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Just a humble Seattle sports fan who lives in the tiny town of Tieton, Washington in the Yakima Valley. I love the Sonics, Seahawks, and Mariners.

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  • MLB Seattle Mariners
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Celtics Executive: Expansion Not Likely


Assistant GM for Boston Celtics says expansion not likely within five years, but more likely in five to ten years. Says relocation is more likely in the five year window.

Sonics Bruising: Week Thirteen Roundup


It's brass knuckles time again. We give you Week 13 of the SBL.

Greatest of All-Time: 1987 Seattle Supersonics


Xavier McDaniel, Dale Ellis, and Tom Chambers led the team to a deep run in the playoffs that no one expected. Edited by Tiffany Villigan

Greatest of All-Time: The 1980 Seattle Supersonics


Over the next few weeks SonicsRising will be running reviews of the 22 Seattle Supersonics teams that made the playoffs. This installment focuses on the 1980 Sonics.

Silver: "We'd Love to See a Team Back in Seattle"


'Under the right circumstances', Silver wants a team back in Seattle.

Sonics Bruising: Week Eleven Roundup


Keep those shoes away from J.R. Smith. We give you Week Eleven of the Sonics Bruising League. Edited by Tiffany Villigan

Greatest of All-Time: 1979 Seattle Supersonics


The older the violin, the sweeter the music. It doesn't get any sweeter than 1979.

Sonicsgate to Air on ESPN


Requiem for a Team will hit the airwaves on February 7.

NFL Playoff Open Thread


I shall say this as objectively as possible. GO HAWKS!!!

Sonics Bruising: Week Ten Roundup


The holidays are behind us. I thank God for that. This was a week where everyone was soft. Ugh. We give you Week Ten of the Sonics Bruising League.

NBA TV Deal Done Before Stern Leaves?


'Forbes Sports Money' speculates the TV deal will be done sooner than we thought.

Remembering Bob Blackburn


It's time to remember the legacy and rekindle the legend of the original voice of the Seattle SuperSonics. Edited by Tiffany Villigan

Sonics Bruising: Week Nine Roundup


Scrappy New Year!!! We give you week nine of the Sonics Bruising League.

Sonics Bruising: Week Eight Roundup


Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Well, not much floating going on, but definitely lots of stinging. We give you week eight of the Sonics Bruising League.

Sonics Bruising: Week Seven Roundup


Charles Barkley gives words of wisdom to all of our players. We give you week seven of the Sonics Bruising League.

How Do You View The NHL?


Means to an end or a happy ending in its own right?

Sonics Bruising: Week Six Roundup


If Mike Tyson played basketball, he would play in our league. We give you Week Six of the Sonics Bruising League.

NHL Meetings: Chris Daniels On The Scene


Does a new round of NHL meetings bring the NHL closer to Seattle?

Sonics Bruising: Week Five Roundup


'Tis the season to slam your opponent to the hardwood. We give you week five of the SBL season.

Chris Daniels Interviews Chris Hansen


From one Chris to another. The way it should be.

Sonics Bruising: Week Four Roundup


Want to know what we're thankful for? The carnage that was week four of the SBL.

Anti-Arena Group Opposes Arena: Film At Eleven


The report released by a newly formed anti-arena group is just the same people making the same threats.

Sonics Bruising: Week Three Roundup


No blood on your elbows? You're not trying hard enough. We give you week three of the Sonics Bruising League.

Is Conlin Gonelin?


Sawant claims a late lead over Conlin.

Sonics Bruising: Week Two Roundup


No concussion. No foul. We give you the second week of the 2013 SBL season.

Sonics Bruising: Week One Roundup


Rebounds, fouls, and bruises led to a wild first week in the Sonics Bruising League.

Delay Doesn't Slow Us


News that the arena review is taking longer than expected isn't terrible. In fact, there are some positives to it.

Sonics Bruising: It Finally Begins


A look at the upcoming season and a preliminary report card on Wednesday's inaugural draft.

NBA to Allow Local TV Streaming?


The NBA decides to allow local streaming of their broadcasts. Does this indicate they are starting to work on a new TV deal?

Can These Grizzlies Claws Be Clipped?


Can the Grizzlies overcome a head scratching coaching change and be a serious threat to win the Western Conference?

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