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My name is Jeremy Smith (33), originally from Charleston, WV (state capitol), but now living right outside of Huntington WV (home of the Marshall Thundering Herd). I'm a rabid WVU fan as well. I have a very sweet and beautiful wife, Brandy... a gorgeous and super smart daughter, Kaitlin... and a brute for a baby boy (no joke, he's a hulk), Nicholas. UPDATE.... On Aug. 8th, we just gave birth to our newest addition, and second son, Benjamin Patrick!!! I am an extremely proud dad! My job now.... to make sure all my kids love the Denver Broncos as I do!

One of my biggest hobbies is paranormal research (ghost hunting). My experiences / findings have been outstanding, numerous, and enough to make some staunch disbelievers reconsider the world as they think they know it. Other interests and passions include zoology, movies, TV (I've been loving the Walking Dead.. can't wait for Game of Thrones... Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are other favorites of mine), computers/electronics, nature, art, I'm a fanatical lover of music , and I love ancient history as well.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • MMA Anderson "The Spider" Silva
  • Boxing Roy Jones Jr.
  • Fantasy Denver Juggernaut
User Blog

What are your feelings on Carl Nicks


The article says it's unlikely the Saints reach the agreement he wants, and he wants to be paid more than his teammate Jahri Evans. I'm not sure where I stand on this but I'd like to hear your opinions. He's so good, he fits any mold.

Brady Quinn... Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Rear


IDK if this is 1 part Quinn to 4 parts Michael Silver, but they can both go jump off a cliff. I sure didn't see Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn or Michael Silver in any part of those late game, heroic comebacks. Jealousy runs rampant in Tebow land.

Does This Guy fit the Fox/Del Rio mold for a MIKE?


Sideline to sideline speed.... check! Non-stop motor..... check! Violent hit power.... check! Great instincts, tackling technique, and physicality.... check! Perfect warrior attitude for the position.... check! Ability to produce game changing plays.... CHECK AGAIN!!! Trevathan is slotted to be a WLB or SLB in the pro's... but looking at his insane college production and his skill set, what stands in his way of being that prototype Fox/Del Rio MLB? Nothing I say!!! Oh, and he can blitz well too! Here are some of his NCAA stats: 2011: 143 Tackles, 11.5 TFL, 4 INT, 5 FF, 5 PBU, 3 Sacks 2010: 144 Tackles, 16 TFL, 4 FF, 3 PBU, 3 Sacks Trevathan was a 3 year starter, who got better each and every year. He added around 12 lbs. of bulk last year (6-1, 232) and actually got a bit faster. I'm telling you guys.... screw Burfict in the 1st, Trevathan could be had in the 3rd to 4th rounds. He projects to be a Lance Briggs type player... after he gains some more bulk of course.

It Ain't Easy Bein' a Pimp


Okay... let's get this straight. Katy Perry... then Kim Kardashian (SNL cracks me up making fun of those gals)... now Jenny McCarthy? A 24 year old man drawing Playboy Playmates like McCarthy? Dang Timmy... I hear ya bubby!

Dennis Allen's first coaching steal from the Broncos!


This article is mainly about Stanford Routt getting released from Jokeland, but it clearly states at the end that Keith Burns is the new Assistant Special Teams Coach for the Raiders. Hopefully this is the last time we hear of old wart nose pilfering from our staff. Notes: The Raiders have hired two more assistant coaches, making Johnny Holland the linebackers coach and Keith Burns the assistant special teams coach.

Guys!!! I need your help please!!! For family reasons, I'm not going to be able to attend my...


Guys!!! I need your help please!!! For family reasons, I'm not going to be able to attend my favorite sports bar, and hot wing provider this evening for the Super Bowl. Can any of you give me a solid, easier recipe to make some good hot wings for the Big Show? I prefer the real red sauce with that brown sugary taste. I'm not a fan of BW3's sauce (it's too thick for my taste), and I prefer mine a little runnier than theirs. The place I'm going to (Barney's), makes THE perfect wing sauce IMO, but the lady won't give me her recipe. She did tell me it invloved lots of brown sugar and just regular Texas Pete or Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I believe I also taste a bit of worcestershire sauce and possibly a hint of garlic? I know it also uses butter, so.... any suggestions?


Players We Should Look at (From My Neck of the Woods)

Good day to you MHR!!! How is everyone today? I know here in West Virginia, we've been having unusually warm weather for this time of year, so, who can complain. Anyways... I digress. I am...

What's NOT to Love About This Kid?!!!


This is Charlie Campbell's 4 round mock draft over at He has us taking Michael Brockers (DT, LSU) with the 25th pick, but if you go down a few picks to the Raven's slot, you'll see who I'm talking about here. That's right... Vontaze Burfict... the infamous MLB from Arizona St. who's been discussed constantly on this site. I like this quote from Charlie the best: "NFL sources who know Burfict well from coaching him have told us that he is not a bad kid, just ultracompetitive, and as a result can be overly aggressive during games. Burfict should be told to go all out, and the team that drafts him should just accept having some penalties in exchange for an intimidating playmaker in the middle of its defense."


