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Spring Training Newbie

My dad and I are going to Bradenton for two days from march 14-16th. This being our first time i was hoping to get some input on what to do. I know there is Pirate City and McKechnie Field. I would...

Jordan Staal Returns


He will be back this Saturday against the Jets. Will be Playing with Cooke and Dupuis.


Low Risk & High Reward Short Term Starters Vs. Long Term Edwin Jackson

It is obvious that the Pirates still have money that they can spend this offseason and there are plenty of talented options still available. Yet there has not been even the slightest rumor...


DeJuan Blairs Game Developments Throughout His First 3 seasons

I am a Huge Blair fan due to my strong ties to the City of Pittsburgh and my love of the Pitt Basketball Team/Program. He seems to be a modle citizen and a great teammate, in that he knows...

Letang Fully Cleared


Kris Letang is returning to the Penguins! Although he will not play in tomorrows game, get ready to (hopefully) see #58 in a huge divisional game against the Rags this Thursday.

Carcillo claims Savard bit his finger. Calls him a Coward


So apparently Savard bit Carcillo's finger, and Carcillo called him a coward for doing so. Carcillo states, "Last time I have been bit was in grade school. It's not a good feeling. ... Guys don't bite. Men don't bite," I can not stop laughing....



and he signs...finally. finally Dotel signs



Quote of the week "I've just got to throw myself in the mix, because I know the physical tools and physical skills are there. I need a chance, like last year. I just need somebody to believe I can...


Optimistic About The Pirates

Every Spring before the baseball season starts for the past 5 years i have always been optimistic about the pirates. My dad would laugh at me and all my friends would tell me i am stupid....


Who's Going To Game One?

Just curious to see how many of you guys/ girls are going to tomorrows game and where you are driving from and if you want what section you are sitting. I personally am making an 8 hour tip to the...


Starting 5 pitchers

its early in sping training, but i wanted to start speculating on the starting 5 for the pirates. obviously malholm is a lock for number one. beyond that i would say duke and snell have a pretty...

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