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EuroBasket Semi-Final: Greece vs. Spain

I guess Steve isn't around to make an open thread, so I hope this paltry one will suffice for now, unless Steve miraculously shows while I'm writing this up. It's being aired on ESPN 360 and in...

Fox Sports "One-Dimensional Players" - Steve Novak mentioned


"When you think of 3-point specialists, Jason Kapono and Kyle Korver are among the first pure shooters to come to mind. But even those two attempted more two-point shots than treys last season. Novak, on the other hand, plays like there's a communicable disease near the rim. Despite standing 6-foot-10, the Clippers' backup forward launched 286 shots from behind the arc last season, compared to 110 from two-point range. (That 2.6-1 ratio was the highest in the league.) He made 41.6 percent of them, well above the league average, which is good because Novak sure didn't rebound (1.8 rpg), pass (0.6 apg) or defend well enough to hold a roster spot."

Comparison of NBA teams on Twitter


"But on the "good" side of things, the team that REALLY stands out is the LA Clippers. To put it mildly, they’re not known for having great fan support, the team has been bad for quite a long time (and some say cursed), they have one of the lowest franchise values in the league… they’re by far the worst team that’s in the top-10 of Twitter followers. Interesting." Interesting factoid, I guess. Bonus: - analyze your Twitter here!


Introduce yourself, Clips Nation!

After seeing a similar topic on another basketball BBS, I figured I'd start this topic on here as a way to get to know the posters here better.

Knicks NOT into Sessions?


"As we said, Sessions is still very much on the radar, but his representation believes that Walsh would prefer to move a player off the 2010 payroll (read: Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry) before he makes a commitment beyond next summer. That would suggest that there is very little chance the Knicks will sign Sessions this summer, unless Walsh can find a taker for either player."

Nice tattoos, Beasley. And what's on the table?


Nice tattoos, Beasley. And what's on the table?

Memphis to forfeit 07-08 season, aka Derrick Rose is a dirty cheat


"Memphis will be forced to vacate the NCAA-record 38 victories from its Final Four season of 2007-08 under former coach John Calipari because of NCAA violations, several sources told" I'm glad that Gordon/Griffin don't seem to have any of this baggage to carry around.


OJ vs. EJ

First off, I must confess that browsing is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Having recently found the "player comparison" feature, I decided to compare the two standout SG...

Q-Rich traded again


Poor Q... now he's on his 5th team this summer. NYK -> MEM -> LAC -> MIN -> MIA

Pics from BG's Panini photoshoot


More pics at link. Just scroll through gallery.

Sessions update! 8/6/09!


"The Los Angeles Clippers have intensified their interest in Sessions and appear on the brink of making a strong pitch for him. The scuttlebutt around the NBA is the clippers and Bucks are discussing a sign-and-trade scenario with Sessions, a restricted free agent, being the central figure. The Clippers would ideally like to include point guard Sebastian Telfair in the deal, and have also tossed out some other possibilities, including a draft pick. If the Clippers can't come to an agreement with the Bucks on a sign-and-trade arrangement, there are growing indications they'll extend an offer sheet to Sessions."

Random Twitter updates from Baron...


"Workin out N vegas gearin up 4 the season... It is crazy hot out here may have 2 take a dip n the pool!!! Whats goin on twitterverse?" "Great day at gurg camp. All the young guys are working hard! The p gs in the camp are fun to watch and its fun coaching. I love this game" "@Oneandonlycp3 watitdo bro! I'm at gurg camp in vegas trying to keep up with these rookies lol." I'm cautiously optimistic about Baron being motivated and in shape this year. :x

20 most "harmful" players in the NBA - some familiar names.


1. Sebastian Telfair, LA Clippers 2. Al Thornton, LA Clippers 12. OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies (hah) 14. Baron Davis, LA Clippers More text about Baron, OJ, and Bassy Al at the link.

Don't have 15 bucks? Then you can't watch the Las Vegas SL legally.


I think this is pretty bogus, considering the Orlando SL is streamed free of charge.

Clippers summer league roster


Sean Banks, Dionte Christmas, Marcellus Camp, Nik Caner Medley, Kyle McAlarney, Kevinn Pinkney, Blake Griffin, Al Thornton, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Mike Taylor; could the bold be our starting 5 in the future? Thanks for the update, Hooch. Of the other guys, I like Dionte's chances of making the team. He should have been drafted but for some reason wasn't.

Clippers extend QO to Novak + more news


Ricky is back, Skinner opted out and is now a UFA, and Acker's option was not picked up by the team.

New Rookie episode


Wish I knew how to embed video links though...

DeAndre speaks about being selected in 2nd round


He pretty much places the blame on agents who kept telling him that he was first-round material.

Sir Charles on Blake Griffin


He speaks about Griffin and the Clippers in a positive light. His only knock on Griffin is that he may be shorter than listed, a la Beasley from last year, but as we all know that turned out not to be the case.

ESPN's The Rookie Episode 2


A new video from Blake. Seems like a funny guy.

Ricky Davis exercises player option (what a surprise!)

3 has learned that Quentin Richardson of the New York Knicks and Ricky Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers have opted to stay with their respective teams an "additional season." Not much of a surprise

What's EJ been up to this summer?


Apparently hosting a basketball camp for kids in his hometown. "Eric Gordon was also there every day of camp last week and I thought that meant a lot to the children also. He also talked to the kids a bunch of times about basketball and the importance of having the grades to be able to pursue their dreams of playing baskeball some day." Good man. According to DJ, he'll be back in LA soon to start practicing again. Can't wait. :D

Yahoo's video analysis of Blake Griffin


Yahoo's video analysis of Blake Griffin. Greg Anthony thinks Clippers may sniff 40 wins next year. Some potshots taken at Clippers.

An utterly derivative version of Fellini's Satyric... uh... ... in other news, in a cameo on the...


An utterly derivative version of Fellini's Satyric... uh... ... in other news, in a cameo on the Jimmy Kimmel show, BG sends K-Love's crab flying into the ocean, with Tyson Chandler as an impartial observer.

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