What We Need to See in 2012

It was nice while it lasted folks. The 2011 Denver Broncos, in the midst of a regime change and fresh off the lockout, won the AFC West and beat the defending AFC Champs in the playoffs. Some of...


A New 3 Round Mock Draft

Is everyone as excited as I am for 8 PM Eastern Time to arrive? Here lately I've been breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping everything that is Mile High, and it got me thinking about who...

Tebowie? Jimmy Fallon is Hilarious!


If David Bowie and Tim Tebow morphed into one... this is what you'd get. Funny stuff!


Broncos Drafting Pays Off in a Big Way

This is going to be short and sweet. There's been a lot of talk the past 2 years of the Broncos missing on high round draft picks. I ask all of you.... can it be silenced for good tonight? Not...

Chill Out Bronco Fans.... Quinn Is Not Starting!!!


All that BS was just the MSM drumming up some drama..... Quinn himself says his reps have not changed one bit.


What's up my brothers in black and gold!!!

Huge Mountaineer (and Bronco) fan here.... I hail from Huntington WV (home of the Marshall Thundering Herd) so I know the Steelers like the back of my hand. I've been having some GREAT discussions...


Let the vomit spew forth!!!

MHR!!! Our Broncos are winning!!! I'm not talking about one here and there.... I'm talking about consistently winning, and with enough steam to do God know's what in the playoffs!!! If this...


Tebow Mic'd Up - The Remaining Story I'm not sure why, but this was left out of the original one posted yesterday. This link shows Tim and...

Belichick Says Tebow as a Passer - Just Fine.


Bill B sits down with and talks about how Tebow has ALWAYS been a good passer. He doesn't see anything he'd change with the mechanics. On a funnier note, someone in the comment section said something that truly made me laugh (which is hard to do). I quote here: "Gronk score Touchdown, Gronk slam football.... Gronk wish he could help defence." LOLOL!!!!

This is possibly better than the Skip "Baller" song - enjoy!!!


Chillin' in the shotgun..... showin' all around Mile High like he Top Gun!!!


The Tim Tebow Spread

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. Our defense can play with the best of them on any given Sunday (when relatively healthy). Our pass rush matches up against the Patriots O-Line...

Awesome clip of Tebow... especially at the 3:23 mark.


This is a short vid from about Tebow and our Broncos. Sorry for posting yet another Tebow one, and I assure you I'm excited about Von Miller and the D just as much. But the clip of Tim pushing down the Jet defender is priceless.... it's at the 3:20ish mark.


Tebow gets it done when it matters most!!!

The PASSER rating is a very interesting stat as it incorperates attempts, completions, total yards, yards per attempt, tds, ints, 20+ yrds completed, 40+ yrds, sacks and possibly more. We've long...

Fox Says He's Timmy's Biggest Fan!!!


John Fox reworded his previous statement that Tim would be "screwed" in a conventional offense.

Is it safe to say that Foxy wants Tebow to succeed now???


I mean, he could have easily started Quinn.... right?

Just Listen to What Our Coach Is Saying!!!! Part II


If this isn't a vote of confidence, and an indictment on Orton (turnovers) at the same time, then I don't know what football is. John Fox has always loved to run the football, and he always will regardless of who's behind center (or in the shotgun).

The Best Article from Woody Paige.... EVER!!!


In this article, Woody nails it out of the park. The only part I disagree with is his opinion that Fox and Elway have no confidence in Tim. At first, I admit it did seem that way, but here of late, they both have been sticking up for Tim greatly.

Douche-baggery at it's finest (or worst)


Check this useless drivel out!!! Good God, Eric Allen is sooooo wise and smart. What a freakin DOUCHE!!!! Eric Allen says he’s not sure Tebow is for real because Tebow has some holes in his game that "pop out" when compared to NFL QB’s: A: Tebow needs to be more acker-utt (???) B: He doesn’t know if Tebow has leadership capabilities (WTF? Are you friggin serious?) C: He’s not sure if Tebow has the ability to win football games D: He’s also not sure Tebow can "rally the troops around him" (as if he hasn’t done this EVERY time he’s started for us!!!???) He says "he really hasn’t seen these things from Tim Tebow. He also goes on to say, and this might be the most ignorantly obvious statement I’VE EVER HEARD…… "in order to be a successful QB in this league, you have to win football games" LOLOLOLOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Why are douchbags like this making so much money? My 6 year old daughter could make that statement, and probably word it in a way that seems less obvious. ESPN is the devil incarnate.



Where do we sit right now..... 4 games into another rebuild year, after a vastly shortened offseason.   It’s hard (impossible) to say anything definitively about how this team will turn out, one...

EFX...... Please Sign This Man!!!!


My old hero and Mountaineer, Steve Slaton, was just released by the Texans. I've been wanting a speed back like him for a long, long time and I believe he'll come at an affordable price. Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Owen Schmitt are my boys from way back.


I Know It's Hard...... But We Still Have Hope

Wow!!!!  Where do I even begin.  Our Broncos are just not that good.  In fact, they stink pretty bad right now.  We've seen glimpses of brilliance from guys like Decker, Von Miller, Wilhite (as a...


Positive Reinforcement

Guys..... I've been doing some thinking. If any one of these players are hurt for an extended amount of time (Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno), we are in deep crap...

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