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Rodman was more valuable than Jordan. No – really.


This is the fourth in a remarkable series of articles on Dennis Rodman posted at skepticalsports.com. It's been around for a while, and perhaps it has been previously linked at BaB. In any case, though, for Bulls fans, and especially those into advanced statistics, it should be of interest.

Dick Gordon and Ben Gordon: Seven Degrees of Separation


Possibly one of the coolest sports time-wasters I've ever come across. A very rapid search engine that will connect players (including cross-sports) through common teammates. Very Cool. Here's the link: http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/slate_labs/2013/10/six_degrees_of_kevin_garnett_connect_any_two_athletes_who_ve_ever_played.html


OJ Mayo has sunk to new depths

[Yanked from the comments -yfbb]From Ball Don’t Lie: O.J. Mayo’s first and possibly only season in Dallas is ending on a low, low note. While Mayo is a talent and far from a head case, and the ...

Tyrus Thomas was asked to stay away from the Charlotte Bobcats’ road trip


"It’s hard to believe that Tyrus Thomas could top his miserable 2011-12 season, one that saw him play through ulcers, get into a shoving match with his 68-year old coach, and shoot 36.7 percent even while working in the frontcourt. And yet … here we are! The Charlotte Bobcats have told Thomas to stay home as the franchise gears up for a four-game Western swing. The Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell was the first to report that Thomas, some three years after being traded to Charlotte, is being excused from the excursion."

Thomas is truly pathetic, and those Bulls fans who wanted him back should briefly lower their heads in shame. Read at Ball Don't Lie

Classic Scalabrine story!


Scalabrine takes on four Boston area ballers who thought that they could beat him in one-on-one. Scal (predictably) crushes them all. (Thanks to Kelly Dwyer for this gem!)


Rose's 40" vertical and... the Miami Dolphins?

Every Bulls fan – hell, every NBA fan – has been thrilled by Derrick Rose's explosive dunks since he arrived in the league. Unfortunately, though, due (presumably) in part to self-preservation,...


Kyle Korver: The Importance of Warming Up the Hot Sauce

Conclusions drawn from very simple statistical analyses are often tempting to believe, yet often questionable as well. One familiar example to readers of this blog would be the almost mythical: B...


The Emergence of Jimmy "Neat" Butler

Is it too early to sing the praises of an NBA rookie who, as the 30th pick in the draft, is still well under the radar screen of most observers around the league? A rookie who has seen...

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