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Why doesnt the NHL union just sandbag like every other union does?

I am an engineer for a construction company and when I am on a site in NY, NJ I deal with unions every day. There is vast differences between NY and NJ unions but NY unions have so much power that...


Trading season is almost here lets look at what the bottom dwellers have to offer

Since we are coming out of December clearly in a position to play this post season lets assess what will make this team stronger, and see what is available with some of the sellers on the market. A...


Captain HindSight This team is one vinny prospal away from a stable offense

I didnt feel that good about letting Vinny go this summer but I came to the realization today that a player like prospal is exactly what this team needs to have the offense that we really want. Let...


Who things Parise is going to Arbitration?

One can only hope that Lou cannot commit Parise to a long term contract. Also the coaching situation, that is still unresolved, is helping the cause. I remember an old quote that Parise had saying...


Next Season could be the year to strike in the Free Agent Market

All discussion is about signing an aging center with recent concussion problems, namely Brad Richards. Brad Richards is a quality player that has proven that he will put up huge numbers, but also...


What would the kings be willing to give for Gaborik?

Hello, first want to state that I am a Rangers fan and normally on blueshirt banter. Over there we have been talking about shopping Gaborik who is just not fitting into the new gritty, hardworking,...


Should teams be held responsible for their players?

I just seen that on top of suspending Trevor Gillies and Matt Martin of the Islanders with actually pretty healthy sized fines, in comparison to other lame fines I have seen given out, $24,193.52...


Taking a 2 year low cost gamble till drury is gone?

I am new here and this will be pretty short but its been rolling around in my mind for a few days now...   Since we are in a crunch for cap space and have some large salaries that have to go before...

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