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Notre Dame decided they should change their locker room signage.


Notre Dame decided they should change their locker room signage.


What a Loophole Looks Like

If past discussions on Cam are any indication, some of you have a very difficult time differentiating "rules" from "loopholes". Don't worry, even the venerable Dr. Saturday has trouble with the...


So You Think Our Play-Calling Sucks?

If I had a way to turn comments criticizing our play-calling into nickels, I'd never have to work again.  My glib comment that folks who believe that should send in their resumes is a soundbite...

The Ole Miss Rebel Bears, you say? This is all I can picture when I hear about a rebel bear.


The Ole Miss Rebel Bears, you say? This is all I can picture when I hear about a rebel bear.


Boise's Schedule after Week Two

I'm sure many of you had discussions with folks after last week's games, who believed that Boise's close win over Virginia Tech was indicative of one really good team beating another really good...


Dareus versus Green

I spent some time yesterday chatting with some UGA fans on various sites about Marcell Dareus and A.J. Green. Like many college football fans who have had something taken from them that they felt...


Boise's Schedule: A Comparison

As we prepare to spend the next 14 weeks listening to ESPN (et al.) talk about how brave Boise State is for scheduling two (TWO!!) BCS conference teams, I thought it'd be worth looking to see how...


NCAA 11 RBR XBox360 Dynasty (Update)

Old thread was closed due to age, so I'm opening up a new one! Dynasty Rules The week will be advanced on Monday mornings (or afternoons if I forget), or as soon as each player is ready. 7 minute...

'Bama Fans More Attractive to Women than Barners


As a general proposition, this is probably pretty obvious but now we have SCIENCE to back us up: a world-wide study found that men wearing red are more attractive to women than men in blue. Not included in the study, but probably also relevant: not smelling like cow manure tends to be a plus, too.

SEC partisans will take great glee in warning "You're gonna get hit now, boy," but based on his...


SEC partisans will take great glee in warning "You're gonna get hit now, boy," but based on his career to date, Masoli is immediately the most accomplished signal-caller in the conference going into the season.

Dr. Saturday on Masoli, conveniently forgetting that there's a signal-caller in the SEC who has never lost a game as a starter and might have an accomplishment that Masoli lacks.

Tennessee Titans Sue Kiffin, USC


Looks like Fisher and the Titans are more than a little irked over Kiffin's lack of decorum in hiring away Kennedy Pola days before training camp was due to start.


Quick, Everyone Freak Out About Dareus!

On second thought: please step away from your respective ledges. There's a whole lot of banter in the main thread, but I wanted to put some of the big points in one place for easy reference. First,...


RBR XBox360 Online Dynasty

The season is now underway, so this post will be edited occasionally to keep things up do date. Dynasty Rules The week will be advanced on Monday mornings, or as soon as each player is ready. New...


USC out of the AP and Might Face More NCAA Sanctions

The AP The Coaches Poll announced today that USC, on account of their sanctions, would not be eligible for the 2011 football poll. This isn't exactly news, as it is the AP's poll's policy to remove...

USC to Release Seantrel Henderson


According to Joe Schad, USC is going to do the sensible thing and release the recruit that Kiffin very likely lied through his teeth to land. (h/t to EDSBS)

The New Compliance Arms Race


We've heard nearly endless whining from USC partisans about how expecting high-risk players to receive high-quality monitoring is unfair and bad for everyone. This post from the Bylaw Blog posits a much less insane proposition: that the result of the ruling could be an arms race amongst top-tier Division I programs. It's an interesting read.

Things Get Interesting for Mid-Majors


Utah has been enjoying success in the Mountain West, but can they continue on at that level in the new Pac-10? Will the Utes' success (or lack thereof) impact future conference re-alignment moves...


Another post on the USC Sanctions

RBR's Pete Holiday busts a few myths about the difference in infractions between Alabama's 2002 case and Southern Cal's recent sanctions.

A Pete Carroll to English Translation. Enjoy it before the YouTube cops take it down.


A Pete Carroll to English Translation. Enjoy it before the YouTube cops take it down.


Stay Classy, Alabama

Just a brief reminder as we weight for the hammer to drop on USC today: if you remember being a fan at the beginning of 2002, it shouldn't take much prodding to remember how much being on the...


Reminder regarding the 2010 SEC Schedules

(Note: Not FP'd because this topic has been somewhat beaten to death lately) There's been something of a rash of opposing teams' fans coming out of the woodwork lately to whine about Alabama...

NCAA Ignores its own Precedent, Denies Appeal


I have argued for some time now that the issues that many fans take with the NCAA's handling of infractions cases is not an issue of a hatred for Alabama (or any other school), but of simple...


Florida Cuts Two to Make Scholarship Cap

According to a tweet today by Palm Beach Post writer Ben Volin, the Florida Gators were two scholarships over the 85-player cap as of National Signing Day this year. Ignoring the question of how...

Vote For Kiffin!


Vote for Lane Kiffin in Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive contest. Yes, it's juvenile. No, I don't care. (HT: Her Loyal Sons)


NCAA Balks on Head-Coach-in-Waiting Rule

The NCAA gives Texas and Maryland a monopoly on an advantage that they, themselves, deemed "unfair."


Michigan's NCAA Troubles

I know that the NCAA Committee on Infractions isn't a well-regarded institution around these parts, but I think that they probably get a little more hate than they deserve. For starters we have to...


The NCAA Through Crimson-Colored Glasses

Bumped - This an awesome read from our Friend Pete Holiday from SBN's Roll 'Bama Roll. Thanks Pete! P Understandably, much of USC-centric writing over the past few weeks has been focused on this...

Article Claims 'Bama Ineligible for BCS Title


Just to head this off at the pass, the wording on the bottom of the USA Today poll listings "The AFCA prohibits coaches from voting for schools on major NCAA probation." -- is somewhat sloppily worded. That's not the text of the rule, it's a short-hand explanation of a rule. The actual rule does not refer to probation, but to post-season bans.

Breaking: Clay Travis Still Hates Alabama


Clay Travis isn't concerned by Alabama's academic calendar: he's just upset that the Tide is getting to play for the title at all and can't think of any other way to express it.

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