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My name is Jeremy Smith (33), originally from Charleston, WV (state capitol), but now living right outside of Huntington WV (home of the Marshall Thundering Herd). I'm a rabid WVU fan as well. I have a very sweet and beautiful wife, Brandy... a gorgeous and super smart daughter, Kaitlin... and a brute for a baby boy (no joke, he's a hulk), Nicholas. UPDATE.... On Aug. 8th, we just gave birth to our newest addition, and second son, Benjamin Patrick!!! I am an extremely proud dad! My job now.... to make sure all my kids love the Denver Broncos as I do!

One of my biggest hobbies is paranormal research (ghost hunting). My experiences / findings have been outstanding, numerous, and enough to make some staunch disbelievers reconsider the world as they think they know it. Other interests and passions include zoology, movies, TV (I've been loving the Walking Dead.. can't wait for Game of Thrones... Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are other favorites of mine), computers/electronics, nature, art, I'm a fanatical lover of music , and I love ancient history as well.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • MMA Anderson "The Spider" Silva
  • Boxing Roy Jones Jr.
  • Fantasy Denver Juggernaut
User Blog

Former 2nd round pick Everette Brown, waived by Panthers


Is he of any worth to us? I know Foxy thought enough of this kid to draft him pretty high..... what say you guys?

Geoff Hangartner..... a viable option for backup O-Line?


The dude isn't that big or strong but he moves well and has experience in Fox's system. What say you?

Big Props to B Lloyd!!!


Roddy White and B Lloyd talk about what makes 84 so deadly.

Woody Paige is up to his old tricks


Tim Tebow, in about the most polite way possible, explains that Woody did in fact take some of what was said in the interview, out of context (shocker). He goes on to say that he was never told anything was given to him, therefor, he feels like nothing was taken away. He says if he did express any frustration in that interview, it was at himself for having a bad practice. Guys.... if you can't fall into a bromance with this kid for his character, and his style, then methinks you are dead on the inside!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!


My Final Bronco FA Wishlist

Before we get to the meat, enjoy these cool wallpapers!!! Enjoy the cool wallpapers!!!        Wow..... I am thrilled to death at the recent movement of this new, improved front office.  Trading...

Tebow finally getting props from NFL Total Access


Jamie Dukes and Warren Sapp argue that, already, Tim Tebow is one of the best leaders in all of pro football (top 5 at least). I love hearing Dukes admit that after all his former bashing. Sapp said he would get up and follow Tebow as a leader right now, into any foxhole (Dukes said the same). They did say his skillset may not be conducive to winning a Super Bowl right now, but his leadership will pay huge dividends.


The Roster as of Now

 What's up guys.... this is nothing more than a quick rundown of our current roster to help us guage where we are and where we need to go.  Follow me after the jump.....


The New, Improved Orange Crush (Part 2 - the Big O!!!)

OK guys, here it is.... installment #2 of an in depth look at our football team from top to bottom.  In part one, we took a long look at the defense and all possible options available to us to...


The New, Improved Orange Crush D!!!

     What's up fellow Mile High Reporters.... I know it's been a while since I created a fanpost, but now that the lockout is supposedly ending, I've been in full time pondering mode on what...

Broncos mulled over trading back into the 1st for Fairley!!!


When we saw the big fella slide down into the mid first, we seriously considered trading back up. It would've cost something like a 2nd & 4th this year, and a 1st & 2nd next. If it was Suh we were talking about, maybe, but IMO Elway, Xanders & Fox did the right thing. We always have next year - you can't fill up a team as needy as our's, defensively, in one draft!!!!

Finally a free agent I feel good about (other than Atogwe)


Andre Carter is on the wrong side of the hill, but as a 4-3 DE, I feel like he still has good value. He's good against the run and he's proven many times that he's very reliable rushing the passer. Rotate him in with Doom / Ayers, and we can focus on DT, S, LB, RT, RB, and more depth in the draft.


The Myth

          What's up MHR?  How are you awesome Broncomaniacs doing today (tonight)?  I've been busy the past few days, and haven't had tons of time to check on the pulse of our beloved Broncos...


