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Paul Flannery writes about the NBA for and teaches journalism at Boston University. He lives in Cambridge, hates to drive and is probably waiting for the Green Line.

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Wolves' patience pays off in Love deal

By waiting all summer to trade Kevin Love, the Timberwolves made the best deal they could.

Spurs show they're sports' most progressive team

The Spurs made history by adding Becky Hammon to their coaching staff, but that's not surprising coming from the most progressive team in the sport.

The race across New Jersey


Every summer a group of friends run across the state of New Jersey from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean -- for each other and for the memory of one who can't be there.


Michele Roberts can save the Players Association

Michele Roberts is a high-powered trial attorney with a series of prominent courtroom victories. Can she use her experience to unite the fractured players' union?

Competitive balance in the East

The East is up for grabs with as many as a half-dozen teams eying the Finals. That won't make it better, but it will make it far more competitive.

Even with LeBron gone, don't bet against Pat Riley

As long as Pat Riley is around, the Heat are not to be taken lightly.

Greetings from Orlando, the other summer league


The action on the court at Orlando Summer League is nothing compared to the whispers in the back hallways. While Las Vegas commands the attention, Orlando keeps its hold on the summer scene.

McGary's fresh start begins in OKC


The Michigan big man took a hard tumble during a sophomore season that included a back injury and a marijuana suspension, but he landed in an interesting spot to begin his pro career.


Sophomores show off at summer league

Three players from the NBA's much-maligned rookie class of 2013 have impressed so far in Orlando.

Admit it, you love free agency

Don't lie to yourself and say otherwise.

Bosh is free agency's quiet game-changer

A player of Chris Bosh's ability should command big money and tons of attention in free agency, yet the rumor mill has been largely silent. Where he goes will have a huge impact.

LeBron has the power to halt free agency


Why has there been a lack of movement in free agency? Blame LeBron James, or maybe look to his example as a way star players can exercise their power.

If Lance leaves, blame the luxury tax


The Pacers didn't re-sign Lance Stephenson on the first day of free agency, and now there's a real chance Stephenson could walk. Blame the luxury tax.

The Cavs are finally headed in the right direction

After all the rumors, innuendo and speculation, Cleveland GM David Griffin has executed three solid moves to get the Cavaliers back on track. That wasn't so hard, was it?

No sizzle in Celtics' draft, but plenty of steak

After all the rumors and speculation, the Celtics simply made their draft selections and got two players they believe will help them significantly.

LeBron's decision to opt out, explained

By exercising an early termination option on his contract, LeBron James will be a free agent. Here's what that actually means.


This is what a championship sounds like

Paul Flannery hung out with Spurs diehards to discover what it sounds like when San Antonio wins a championship.

Will the Heat show up to the fight?


What kind of performance will we see from Miami in Game 5? Will there be massive adjustments, or a better focus and attention to detail? There are many questions and some of them may even have...

Spurs aren't ready for retirement talk ... yet


When will it end for the San Antonio Spurs? It's a question that's been kicked around for almost a decade. We may know the answer soon.

The Spurs paint their masterpiece

Only the Spurs could follow up a historic performance with an even better night. Now they return home with a commanding 3-1 leads in the NBA Finals while the Heat are left with nothing but questions.

The NBA's last honest man

As rumors about another superstar and innuendo flew around around South Florida, the present never felt so real, even as the future seemed so attainable. Leave it to Chris Bosh to put things back...

Nobody knows what'll happen in the NBA Finals

Everyone saw the Spurs' Game 3 shooting explosion coming, right? Clearly.

LeBron's Game 2 response is a giant middle finger

After two days of criticism and cheap shots, LeBron James provided the perfect response in Game 2, right down to the pass that helped Miami tie the series.


Pop hates threes and other Finals notes

Paul Flannery empties his notebook from the long two-day break between Finals games.

LeBron's cramps are no joke

From his teammates to his rivals, no one is criticizing LeBron James for leaving Game 1 of the NBA Finals with debilitating leg cramps. If that's good enough for them it should be good enough for us.


An insane game overshadowed by faulty A/C

The Spurs' impressive Game 1 victory was overshadowed by a faulty cooling system that forced LeBron James out of the game during crunch time. Let's all try to react rationally.

Tim Duncan is the NBA's timeless superstar

No matter what happens in the Finals, Tim Duncan's legacy is secure. His game is both timeless and immortal, which makes placing Duncan in a proper historical context all the more challenging.


Paul George is getting there

In four short years, Paul George has been underrated and overrated, too good to be true and a tabloid distraction. As the Pacers try to save their season from public shame, George is once again...

Inside the madness in Memphis


Surprise front office firings, an owner challenging players to games of one-on-one and a coach who comes back after never going away: It's the Memphis Grizzlies! This calls for a deep dive on the...


Scott Brooks isn't as bad as his critics suggest

The Oklahoma City coach is often accused of holding back his superstar-laden team. But with the Thunder two wins away from the Finals, perhaps we should praise Scott Brooks for fostering an...

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