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Born and raised a Broncos fan - lived in Westminster from when I was about 4 years old, until 18, when I moved out.... For the first time, anyway....

The image for my icon was free-hand spraypainted by me (my third time EVER trying to draw the new Bronco head, and have still only painted it that one time) on a cloth canvas that we hung up to keep the neighbor kids from messing with my dog.

Anyway, on to a little about me. In Oct. of 2006, the gas station on Hampden and Federal, which was an Amoco, then a bp, then (still?) Conoco... I was the manager and was meeting and exceeding all expected goals, and my staff and I were continually ignored and uncared about by the new ownership. Long story short - October was when I had the last straw and couldn't find a job that paid enough to what I was currently making, so I moved out to Wichita, KS (oye!) and have been here ever since... It has made me embellish my Bronco-ness at every turn even more, because living with them so close (when I was truly home, in Denver/ SOMEWHERE near the mountains) and having the notion that most the people you run into are going to be Bronco fans (relatively, compared to Chiefs/Cowboys territory out here), so every time I think Broncos, not only is it the preternatural feeling I get from my love of the game and Our team, but it brings me to feeling closer to home... I can more easily pretend I am in some humid cluster of a valley at home in Colorado, it's just that the mountains are invisible, right?

If I was wealthy, I imagine I would literally, live - that is, eat, sleep, and breathe Broncos (and Pearl Jam ; ) and other classic rock) - and be at EVERY game, every year, home and away, AND record every game for my own personal casual viewing. I used to VHS every game, timely pausing and unpausing after and before every play and highlights, respectively... But out here in Wichita, I'm lucky to get five games. But luckily - in case you're ever in Wichita, there's an awesome Broncos Bar called Champ's - the owner, Dennis, is hard core as well - and they get every game, so whenever it's not televised or Us at Arrowhead and me being there, that's where I'll be at game time.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NCAAF Colorado Buffaloes
  • NCAAB Colorado Buffaloes
  • MMA Bruce Lee
  • General Pearl Jam
User Blog

Bar In Golden To Host A Jersey Burning

This idea was mentioned prior - I personally read somewhere about someone planning one the day of the game, in the parking lot of Mile High (which I didn't think needed to be pointed out is ridiculous). However as you can see, this one is the day before the game and obviously authorized by the appropriate authorities. I still can't see just throwing your physical momento of Bronco memories away in this fashion. To each their own, not too big a deal, but fun for some I'm sure. ( =

Pearl Jam homepage - The Fixer song

Just turned on NFL Network and they were playing PJ's new song "The Fixer" as preseason game music!!! On their homepage, you can hear the song.


Philip Rivers... A Comforting Blurb

Saw this on Yahoo, the title of the article is Hilarious in itself, considering what and who it's about.                        "Philip Rivers gets beat by a high schooler, doesn't confiscate...


David Letterman's Top Ten: Ways To piss Jay Cutler off

(disclaimer: This is purely intended for entertainment, I do not represent and am not David Letterman, I didn't really know if I should spell his name wrong on purpose to avoid any issue, or use...


Kyle Orton - A Green, Beatles fan.... Moreso, QB by committee

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXTNeqVvFKw&feature=fvw Ran across this on YouTube and thought it was well worth sharing.

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