Manning, but Manning didn't appreciate their lack of notification, and told them to hit the door. Manning did have interest in the Redskins.... when Elway informed Peyton that Shanny had traded for the #2 overall, Peyton was genuinely shocked. While Peyton and Stoke were playing toss and catch at a local park, Manning had Stokely keep a watchful eye out for locals.... yelling "biker", or "jogger," then Manning would hide the football until they were out of sight. Elway's sales pitch was performed with masterful precision at Cherry Hills. The Broncos and Manning devised a scheme for several different vehicles to leave the Broncos complex at the same time, so no one could follow Elway's/Manning's ride. Sneaky... sneaky. During the recruiting process.... Foxy secretly found out Ashley Manning's phone number, and sent her a text on her and Peyton's anniversary, congratulating them. Foxy, you are as sly as a Fox my friend. While Manning was throwing at his first night workout with David Cutcliffe in Raleigh, Harbaugh was secretly watching from his car..... Manning didn't even know who it was until Jim and Niners OC, Greg Roman, came onto the field with their hoodie's drawn up tight, to get a better view. Manning texted his Mom, saying, "you'll never believe who showed up." "Belichick," she responded...... "nope, good one, but Jim Harbaugh."


Fret Not, Pt. 2 - Defense

We still have Champ and Chris Harris (two of the best tackling CB's out there)Well, Peyton Manning is officially a Bronco. THAT'S IT.... I'M DONE!!! ;-) Tim Tebow is all but guaranteed a one way...


Fret Not Bronco Country - There Are Still Pieces Out There, Pt. 1

We still have VonDoom!!!What's up Bronco Country? I've been seeing a lot of you fretting your poor selves to death in the comment sections.... scared to death EFX has no plan and no idea what...

In a Different Direction


I apologize in advance for being slightly off topic... but I tire of the QB talk. Who is this new blonde on ESPN? WOW!!! Her face is so pretty, I can't even listen to what they're talking about when she's on there. Check out the front page Kiper vid, "In a Different Direction." Honestly... one of the prettiest blondes I've seen in a while.

Just a Refresher


Steven A. and Skip start off by talking about Quinn, but it quickly turns into Steven A. slamming Tebow. I know Skip is in it for the wrong reasons... but I love hearing him get fired up about Tim. This was probably posted before... but let's let this refresh our memory... Tim Tebow put up 316 yards and 2 TD's on the nastiest D in football... in the playoffs. Why is he hated so? Practice?


The Who's Who of Who's Left

This is going to be a short one.... after two days, we haven't signed the first free agent. We're still waiting on his majesty Manning ~ Soliai committed highway robbery against the Phins (better...


I'm Sorry for Letting This Confusing Time Get to Me!

Hello MHR.... you guys and gals have no idea how good it feels to be able to post again on this top notch site. I was banned for a few days (and deservedly so) for letting my emotions get the best...

I know many will disagree, but why not?


If Finnegan could put a tiny cap on his aggression, I think he could be a HUGE asset. We could use some of his nasty. I wouldn't want to see him get into slugging matches or taking blatant cheap shots all the time, but I love a guy that will get up into the opposition's face (Rudy). C'mon guys.... I've noticed a lot of you seem to not want any free agents but our own. Maybe 3 middle of the pack dudes and that's it. Resign every in house FA. Why? It's not like Joe Mays, Mario Haggan, Andre Goodman, and Jason Hunter are the only way to go. All of those guys have decent qualities, but they could be upgraded.

Ice Cold Pimpin' on tha Reg


Alright people... this is more of a joke than anything else. I am getting sick of the Tim Tebow dating saga just like you, but good Lord, this kid is a lady ninja. I hope that his love does turn out to be Kate Upton... I'd love to see Dirty Sanchez cry.

I Just Don't Get It


Shame on you DT!!! I couldn't believe he was dating this girl at the time all this happened. Even if she was a horrible girlfriend, you don't leave her passed out at a buddy's house for rape night. I feel that, deep down, Demaryius is a good dude. Even though this all makes him look terrible (as it should), he is man enough to admit his mistakes... no matter the consequence... and move on from it. Perrish Cox is a piece of garbage who should be blacklisted from the National Football League. When you're as rich, successful and talented as these young men... wouldn't you think they could pull some coherent, willing women? Why would they have to stoop to this level. Women should be crawling all over them at this point.

Know Your Enemy


This seems like a stupid move on their part to me. Who could they be targeting in FA or the draft to replace the hole left by Scott? Does Scott fit in here? I've really learned to hate the Jets in recent years (Mangina up to present), and I just wonder what Ryan is up to.

Bruuuuuuce!!!! Bruce Irvin can run!


Now fellas... remember me being a homer and bragging about all my Mountaineer players? Well.... this is one you would be well advised to want as a Bronco. Bruce Irvin, at 6-3 ~ 245 lbs., just ran the forty in 4.5 seconds. I've heard Oliver Luck (WVU's athletic director AND Andrew Luck's daddy) compare Irvin to a young Lawrence Taylor. Sounds like a 2nd rounder if I've ever heard one.

Impressive Performance #2: Tommy Streeter


I've seen his name mentioned in several mocks around here. Now... this may be the unofficial time, but has him clocked as running a 4.34 forty. Even if the official time is 4.4 flat or so, that is a big, fast, dangerous man. Please Streeter... don't hurt 'em.

WOW! Cordy Glenn has an impressive day


31 bench reps... and he ran the forty in 5.15 sec (they had him listed as running a 4.96 earlier... what gives?). Considering he's 6-5, 340 some odd lbs., this guy looks like a winner. Do we make a play in the late 1st / 2nd?

T-Sizzle just can't shut up about Tim Tebow


I'm not sure what Tim did to Suggs, but every opportunity he gets, Terrell rips Tebow to the MSM. In my experience, when someone goes way out of their way to constantly take jabs at a person... jealousy is usually the culprit. Since Tim's never played Baltimore, I have no guess. I also heard that Merriman was taking pokes in the GQ article as well? Hmmm... that's awful funny... ya know... coming from a person who hasn't done JACK SQUAT in 5 years (since his juicy juice was taken away). I'm telling you guys.... we are surrounded by douche baggery. I can tell you this folks... when we play the Ravens next year, I hope Timmy knocks that ugly mugged fool OUT!!! Heck... I just hope we knock their entire team out. Our team doesn't need poster board material to get pumped for the Ravens game. What B-More has done to us the past couple times we've played them should be motivation enough.

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