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Born and raised a Broncos fan - lived in Westminster from when I was about 4 years old, until 18, when I moved out.... For the first time, anyway....

The image for my icon was free-hand spraypainted by me (my third time EVER trying to draw the new Bronco head, and have still only painted it that one time) on a cloth canvas that we hung up to keep the neighbor kids from messing with my dog.

Anyway, on to a little about me. In Oct. of 2006, the gas station on Hampden and Federal, which was an Amoco, then a bp, then (still?) Conoco... I was the manager and was meeting and exceeding all expected goals, and my staff and I were continually ignored and uncared about by the new ownership. Long story short - October was when I had the last straw and couldn't find a job that paid enough to what I was currently making, so I moved out to Wichita, KS (oye!) and have been here ever since... It has made me embellish my Bronco-ness at every turn even more, because living with them so close (when I was truly home, in Denver/ SOMEWHERE near the mountains) and having the notion that most the people you run into are going to be Bronco fans (relatively, compared to Chiefs/Cowboys territory out here), so every time I think Broncos, not only is it the preternatural feeling I get from my love of the game and Our team, but it brings me to feeling closer to home... I can more easily pretend I am in some humid cluster of a valley at home in Colorado, it's just that the mountains are invisible, right?

If I was wealthy, I imagine I would literally, live - that is, eat, sleep, and breathe Broncos (and Pearl Jam ; ) and other classic rock) - and be at EVERY game, every year, home and away, AND record every game for my own personal casual viewing. I used to VHS every game, timely pausing and unpausing after and before every play and highlights, respectively... But out here in Wichita, I'm lucky to get five games. But luckily - in case you're ever in Wichita, there's an awesome Broncos Bar called Champ's - the owner, Dennis, is hard core as well - and they get every game, so whenever it's not televised or Us at Arrowhead and me being there, that's where I'll be at game time.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NCAAF Colorado Buffaloes
  • NCAAB Colorado Buffaloes
  • MMA Bruce Lee
  • General Pearl Jam
User Blog

Finally Sinks In. For me, at least.

Hi, Everybody! (In Chorus: Hi, Dr. Nick!) Anyway, enough with likely unappreciated Simpson's jokes... and apparently, self-burns. Woah there, me. I'm not unappreciated, I'm awesome. Just ask my...

7 of 8 would take Brady over Manning?!

Wow. I guess it's pretty opinion-based, but I'd think after this season, it'd be a bit more evened out, if not lopsided Manning's way. NFL personnel, indeed!

Peyton Manning is NFL's fifth most 'feared' player

They polled 320 current players and top five were: 1. Ndamukong Suh 2. Calvin Johnson 3. J.J. Watts 4. Patrick Willis 5. Peyton Manning+++++++ Funny how different people's perceptions can be of 'fear'.

Peyton's Dos-Equis quote


I don't always throw 7 TD passes. But when I do, it's against the defending Super Bowl champions.

Belichick fined $50,000

One quote that threw me from this incident's aftermath... Belichick said: "I've coached in this league a long time," Belichick said on Monday via ESPNBoston.com. "I've never been penalized, never had any incidents with officials or anything like that..." Really Bill? Never been penalized, eh? I guess he forgot about that $500,000 spygate incident. I have no respect for this guy.

Just because other people are rationalizing Our team (Our team's progress thus far) however they...

Just because other people are rationalizing Our team (Our team's progress thus far) however they are... Doesn’t matter. Me, I’m trying to look at the bright side after a couple tough losses. It’s really as simple as that. Looking at the bright side, and still hoping for the best, man. Preparing myself for the worst though, while I’m at it. I just don’t share my negative thoughts, because who does that benefit? No one.


Rod Smith Press Conference - Part 1

Because it deserves to be seen by as many Broncos fans as possible. Though I know Horse Tracks cover this, and most of Us check DB.com religiously, Rod deserves nothing less than for every appreciative fan of his to see this. Also, here's Part 2, even though you can get to it via the same spot, and it automatically starts after Part 1. I love the part about DT and Decker being "rich already" (just because they were drafted early, and didn't have to earn their paychecks with their performance like he did). He is by far, my all-time favorite Bronco, simply due to the fact that he was undrafted and poured his blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into his play. Definition of class act. He also deserves nothing less than the Hall of Fame.

Thought this was a pretty good one from Drew Litton. He's had some classics.


Thought this was a pretty good one from Drew Litton. He's had some classics.


Gary's 53 - Taking a stab, pre-final cuts

Hey everyone, Hope you enjoyed my Training Camp post at least half as much as any one of the Kaptain's logs! Without further ado, I will proceed with my ideal roster would be, come end of day,...


G. Funk's 2012 Training Camp visits

A wicked awesome greeting to you, my Broncos brethren and sistren. It is long overdue, but with a newborn and working to support a family of four, three dogs and a cat, life has been busy to say...

Broncos rookie hazing. Again.

I think some of the rookie hazing, from some teams goes a little too far. The haircuts We saw with Tebow. Hilarious. This. You decide.

Ben Garland's grandparents lose home

I know it has been mentioned here prior, but I felt that for anyone who can afford to help Colorado's wildfire victims, and efforts to fight the remaining 45% of "un-contained" portions... This link Would be another good place to help provide further assistance from any who may be able to. I know I wish I had more than five bucks to donate. It really hurts to see Our beautiful state ravaged in such a manner. The cause of the fire, which so far has cost $8.8 million to battle, has not been determined. My thoughts and prayers go out to my homeland and those (human, animal and plant-life alike) affected by this.



Edit: I wrote this post under the impression that McDaniels was hired on in NE after We defeated the Steelers. As I now know, this was not the case. They had been in preliminary talks prior to the...