Going Forward - A Rundown of the Bronco's Roster (the Dreaded Axe)

     OK guys, the time has finally come to see who, I think, has a chance to be either unemployed, retired, or on a different team come Sept. 2011.  There are some players on here I wouldn't think...


Taking Shape - The 2011 Denver Broncos Coaching Staff

     Hey guys, this isn't going to be a long one.  If you're like me, you like to see things laid out in front of you.  In the past several days, we've been catching glimpses, here and there, of...


Going Forward - A Rundown of the Broncos Roster (Part 2 - On the Bubble)

     Before reading, know that I updated the keeper list on part 1, because many of you are wiser than me.  The list of newly added keepers includes - DJ Williams, Eddie Royal, Wesley Woodyard, D...


Thank you for being... You!!!

     What's up guys.  I'm going to let you know right now, this isn't going to be the most comlpex, sophisticated, or elongated Fanpost you've ever seen, but I feel the need to get it off my...


Going Forward - A Rundown of the Bronco's Roster (Part 1 - The Keepers) UPDATED!!!!

     At this time of year, if you're not a fan of a playoff team, chances are you're sitting around, wondering just exactly what went wrong.  In our case, we are among those kinds of people right...


Head Coaching Candidates - John Elway's Short List (as of now) updated

     The past few days have been eventful in the professional football realm.  Highly sought after by the Dolphins, Stanford's Jim Harbaugh signed a mega-deal with San Francisco 49ers (5 year, 28...

Harbaugh a no go in Miami


Tony Sparano has been told by the Dolphins brass that he will be the head coach for the next season. No San Fran, no Miami, no Michigan, it looks like Harbaugh will either coach us, or Stanford in 2011. This is getting exciting guys - if we can land Harbaugh, minus Andrew Luck, that gives Tebow an excellent chance to succeed here (not that his chance wasn't great to begin with).


PaleHorse78's Mock - V 2.0

       Here we are, the time of year has come in which it's officially accepted to start making mock drafts/offseasons.  Things didn't work out the way we had hoped in 2010, and guaging from many...


Troy Calhoun?

  the names I've been hearing are Gary Kubiak, Leslie Frazier, or Troy Calhoun, the head coach for Air Force who worked closely under Mike Shanahan here. They (who are they - we'll never know)...


The mystery of Brian Xanders

     Earlier today, while watching NFL Network (I know, they stink), Brian Billick and Jim Mora Jr. were discussing the current state of the Broncos.  The question of GM popped up, and Mora...

Red Zone Scoring Percentage (not as bad as some think)


This chart shows marked improvement in a much needed area. If we grab a big, nasty TE in next years draft, who can run routes and destroy jams, this area will improve even more (hint, hint, Kyle Rudolph).


Pat Bowlen and a list of possible solutions

     As we all know by now, I'm an emotional guy.  I want to see my (our) beloved Broncos fight so badly, that when they fail to, I become disgruntled.  I ended up taking the route that Boydy did...

Is two years enough to evaluate head coaches?


This is an interesting read over at Pay close attention to the part about Eric Mangini, as it details what SHOULD happen in Denver. I hope Pat Bowlen comes to his senses, and learns how to distribute power. Something cool that I learned by reading this article, Josh McDaniels is third among second year coaches in total record. Raheem Morris and Todd Haley are right on his tail. Time to start winning.


The Broncos Defense (or lack thereof)

     This season, for the most part, has shown us that the Enver Broncos defensive unit has gone M.I.A.  Even though I've loved the majority of Josh McDaniels draft picks, I've been scared that...

Nike Pro-Combat, 2012 NFL uniform concept art is fake


As reported on Yahoo, the 2012 Nike Pro-Combat, NFL uniforms are not concept art, they are simply fan art (masterfully done, I might add).

Chiefs' Todd Haley apologizes. What did he say to McD?


Apparently there was audio caught of Haley's verbal exchange with McD. When McD extended his hand, Haley pointed his finger and said, "There's a lot of [expletive] being talked about you." I guess he meant his team was telling him things about McD?


PaleHorse Mock Draft, V. 1.0

Good day MHR, aka. the best sports blog in the world.  This is my first attempt at a FanPost, so don't be too hard on me.  I know some of you think it's preposterous to be mocking at this point of...

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