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User Blog

The 2014 Draft Tiers

Another year, another NBA draft! If you're unfamiliar with what these tiers are or where they come from you can look at the introduction here in Chad Ford's 2011 post and/or my 2013 tiers from a...


RoF NCAA Tournament Pool/Discussion Thread

Link to group, password is horselime Here is the ESPN Tournament Challenge thread for any interested remaining RoF bloggers who want to compete against THE BEST OF THE BEST* to see who the best...


End of Season Rootability Index

As we enter the season's stretch-run, the Bobcats position as a playoff team appears to be set. Who we play in the playoffs and what draft pick we receive in the offseason, on the other hand, is...


Bobcats Trade Deadline Open Thread

Recent from HoopsRumors: THURSDAY, 6:45am: The Bobcats are trying to convince the Bucks to take on Ramon Sessions in return for Neal. 11:06pm: While they may be looking for a shooter, the T...


Name That Draft Pick Compensation: Western Conference

Well, I guess my idea sort've fizzled out, as there wasn't much prognosticating on the Eastern Conference front. I may as well finish what I started though, especially since the poll indicated...


Name The Required Draft Pick Compensation: Eastern Conference

I am going to throw out some hypothetical trades that I believe could be realistic. However, the hardest part of any rosterbation is in the attempt to figure out what kind of draft compensation...

The Mystery of "Holy Crap Pohlands' Spent Money" Solved!


The sport's massive influx of cash, including the additional $26 million per season every team will get from the national TV contract kicking in next year

Jonas Keri over at Grantland drops this little nugget. You don't think this has something to do with our spending spree, do ya? http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/10074900/mlb-trade-value-rankings-part-1

Ron "BAMF" Rivera: Balls Aren't Much Fallen

What a turnaround it's been, huh guys? EJ Manuel's only meaningful contribution to the 2013 NFL Football season wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for a certain BAMF on the sidelines. For...


Why the 2013 Carolina Panthers Are a Contender

We have reached the mid -point in the NFL season where everyone in the league has played at least 8 games, and it's with this sample I feel we can begin to make conclusions about the data that we...


The Return Of Drew Butera

via nimg.sulekha.com Has everyone heard the news? Our old friend Drew Butera is back in town, subbing in for a couple days as Mauer joins the Paternity List to take care of his brand new...


Assessing Likelihood of Non-Roster Players Becoming Bobcats

With the end of the Bobcats summer league coming to an almost unwatchable end in the semi-final against the Warriors. As was the case against the D-League Select team, none of the starters played...


In Retrospect, Why the Mike Dunlap Hiring and Firing Makes Sense

I've probably spent way too much time thinking about ex-Bobcats head coach Micheal Dunlap recently. I hated the thought of the Bobcats lacking the patience to see this hiring through, adding to...


One Final FTW Lottery Mock Draft

In the waning hours before the draft, I thought it'd be somewhat interesting to go back to my May 22nd post and see how much things have changed both in the draft process and in my own opinions. I...

A Glowing Luke Kuechly Article


Really good article about our good boy Luke.


COMMUNITY POLL: Alex Len or Anthony Bennett

As we come down the stretch to the end of the NBA season, as do we come to the beginning of the offseason. The NBA draft is less than a week away, and the Cats seem to have their sights set firmly...


The Tier System and A FTW Mock Draft

I remember the 2011 draft very fondly, but one article stood out above all the others that has helped create the lenses in which I evaluate prospects at the top of the draft. It was this article...


Community Poll: Offseason Free Agency Goal

What's up? I'm feeling retrospective at this moment, and got to perusing a certain question that seems to be somewhat decisive. With a lot of talk about what the Bobcats should do in the upcoming...

The Dwight Effect (AKA Why Bismack Biyombo is an Important Piece)


If you have 30-60 minutes and want to read a very through statistical article about why having a defensive stopper at the rim is important (and how they plan on quantifying this in the future), this is the one-stop shop to do it. I'm bringing this to the community's attention because I believe this is the reason Bismack Biyombo was selected. To anchor the paint and make it difficult to score around the hoop. His wingspan and natural proficiency at blocking shots at his very young age are already two pluses. His interior presence on defense has improved steadily since he's been in the league, and in a world obsessed with offense, it's my belief that Biyombo's growth as a shot-blocking menace will become a cornerstone for the Bobcats as they grow together.

But, personally, the best way to identify [1-on-1 stoppers] is to use Synergy Sports’ isolation...


But, personally, the best way to identify [1-on-1 stoppers] is to use Synergy Sports’ isolation defenders. Some of the more household names are Andre Iguodala (5th in iso, 0.45 points per possession (PPP)), Tony Allen (16th in iso, 0.54 PPP), Lebron James (67th in iso, 0.7 PPP), Luol Deng (152nd in iso, 0.87). MKG?? He ranks 2nd allowing just 0.45 PPP. Yes, S-E-C-O-N-D. Ahead of well known defenders named above. He’s quick, he’s long and he’s smart. Add all that up and what you get is a First Team All Defense candidate in a year or two.


COMMUNITY POLL: Who will start the season at PF?

As it currently stands (and will likely stay), the Bobcats have no clear option at the PF position. We have Tyrus Thomas, the vexing, underfed, underachiever. Then there is Byron Mullens, our...


Whoa, the Twins Won

I sit here in front of a library computer with an empty coffee cup and a book open on the desk in front of me. As the Twins were beating the snot (okay, hyperbole) out of the Yankees, I was...

Terrence Williams Signs 10-Day Contract With Sacramento



Four teams still have to get under the salary cap by March 13. They are the Pittsburgh Steelers,...


Four teams still have to get under the salary cap by March 13. They are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have redone three contracts to be $11.7 million over, the Oakland Raiders ($11 million over), the Carolina Panthers ($9.6 million over) and the New York Giants ($7.3 million over).

John Clayton reporting salary cap money. Maybe I've been so locked into basketball now, but since when did we get so far over the cap?

Growing Anger Over Cory Higgins

After reading this terrific piece by Scott Schroeder, I started thinking about Cory Higgins. Early in the season, I didn't really care. I mean, cool, there's some nepotism going on, but it's not...


Appreciating Gerald Henderson

That was written by Chad Ford of ESPN after we had selected Gerald Henderson with the twelfth overall pick, and looking back at that now, we can see that he was spot on with what we're coming to...


5 Degrees of Byron Mullens (aka Why the Plan is Working)

via media.oregonlive.com Paul Allen's loss is our gain. Let's play 5 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'll start with D.J. White Byron Mullens we'll eventually get to Paul Allen. Fun right? You...


Bobcats-Hawks Preseason Open Thread

I can't possibly be the only one whose excited about watching and talking about the Bobcats tonight. Looking forward to seeing players like Kemba, Henderson, and Brown show us what they got in...

State ranks 66th in "new" rankings


We've also lost to the #1, #16, #22, and #23 teams.

That's why you'll see teams involved in this auction that had no interest in the previous one for...


That's why you'll see teams involved in this auction that had no interest in the previous one for Chauncey Billups. In particular, Sacramento and Charlotte bare watching. Each is well under the cap and would love to have another inexpensive trinket to dangle in the trade market.

Why we should consider bidding on Baron Davis (John Hollinger, Insider)

Obviously we have the cap space next year to do so. I would do everything I can get to try to get a...


Obviously we have the cap space next year to do so. I would do everything I can get to try to get a player like that.

Micheal Jordan while talking about his opposition for the Lakers-Paul trade. I have no thoughts on this quote nor his trade analysis. I'm just leaving it here.
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