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Can 49ers fans get some love?

Through thick and thin we have stuck by these Forty-Niners, watching them go down in flames time and time again. We cheered them on as they sacked Brett Favre in his New York green. Our hearts were...


Alex Smith Prediction Results Final Tally

Too bad we lost that one. I saw our team fight hard against a good team for the Championship, and just barely lose. The Giants have to consider themselves really lucky to win that game. Alex didn't...


Alex Smith Stat Prediction Contest, Championship Round!

Next up, the New York Football Giants! How do you guys feel about the mud and the rain? Does it stop Alex, or does it just encourage him? This round is certainly up for grabs. This contest is...


Alex Smith Stat Prediction Divisional Round Results

Here are the results from last nights game. Please go over your scores and tell me if there are any mistakes. Again, good job. Not many people expected Alex to be good for 24 points, but he was....


Alex Smith? WTF?

OK here it is, to all those who never jumped on the Alex Smith bandwagon like I did - embarrassingly late: Nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener nener...


Alex Smith Stat prediction Contest, Divisional Playoff Round

Next up Saints! I don't expect this to be the typical game for Alex, so there is a good chance for a shake up here. People could end up losing points. I'm changing the Sacks to 50 points each so...


So You Want To Compare The 49ers To the 2000 Ravens, Do You?

Niner fans, let's all stop comparing the 2011 49ers to the 2000 Baltimore Ravens right now. I get embarrassed for people when I hear that kind of lazy thinking. First of all, the Ravens were only...


Alex Smith Stat Prediction Results

Thank you everyone who participated in the contest last week. I am impressed with the results to say the least. I appreciate your patience with me as I try to make this an interesting game. I am...


Alex Smith Stat Prediction Contest

Edit: Only passing yards count, if Alex runs it in the touchdown counts but rushing yards do not count. Ok people, we all think we know our quarterback so well. How about we put our assumptions...


Alex Smith is Our Franchise Quarterback!

Go! Niners!! Lets hear it, Alex won a game. He wasn't perfect, but the defense dominated, he had some time and he got it in the endzone. So let's hear it for Alex. Is he franchise? Do we need...


We Blew It As A Team Thread

So for those who don't want to blame the quarterback for yesterday's loss, let's discuss where we can get better besides. If we lose any lineman our pass blocking is crap. We definitely need depth...


Alex Smith Rant Board

I see people on Niners Nation pointing out all of these statistics that say he is such a great quarterback and I just don't see it. When I watch him play, I just never say to myself, "that Alex is...


Edwards in the End Zone

I could swear we had another reciever on the roster besides Ted Ginn and Michael Crabtree. I'm expecting Braylon Edwards to break out against the NFC West. He had some pretty good receptions...


The 49ers Are The Best Team In The NFL? The Scoreboard Suggests They Are.

I would like to introduce a measure of offensive production on a team in relation to defensive production that can measure the overall strength of a team. The 49ers have a convincing lead in the...


The Lockout May Have Helped Us More Than It Hurt Us

We did really well in free agency because of the lockout. We were able to sign players who wanted to improve their image/skill perception (Braylon Edwards) and get quality players with minimal...


How The 49ers Could Miss The Playoffs In 2011

How could the 49ers miss the playoffs? If the Seahawks beat the Bengals this weekend, and then go 6-3 for the remaining 9 games the Seahawks would finish 9-7. To do that, they would have to go...


The 49ers' defense is allowing LESS points than the Lions (Don't tell the NFL Network)

The NFL Network, after switching out the headline "Are the 49ers Legit" to talk about how the Eagles are going to make the playoffs, Reported about the upcoming 49ers-Lions games with the...

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