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Fanatic of Boston sports teams first, but my time in Minnesota have given me a almost masochistic fandom when it comes to Minnesota sports teams.

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  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NBA Minnesota Timberwolves
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Vikings Official 2014 Coaching Staff

Well DN, things are finally set in stone. According to here are the people set to coach your 2014 Minnesota Vikings. Mike Zimmer - Head Coach HEAD COACH Mike Zimmer ...


The Mallet Factor

via Some people might be forgetting the guy that has been on the bench learning behind TB#12 for a couple of years. But it might be wise to remember him this offseason. Ryan...


Early look at draft prospects: Needs Edition - TE

Can our beloved Patriots get back to the dominance at the TE position that injuries and alleged murder tore apart? We take a look at the prospects that can get the ball rolling in the right...


Add Zimmer. Go all in all QB and defense.

I'll TRY to keep things realistic. But this is a dream scenario. Dream scenario from an outsider who roots for the Pats but lives in Minny now. Get Mike Zimmer. This is a must. His no-nonsense...


Twins SENDING 1b/Of Chris Colabello to KBO?

via It seems the Twins are thinking about sending Chris Colabello to play in Korea of all places. The Twinkies are reported to be in discussions with the...


AK-47 a Net. The rich get richer.

So if you haven't heard by now, Andrei Kirilenko is now a Brooklyn Net, joining the over haul that the Nets have accomplished this season. So Far that is the addition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce...


Kevin Martin agrees to 4 year deal with Minnesota

Kevin Martin agrees to 4 year deal worth 28 million. via Well wolves fans, Kmart is about to be a big thing in Minnesota again. And this isn't the blue light special....


Why so long in the face, leave that F&%*$ to the horses.

Now, C'mon Timberpups fans who say they are all jumping ship. Lets not go all "Titanic" and yelling ridiculous things like, "OMG! There's an Shaberg in the water!" and "Wow, we are going to hit the...


Jon Leuer Interest... Maybe?

Jon Leuer, the next T-Wolf big man? Link after jump.


As expected, Batum era comes to an end.


PDX being just plain childish.

Seems like this Batum saga is getting out of hand?

Agree on what PDX wants. RT @EConway3 @<a Something tells me this is a no-no. Kahn must have...


Agree on what PDX wants. RT @EConway3 @<a Something tells me this is a no-no. Kahn must have said hell no to D-Will going.


One crazy trade idea, and one more realistic one.

Thought since everyone else and their mothers are throwing in trade ideas, it was time to add my 2 cents into the proverbial bucket. Crazy, too over the top dream trade. (obviously the Wolves would...

Christina Taylor Green Angel In The Outfield


This is NOT a Minnesota Twins story. But need to be shared, as this little girl had the love of baseball and life that we all have. Christina Taylor Green was born on 9-11-2001 and at 9 years old, her life was tragically taken from her in the Tuscon, AZ shooting in which a congresswoman was also shot. Please share this amazing and inspirational story of the life of Christina Taylor Green with everyone you can.


Sign Of Things To Come? Very Weak Draft?

With Jared Sullinger promising he would be back at Ohio State for his Sophomore season, citing it being the want to win a national championship. Yahoo/ cover that story below: h...


Rematch of 'Cuse and UConn for first time since 2009 (6OT game)

Sportscenter Video Highlights for 6ot game:


16 games left... Time to look to the Offseason.

     Stick with me here, this is my first major post on CH, love the site, and I have been a huge Wolves fan since the days before KG's name was called with the 5th overall pick in 1995.   Been...