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Tenth best of Top Ten

"The Broncos are also the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee." I found that part interesting... I woulda figured a squad closer to Hollywood if you told me there was only one of the 32. No biggie. Get it? Cause there's two anyway.... No biggies? Specific biggies? Also make sure to get your vote in for Round 10 of Our own Royal_Fan's "Best cheerleader" competition.

You might be too big of a Tim Tebow fan if's - Your wife or girlfriend says/has ever said anything...

You might be too big of a Tim Tebow fan if's - Your wife or girlfriend says/has ever said anything similar to "... If you'd spend as much money on me as you did him..." - You've never heard the name Andrew Luck. - You sold all your stuff before the apocalypse because an 'unknown source' said Tim supported that dude's idea. - You've been a Bronco fan for years, and when We drafted Tim, you decided to become a missionary for a while just to relate with him more. I was just wingin some - feel free to add!


Harrison blasts Roethlisberger and Goodell

Not necessarily Bronco related, but relevant to lockout - creating a drought in all other football news, and it's funny at the end. Hey who says James Harrisson can't still eventually be a class act... By pulling the whole, last minute, death bed repentance thing? (totally stole that from a Simpsons episode where Bart says that's his religious angle).

The 2011 NFL Draft from a (Broncos) fan's perspective who attended

From DB.com, after reading the story (which has some good detail... Dude got to meet Rahim Moore after he was picked!) Also, check out the pictures of the "Meet the 2011 Draft Pick" contest winners, they got to meet Miller, Elway, and sign a one day contract with the Broncos! That'd be sweet. Link

Autographed Broncos SB XXXII Wheaties box bid

I have an old friend who let his facebook friends know about this bid, I imagine, because he waited for the price to go up near what he expected to get for it. Alas, there's less than a day left on the bidding and I figured someone here would have more than the $150 it's currently sitting at, and would want it as much as I do. I don't have the cash, or I wouldn't have let you all know. ( ;


Don't Let 'Em Do It

I know how easy it is to succumb.  But don't let the San Diego Chargers do this to your love of all things Broncos!!! I know you're wondering "Where is the team I saw last weekend against the C...

David Bruton: Helmets Off

With the way you make your way down the field to make special teams tackles, are you the fastest guy on the team? "Yeah, yeah, I am. I had to scan around real quick, but yeah."* *Nate Jones took offense to this answer. Good stuff. I really like the fact that Our Special Teams has plenty of guys with good chemistry. Let's hope Bruton can get in there to give SD their fifth (and sixth and seventh?) blocked punt on the season.

Win a pair of Broncos season tickets!

Only stipulations to enter are, enter your email address, a couple other items (name, etc.) After that, just have to be listening to KOA between sept. 7th - 11th..... Since I don't live in CO, and yes, you can listen to KOA online, but I doubt I'll get the chance at the right times, so for those that might. ( =


What it means to be a PearlJamBroncoGFunk

Hey everybody!  I was intending to do a post with many-a pictures from my training camp experiences, but alas, I left part of my camera bag in Colorado.  Now I must simply post and share some...

"Like" the Broncos facebook page and win!!!

Offering three chances to win a package deal - Trip to London, hotel, 2 Tickets to the Broncos vs. 49ers, and two VIP passes to the party Elway and Little will be at! Awesome possum. There are three opportunities to enter, must like Denver Broncos, Denver Post, and some dude named John Atencio on facebook. May someone from MHR win! (and if you do, you better let us know!).

Creat your own player/Simulated league games

It's semi generic, but in the offseason, it's fun to make your own players, be their agent... Build a team, or just level your own players up. It's really helped me bide time . Goal Line Blitz is the name of it.

No Question

I am trying to figure out if Kyle has rubbed off on Josh McDaniels in at least one fashion. When Kyle first became a Bronco, I went and watched as much footage of him I could. Including interviews. I noticed him using the phrase "No Question" quite frequently. As of late, I have heard Coach use the phrase more and more, and can't help but wonder if Kyle's rubbing off on him. I thought it might be fun to see who can find the oldest footage of one or the other using it. Not like it's a completely unique phrase or anything, just something I picked up on.

Williams and Williams participating today!!

This will be on Horse Tracks tomorrow, but I was excited, when I read (at the very end of the article) that both Williamssses (ha ha) were there, and wanted it to be known. Sorry if you already knew or wanted to wait for Horse Tracks and I spoiled it. ( ;

Broncos receive two picks from Tampa Bay for next year's fifth round

Broncos receive two picks from Tampa Bay for next year's fifth round

What incentive did Tampa Bay have to do this? I'm a little lost on this one. Maybe the FO gave Tamba Bay 'first dibs' on whichever QB doesn't make the roster? Can anyone help my understanding this exchange?

My Mockery of the Mock Process

Not really, but catchy title eh? Please do not take offense, I thoroughly understand the reasoning and the fun it can be creating and/or reading mock drafts. However, I am not one who enjoys all...

Vote for Correll Buckhalter for (Fed-Ex) Ground Player of the week!

Good stuff, and well deserved. Let's get him some accolades, eh? Oh yeah, and for Air Player.... Just pick Warner, no need to elevate any Charger's or Raider's ego. ( =

Knowshon up for Rookie of the Week again!!!!

I think last week, Percy Harvin from the Vikings had a 'better' game, in other words, earned the award a bit more than Knowshon, considering the position differences and total accomplishments for those games... BUT, he's not a Bronco, now is he? And I can't tell you how many times I voted the previous three times he's (Moreno) been up. ( = If we vote enough, this will be Knowshon's fourth and the most for any rookie this season so far. From DB.com's blog about it: "Moreno leads all rookies with 182 rushing attempts and 774 rushing yards. For four straight weeks, Moreno has eclipsed 80 yards rushing. His six games with 80 or more rushing yards ties for second among all NFL rookies since 2000."

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