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i write about basketball and i talk about basketball secretly i am a basketball

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This Week in Erie: Chris Smith is a Knick again


After missing Friday night's contest with "team-related issues," Chris Smith returned Saturday and erupted in a loss to the Canton Charge.

This Week in Erie: Jeremy Tyler's Bad Help Defense


The Bayhawks are still winless, and Tyler's poor team defense isn't helping.

This Week in Erie: Jeremy Tyler debuts


The Bayhawks did not secure their first win of this season, but Jeremy Tyler returned!


Recap: Bayhawks 100, Red Claws 127

Good evening, loves! As you probably know, the Erie Bayhawks have begun their 2013-2014 seasons and the roster features one current Knick and two very possible future ones: Chris Smith, CJ Leslie,...

Know the Draft Pick: Tim Hardaway, Jr.


The Knicks selected the versatile guard from the University of Michigan with the 24th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. He joins an uncertain roster and will face high expectations very soon in his career. How might Tim Hardaway, Jr. answer?

Know the Prospect: C.J. Leslie


C.J. Leslie was not selected in the 2013 NBA draft after three years at North Carolina State. He failed to live up to his high school hype, and the Wolfpack disappointed. After quickly reaching an agreement with the Knicks following the draft, how mi

Know the Prospect: Nate Wolters


After his senior season at South Dakota State University, Nate Wolters readies for the transition into the NBA.

Know the Prospect: Mike Muscala


The Patriot League star prepares to make the leap to the pro level. How might Muscala fit on the Knicks?

Know the Prospect: Jackie Carmichael


We turn our eyes towards the bruising forward from Illinois State as a possible first round draft target for the Knicks.

Know the Prospect: Erick Green


A possible sleeper out of VA Tech, guard Erick Green could surprise a lot of people at the next level.

Know the Prospect: Reggie Bullock


A closer look at the sweet-shooting swingman out of North Carolina and his fit for the Knicks at the 24th pick.

Know the Prospect: Shane Larkin


A look at the Miami point guard and his viability as a potential 24th draft pick for the Knicks


J.R. #Starer

Let's assume the Knicks decide not to make any personnel moves going through this trade deadline. The team is slowly losing ground in the Eastern Conference with losses to bottom-dwelling teams....


The Rest of All Star Weekend

We know who will be displaying their talents in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, but if you're like me you enjoy the other events that weekend just as much as the game itself. Not the Celebrity game or...


Possible Frontcourt Additions N Stuff

Joe Flynn's piece on the efficacy of signing Kenyon Martin started me thinking about what realistic options the Knicks have if they need to add a player to this roster. I am not certain that...


Carmelo Anthony's dominance as a playmaker

It's early in the season, and far too soon to make conclusive judgement about the near future about the Knicks. Still, there have been some interesting developments within this Knick team that...


Perception and Reality: The Carmelo Edition

Hello P&Ters! Just wanted to quickly touch on a subject that's been on my mind since the end of the Heat game. It's really fascinating to me how Knick fans have observed Carmelo since the start of...


Repairing the Knicks' offense

Hey guys! I hurt my foot playing pickup basketball yesterday, but my hands still work. As such, I can continue to write a lot of words about the Knicks. Today I want to talk about offense....


Seeking Friends for Online Play ;)

You may or may not have heard, but NBA 2k13 released on Tuesday. I spend an unhealthy amount of time either playing the game or seething after a loss. Share in my unbalanced emotion: Add me...


NBA Rotations and Hungry Fans

'Lo, everyone. I hope you guys are having a great day. Maybe listen to the new Ke$ha song. That makes me happy. Anyways. It was an interesting summer. We got to watch LeBron James lead the USA...


Who Shot? JR.

Well, hello all! It's been a little while: I have just recently returned from a short stay in San Francisco. When I'm not researching and discussing the talents of various NBA players, I'm often in...


Tyson Chandler vs. Per Game Averages

Good afternoon, all! As promised, this post is on the magnificence of the Knicks' starting center. Tyson Chandler is a fantastic player, and well-liked by pretty much every Knick fan on earth. He...


So About That Melo Guy *ducks for cover*

Well, I figured I'd do this one eventually. Honestly, I've been dreading it. WARNING: This FanPost is going to be a long one, even by my standards. Feel free to skip around if you're familiar with...


The Return of Raymond Felton (I promise: No Fat Jokes)

Hello, everybody. I hope you're enjoying this NBA offseason. I don't know if you heard, but the Knicks let some guy named Jeremy Lin go seemingly in favor of trading for former Knick guard Raymond...


Still Tall, Still Talented: The Past, Present, and Future of Amar'e

Amar'e Stoudemire is a complex figure in NBA history. Like Monta Ellis, Vince Carter, and other stars more known for their skills on the offensive end Amar'e is constantly over- and underrated. It...


The Cambman Cometh

I'm taking a quick break from being yelled at in the comments section somewhere to write briefly on what could be the biggest steal in this summer's free agency: Marcus Camby. Now before you start,...


Chris Copeland: Our Newest Tweener

'Allo. I'm taking a break from talking about the curious happenings of the 'Bockers lately to discuss a largely unheralded pick-up this season: F Chris Copeland. I'm pretty sure Copeland is a bit...


On Felton and my Self-Imposed Exile

Well, I'm back. I had to take a few days off from Knick-related internet activities after the news broke that NY was considering trading for Raymond Felton and declining to match Jeremy Lin. I've...


Landry Fields: A Match Made in Heaven?

Hey again! So after my somewhat controversial FanPost on Iman Shumpert I'm back to talk about that other wing player we stole in the draft: Landry Fields. Landry was one of the most loved Knicks...


Regarding our Beloved Iman Shumpert

Hiey guys! This is my first fanpost in ever and I'm super excited to speak to everyone. Unfortunately, my subject isn't likely to be too popular here and I accept that. I just think it needs to be...

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