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What Other ACC Fans Are Saying.


I'll start. This UNC thread is a gem. Winston is getting much love, for his character as much as his play. Others?


Yeah, sonny, it was way back in '88...

and my Nole boys had to go to Clem & Son to play them there. Your old Uncle Peach was nervous. They was ranked #3, and we was ranked... I dunno what. See, we got slaughtered by Myamuh first game...


Yeah, sonny, it was way back in '91...

when Pappy was just a youngster (*spits tobacco*). My Noles had to travel to the Big House... Meatchicken Stadium or somethin' or other...biggest crowd in the NCAA. Anyways, we was ranked #5, and...


The Fisher- Winston dynamic is really good.

Mutual trust and respect. From Seminoles.com: On what coach Jimbo Fisher said on sideline afterward [the sack escape and TD pass to NOL]:"He told me to, `Get the ball out of your hands,' because...

Jimbo spins the offense


and ESPN serves the counter-spin: "We were 10th in scoring in the country, [fourth] in yards per play in the country," Fisher said. "How much better are you going to do than 7 yards a play and 39 points per game? The key is being consistent in every game." Indeed, Florida State's offense was among the most efficient in the country last season, with only Georgia, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State averaging more yards per play. But dig a little deeper, and the news wasn't all so upbeat. FSU ranked 10th overall in scoring, but 33rd against FBS teams with a winning record. The Seminoles moved the ball efficiently, but in an age of up-tempo offenses, they ranked 91st nationally in plays per game. And while the overall numbers look good, the offense clearly sputtered down the stretch, finishing 59th nationally in yards per play from Nov. 1 through the end of bowl season. "


Holding non-calls explained?

I'll admit I'm one of the old-timers who has been following FSU football for almost 3 decades. I saw how our defense shocked the ACC when we joined in the early 90's. Back then, we were never...

Barron saying the right things.


Football scheduling: After fielding complaints from fans and hearing concerns about lagging ticket revenue from Seminole Boosters, he encouraged the department to stop scheduling smaller schools and bring in more high-profile opponents;


Top Coaches


Article on top coaches has a picture of Fisher. But see where he's ranked. Fair or unfair?

Fisher Justifies His OC Duties


He argues he gave us the #7 offense* last year. *(Based on total yards. Unadjusted for strength of opponents including two DII teams and scoreless halves against weak ACC teams. Does not weight critical performance against FSU's hated rival. Offer not valid on TN or other fully informed outlets. Tax, title and tag are extra. Your mileage may vary.)

Finally, Fisher not sounding rosey


We read earlier the QBs were having trouble against our new zone D, throwing it over the WRs heads. The offense better step it up. In some good news, we have a defense.

ACC national games


Is it too early to talk about these? I can see the ACC making some noise early this season: -North Carolina over LSU on Sept 4-- if NC finds an offense.; -VT over Boise State on Labor Day; -Miami over OSU and GT over Kansas on Sept. 11. The ACC team winning the Clemson-Auburn and FSU- OK game is also possible. Your thoughts?

Saban is a clever guy


but sometimes it's just best to keep one's mouth shut. He's out of his league in this one. This agent is obviously an attorney, and this is a fight Saban's ego better not push him into.

Preliminary 2010 CFB TV schedule


Compiled from various sources. All times are CDT. (Alabama @ Duke?!? Now what's the point of that)

Top 10 Storylines of the Bowl Season


Says the AZ-NU battle will be a defensive battle and a football purist's dream. Props to Stoop's D. Says the weirdness at Tenn increases 10X everyday. My favorite: Says Bobby Bowden is the Tim Tebow of college coaches right now, and the tears will flow.

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