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Patti Dawn Swansson is a sports journalist of 30-plus years who has written for a number of major Canadian dailies, including the Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, Winnipeg Sun and Winnipeg Tribune.
Her work has also appeared in many other dailies, including the Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald and a handful of U.S. sheets.
She once hosted her own sports radio talk show on CJOB in Winnipeg.
Mind you, that gig only lasted about seven weeks, because she realized most of the people who call sports phone-in shows really need to get a life.
So she returned to writing about sports for newspapers, but only for another three years when she realized she needed to get a life.
She has a life now and often writes about the real world, but she still scribbles about sports...for kicks rather than a pay cheque.
(A word of caution: If you take her seriously and get your knickers in a knot over something she writes, she will not agree to pay for your psychiatric sessions.)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • NCAAF UCLA Bruins
  • NCAAB UCLA Bruins
  • NHL Winnipeg Jets
  • Golf Arnie
  • NASCAR The guy in the 48 car
  • MMA Ugh!
  • Boxing Floyd Patterson, Ali
  • Soccer Nil
  • Cycling Anyone without a syringe in his butt
  • Tennis Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Borg
  • FIFA Brazil
  • Serie A Nil
  • La Liga Nil
  • EPL Liverpool
  • MLS Nil
  • Winter Olympics U.S.S.R. National Hockey Team, circa 1960s/70s
  • Figure Skating Borje Salming and Bill Barber
  • Wrestling Kinji Shibuya and Mitsu Arikowa
User Blog

Winnipeg Jets: Here's what they're saying on the street

Ever wonder what others think about our hockey heroes? I do. That’s why I went on a scouting mission this morning. I wanted to get the word on the street. You know, find out if pundits hither and...



Does Winnipeg get a bad rap, or are the good citizens of River City a tad too touchy? Lord knows we have a fragile psyche, because we get our knickers in a knot at the mere suggestion that our...


The revered, the reviled and The Possum

Ducky and the Natural


Corsi and Fenwick: What the *%&$#* are QoC eTOI% and QoT TOI% F rel supposed to mean?

I have a confession to make: I'm old school. I'm so old school that I sometimes think I was on the work crew that helped Don Cherry build the old school. I mean, I still call a chalk board a...


Winnipeg Jets: Headlines & scandal 'R' Evander Kane

Oh, woe is Evander Kane. The poor guy opens his mouth and another 72-point newspaper headline pops out. Doesn’t matter if he’s in Vancouver, Las Vegas, Toronto, River City or at the barber shop,...


NHL: Here's what Western Conference teams have done...or haven't done

Here are the roster moves (trades and free agent signings) for teams in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League since the end of the 2013-14 season. Please discuss amongst...


Winnipeg Jets: For his next trick, Kevin Cheveldayoff will...bring back Tanner Glass?

Okay, let's all agree that Chevy and his Chevettes deserve a rousing hoo-rah and a pat on the back for bagging Nikolaj Ehlers. The Danish dandy, by all accounts, is a keeper. Yeah, I know, he's...


Winnipeg Jets: I don't want to start any rumours, but really unreliable sources tell me...

Fifteen years removed from mainstream media, I still have my sources. I can't say they're reliable sources (oh, what the hey, I might as well admit that they're really lousy sources), but a source...


Evander Kane: In a league of his own

There has never been anyone quite like Evander Kane on the jock landscape in River City


Winnipeg Jets: Chevy's doing it the right way...sort of

There is a school of thought that goes something like this: If Kevin Cheveldayoff were to shake up his roster with a trade or two, he would be deviating from his draft-and-develop blueprint. That...


Winnipeg Jets: The time has arrived for GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to make the Jets his team

There is an interesting dynamic at play in these days leading to the National Hockey League's annual auction of freshly scrubbed yearlings. That is, while the rabble in 29 other markets ponder...


Winnipeg Jets: The morning line odds for the Evander Kane Sweepstakes

I don't drink tea so there are no tea leaves for me to read, but if I did drink tea and there were tea leaves at the bottom of the cup for me to read surely they would tell me that Evander Kane...


Evander Kane: Is he worth as much as we think he's worth?

Let us, for the sake of discussion, say Evander Kane played for another team. The Buffalo Sabres, for example. Would you jump at the chance for him to join the Winnipeg Jets? Not necessarily. F...


Let's put a Winnipeg hockey legend(s) in bronze at the MTS Centre

Montreal has Howie Morenz, Rocket Richard, Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur. Boston has the greatest hockey player ever—number 4 Bobby Orr. Chicago has Robert Marvin Hull and Stan Mikita. Los...


The 1960s: The decade that never really happened for the Toronto Maple Leafs

If the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup during the 1960s and Tim Leiweke wasn't there to see it, did it really happen? Apparently not, grasshopper. I'm sure you know by now that Leiweke...


Don Baizley: Saying goodbye to a hall of fame person and a hockey game-changer

Don Baizley is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame, nor the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. He should be in both. As a builder. That's because hockey would not be where it stands today if not...


Claude Noel: What do the players honestly think of him?

I admire Claude Noel for his frankness. His honesty. The guy is tight-lipped like Tiger Woods is a virgin. If a player sucks, he says that player sucks. If the powerplay or penalty killing...


Claude Noel is off-key in singing his hurtin' song

Discussing how Claude Noel handles his media scrums.


And the Jets' magic number is...54!

Let's begin by crunching some numbers, class (even though I hate crunching numbers; I was horrible at math as a kid). At present, the Winnipeg Jets are trying to chase down four outfits—W...


You Can Play, the NHL and frat boy mentalities

What kind of results can we expect as the NHL aligns itself with the You Can Play Project?


Jets' need more urgency

In a 48-game season, the Jets need to show more desperation than what they displayed in Saturday's 4-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators.


Winnipeg Jets are not a 14th-place hockey team

Here you are, kids, scant hours away from rockin' the Little Hockey House on the Prairie, and I'm not feeling the love for your Winnipeg Jets. I mean, every turn I take in cyberspace leads me to...


No surprise that NHL fans are flocking back

Was there any doubt? I mean, did anyone actually believe that fans were soooooo browned off about the 113-day lockout that they would turn their backs on the NHL brand of hockey? Or spend...


Jets' circus will never rival that of Maple Leafs

The dark comedy that is the Toronto Maple Leafs set me to thinking. About the Winnipeg Jets. About the Nashville Predators. The Leafs, you see, are the longest-running sitcom in the National...


A slow-news day for the Winnipeg Jets? Not really.

So, Ondrej Pavelec, Dustin Byfuglien and Ron Hainsey surface in River City. One is hounded about a drunk driving conviction. Another is hounded about his heft. The third is pestered about his...


Why should NHL players apologize for anything?

After being locked out by their owners, why should NHL players have to apologize?

After months of stiffing fans, the NHL returns


Get out your amnesia dust and sprinkle it all over your beautiful face, because it's time to forget that the NHL and NHLPA have held your fandom hostage since September. NHL hockey is back and...

Coal or Goal? The naughty and nice of 2011-12


Arctic Ice Hockey has made their list and checked it twice. Read on to find out who was naughty or nice this year.

Surviving the scrutiny


Fans best not act shocked when Evander Kane asks Jets' management to punch his ticket out of town.


Oh, the pain of being Citizen Kane with the Winnipeg Jets

Top o' the morning to you, Evander Kane. Oh, man. You sure do have a way of putting knots in knickers, don't you? You ought to hear what they're saying and writing about you since you...

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