Hollinger Rates Trade


This is ESPN Insider, but i will link it and run it so everyone can read it. New York: D+ You can't evaluate this as you would a normal trade. This deal was made at gunpoint, and that colors the entire assessment. Anthony became the first player in memory to issue a trade demand and then list one team that he'd accept a trade to. And then somehow, the Knicks decided to start bidding against themselves and repeatedly agreed to up the ante in the final hours. New York could have had Anthony this summer while losing only Chandler (a restricted free agent they would have had to renounce). Their primary risk to that outcome was a "franchise tag" in the new collective bargaining agreement that would have allowed Denver to keep Anthony. But even then plenty of alternatives were available for the Knicks, as three better players -- Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard -- all seemed anxious to get to the Big Apple via power plays of their own, and one of the three (or another marquee star) may have wriggled free regardless of what new restrictions the next CBA imposes. This isn't Indiana or Memphis, and this saga laid that reality bare. Even with a franchise tag rule, New York had so many advantages that it was only a matter of time before a second star showed up, especially given the salary cap space the Knicks had carved out. To get a player like Anthony in those circumstances, it was worth paying something above just Chandler to convert a likely outcome to a certainty. But in this case the premium New York paid was as follows, beyond Chandler: • Gallinari • Mozgov • Their 2014 first-round draft pick • Golden State's second-round picks in 2012 and 2013 (owned by the Knicks) • $6 million in cash ($3 million each to Minnesota and Denver) • Swallowing two dead-money years at the end of Balkman's contract • Trading Anthony Randolph for Corey Brewer • Trading Felton for Billups, making New York eight years older at the point guard spot with a player who makes nearly twice in salary next season. Remind again why they needed to commit to all eight of these additional considerations for a player they were likely to get anyway? The worst part, of course, is that this deal proves that no matter how many advantages New York gains from its magnetic appeal to potential free agents, owner James Dolan will screw them up. Leaning on the genius of Isiah Thomas -- because it worked out so well for the first time -- he fell hook, line and sinker for every bluff thrown his way by the Nuggets and Melo's people. (Yes, Melo's people participated -- Anthony needed to make sure he got a lucrative contract extension under the current salary rules before being traded.) New York still gets its Melo-Stoudemire nucleus, but now lacks the supporting pieces to do anything important with that core. And by extending Melo now, they agree to lock him up at such an expensive price that, in concert with Stoudemire's deal, it likely precludes making a run at Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Dwight Howard in 2012. Denver: B+ With a loaded gun pointed at their heads, the Nuggets bluffed and schemed their way to a very palatable end-game by running circles around the New York area's battling ownership groups. Using New Jersey for leverage and hoping the Knicks were foolish enough to take the bait, Denver eventually squeezed terms that got the Nuggets under the luxury tax line -- a sizable fit considering they were $13 million over -- brought in a much younger point guard, two quality forwards, a young big man, a first-round pick, two second-round picks and cash. That's not a bad haul, and it still may be improved upon. With Lawson ready to move up to the starting role, it appears Felton may be moved on to a third team. It's not out of the question that Denver could still make the playoffs, and if the Nuggets can hang on to center Nene Hilario -- another of the Nuggets' potential free agents -- Denver will come out of this in far better shape than most teams that lose a star player. Minnesota: B+ I like Brewer, but I'd trade him for Randolph in a heartbeat. Brewer is a solid role player who plays great defense but can't shoot or dribble. That type of player has his uses, but that's all Brewer will ever be. Helpful, yes, but fungible too. Randolph has a lower floor but a much higher ceiling. He can't shoot, he weighs 11 pounds and he's a head case. On the other hand, he has rare shot-blocking talent, handles the ball unusually well for a player of his size, and is an elite athlete. He's a potential game-changer at the defensive end and, if the light bulb ever comes on, he's going to provide a very potent complement to Kevin Love's skills in the Minnesota frontcourt. The price of that trade was just swallowing Curry's expiring contract, but because of the difference in salary between Brewer and Randolph and the $3 million coming from New York, it's pretty much a wash financially. Basically it amounts to a free talent upgrade for Minnesota just for loaning out their cap space to get the Nuggets under the luxury tax.


ESPN Reporting Melo to Knicks is Done!

Melo going to the Knicks means the Timberpuppies are in the mix here, would be interesting to see what other pieces are added and/or sent. At least the possible addition of Anthony Randolph could...



Just announced during game that Kevin Love was named as the replacement  for Yao Ming! About time David Stern! So much for Steve Nash and LMA, and was glad Love got recognition for his amazing...

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