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For those of you who play fantasy baseball, check out Fangraphs's new fantasy advice/analysis section, featuring David Golebiewski of ESPN Inside Edge and, Marc Hulet of and the blog, Brian Joura of and, and, of course, yours truly.

The Scariest Baseball Player...Ever


In honor of Halloween, I present to you Spook Jacobs. Robert Forrest Vandergrift Jacobs apparently earned the nickname “Spook” because he was a phantom on the...

Gold from Keith Law.


Klawchats may be my favorite thing to read on the internets... Bobby (Detroit): You should be Alexei Ramirez for Halloween SportsNation Keith Law: (1:35 PM ET ) Too easy. Walk around in a black shirt, swinging a baseball bat around but never hitting anything.

Absolutely Awful Managing


Managers Joe Maddon and Charlie Manuel both made big mistakes in the 7th inning of game five.

What Would You Do?


Let's say you're Charlie Manuel or Joe Maddon. How would you manage the rest of Game Five? Keep in mind, technically this is a continuation of yesterday's game, so you couldn't re-insert Cole...

Assessing the 2009 Tampa Bay Rays Bullpen


The Rays had an excellent bullpen in 2008. Their 3.55 bullpen ERA was fifth in baseball (even though Jason Hammel pitched 78 innings in a mop-up role and posted a 4.60 ERA, thereby raising the...

World Series Preview: Tampa Bay Rays vs Philadelphia Phillies


The Rays have weathered every single storm thrown at them – doubt, injuries, losing a pivotal game in which they had a 7-0 lead – and are actually going to the World Series. Meanwhile, we shouldn’t...

Requiem for Mark Ellis


Mark Ellis signed a 2-year deal worth $10-11 million (with options/incentives that could get it to three years and $18 mil) to stay with the Oakland Athletics. Why, Mr. (or Mrs.) Agent of Mark...

Just how improbable was that Red Sox comeback?


WalkOffBalk has a fun win expectancy calculator - just plug in the situation and the score, and it will spit out the number of times the team has won in those circumstances. From 1977-2006,...

Who's Responsible for the Success of the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays?


I’ve heard some people insinuate – or explicitly state – that much of the Rays success this season is inevitable. After all, they’ve been so bad for so long that they’ve accumulated...

Will the Cincinnati Reds be the Surprise of 2009?


The transformation of Tampa Bay from the bottom-feeding Devil Rays to the championship-contending Rays has truly been amazing. Even though some in the sabermetric community saw it coming, the Rays...

ALCS Preview: Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays


The Rays and Red Sox are the two best teams in baseball.Yes, the Angels won 100 games, and John Lackey thinks they were the better team. They weren’t. Yes, it’s very possible that the Phillies or...

NLCS Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers against the Philadelphia Phillies


There are many interesting things to pay attention to during the upcoming series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers, beyond Manny Ramirez leading the Dodgers to the promised...

The Angels, Defense, and Clutch Hitting


"Their achilles heel has been getting the big hit in big situations."This phrase has been espoused by announcers on TBS several times over the course of the Red Sox/Angels series. And it is simply...

CC Sabathia's Performance Has Been Historically Good


  CC Sabathia began the 2008 season terribly. After four starts, the large lefty sported a 13.50 ERA through 18 innings, prompting me (and many others) to wonder what’s wrong. As it turned out,...

What If The Twins Still Had Johan Santana?


We can assume that the Twins would’ve opened the season with a rotation of Johan Santana, Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey, Boof Bonser and Livan Hernandez. Let’s run with this idea.This season for the...

Steve Phillips is the new Joe Morgan


Guy (Chicago): OK, this is a pretty specific request for a prediction, but if you had to pick one player who will have the best postseason this year (a sort of Playoff MVP), who would it be? SportsNation Steve Phillips: The guy to look out for in the playoffs this year is Dustin Pedroia. His consistency this year has been second to none, after a slow start, and he has that ability to elevate his game in big moments without trying to hard. It's a special trait for such a little guy. If the Mets make the playoffs, it will take all the pressure off of them, and they are going to be a tough team to beat, and I suspect that David Wright could have a huge postseason.

Brad Lidge Is Having A Heck Of A Season


After compiling a 3.36 ERA last year, Brad Lidge was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he has thrived, posting a 1.87 ERA this year. Is Lidge’s success a fluke, or is it the beginning of a...

Jeff Francoeur's Awful Season


Jeff Francoeur had some good seasons in his first three years in the majors, hitting 62 homers over two-and-a-half seasons. However, this power was accompanied by nearly unparalleled hacky-ness, as...

Remember Them?


  There are two pitchers in the minors who look like they’re going to have bright futures. Both are right-handed; one is 24, the other is 22. They both have track records of dominating the minors,...

Of Twins and RISP


The Minnesota Twins are clutch. They have managed to hit .314 with runners in scoring position this season, despite hitting .280 overall. Their .314 average with RISP is the highest of any team...

The Success of the Angels: Luck or Skill?


The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are having a fantastic season. They have already sewn up a spot in October and have the best record in baseball. However, much of their success has been predicated...

Fun With Standings


Over at Baseball Prospectus you can find "third order" adjusted standings. Basically, these standings are based upon AEQA - adjusted equivalent average. In other words, how many runs a team...

The Worst Season of Francisco Rodriguez's Career


Don’t let the save totals fool you: this is the worst season of Francisco Rodriguez’s career so far.  (Editor’s note: all statistics are as of September 2) Rodriguez is still having a very good...

Sabathia vs Nolasco


CC Sabathia has been incredible over the last couple of months. So has Ricky Nolasco. Each man had a start on July 28. Here are their respective numbers, dating from that start: On June 10,...

Justin Upton Must Love Arizona


The Diamondbacks are getting ready to activate Justin Upton from the disabled list. Even though he's only 20 years old, Upton has put up a solid line of .242/.353/.433 with 11 homers in 329 plate...

Will The "Joba Rules" Apply Next Year?


You've probably heard of the Joba Rules.Concocted by the Yankees and proliferated by the media, the "Joba Rules" simply were to be very careful with Joba Chamberlain. The Yankees used their young...

What's Wrong With Clay Buchholz?


Clay Buchholz has been quite a disappointment this year. After throwing a no-hitter last September, Buchholz has posted a miserable 6.75 ERA in 76 innings this season, leaving many people wondering...

Is Gavin Floyd Actually Due For Regression?


  Gavin Floyd has been extremely lucky this year. He sports the sixth-lowest BABIP of any starting pitcher (.255), and, not coincidentally, his actual ERA (3.78) has been far lower than his FIP...

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