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19 year old East Coat Cards Fan [ECCF] . I've been a Zona fan since 2000, so please don't call me a bandwagon.
Sup Tweeps?: @peterhornig

Beanie and D.Wash are the truth
Fitz Is the best in the biz
PSquared (Patrick Peterson) is a monsterrrr

I live in washington DC . Mom is from New-York, Pops is from Cleveland.
Been a true fan for all my teams.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Miami Heat
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NCAAB Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NHL Washington Capitals
User Blog

Daryl Washington Highlights from last year


Thought you guys might enjoy this.. had time in between classes so I whipped this up rather quickly. Enjoy. Share with fellow cards fans if you like it.

A good write up on QB Tyler Bray


A good write up on a fellow SB nation page on Tyler Bray. Thought I'd share for those of you who are intrigued by the kid.

DRC a Cardinal... again?


There has been a lot of speculation over what the Philadelphia Eagles are going to do at the CB position this offseason, given the return of both of their 2012 starters is not a given: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is an impending free agent, and Nnamdi Asomugha is a candidate for release based upon his contract.

Our O-Line could be in a lot better shape than most of you think


Our O-Line could be in a lot better shape than most of you think

#PRAYFORBRAY - Why i think we should draft Tyler Bray in the upcoming draft.


#PRAYFORBRAY - Why i think we should draft Tyler Bray in the upcoming draft.


Cardinals NEED a "Franchise" QB

I am writing this on my iPhone, so I apologize if it isn't formatted nice and neatly. The Cardinals NEED a franchise QB it's as simple as that. You can take your "All O-line drafts" or "Draft...


What is goin' on?!?!

I tried to do my best to refrain from being active on ROTB and blowing the Fanposts up with rants/hypotheticals. After watching the JOKE that we like to call our "offense" play... I'm letting loose...


Game Tape: RBs poor play

After another heart stopping performance from the #CardiacCards, I decided to pop in the game tape and break down what I saw from our RBs. So here are some stats I put together of each RB, when...


Its time somebody hits the panic button and we start the "Pray for Bray" campaign!

So after assessing our QB & O-Line situation these last few games, we have to tear it down and start back over. Unless the play of both positions dramatically improve, we are potentially looking...


Levi Brown - Out for at least 3 months

Levi Brown is out at least 3 months,and could miss the rest of the season with the triceps injury. What are our options? I know our line is nothing special lol but this is a big hit as he was one...


Corn on the Kolb - A humble brag.

Kolb VS. Skelton has and will be the talk for the rest of the preseason. From the looks of it Skelton is edging out Kolb for the starting spot this year, and I hope he does. Below are a few of my...

ADUB Highlight - Inspired by the zoom episode


ADUB Highlight - Inspired by the zoom episode

Had some free time the other night, so i threw together a Skelton highlight for all the Kolb haters...


Had some free time the other night, so i threw together a Skelton highlight for all the Kolb haters and Cards fans in general. i am working on getting the audio approved.

A Highlight tape of Beanie Wells I put together last night.


A Highlight tape of Beanie Wells I put together last night.


Week 11: Cardinals have the most expensive backup QB EVER!

I know I'm a "Kolb Hater" but here is a break down on why Skelton is a better option at QB for the Cardinals going forward:   Before I start the comparison, I want a moment of silence for ALL of...



He was the answer to our prayers! A QB, whos name wasn't Derrick Anderson,Matt Leinart, Max Hall, or John Skelton. A QB who had so much hype around him, yet there were 6 maybe 7 games to his name....


Beanie Wells blows up Cedric Griffin & Kolb side note

I've been searching and searching for a video of this play, as i went nuts while watching it live (Even if we were getting our asses kicked: "Beanie Wells came around the corner, looked at Vikings...


Is it just me....?

Is it just me.... or do any of you guys find this disgusting? 


Does anybody know what number P Squared will be wearing?

I cant seem to find any information that indicates what number Patrick Peterson plans on wearing.   I want a Peterson Jersey asap!  Another thing Im wondering is: What will Kolb do about  #4? Is he...


FanPost: A Question Of QB Hype -- Who Should Start In 2011 For Cardinals?

One fan poses the question for Cardinals fans -- who should be the 2011 starting quarterback?


On the clock: Arizona Cardinals

Everybody has their own opinion on what we should do with our 5th overall selection this upcoming draft, and I was wondering what players or position you guys think we should use it on.


I'll make this one short

I know its only mid way through the 3rd qtr, but up until this point.... Why do we look so bad? Why are our offensive and defensive calls so bland? We probably just aren't inspired and upset this...


Our Options

Whenever I see a team is willing to deal a QB, or let him go to FA almost every time the Arizona Cardinals are listed as one of the teams interested. And these are the players I'm going to talk...


Skelton: Good vs Bad

After Skelton's game winning drive stirred things up with everyones thoughts on our QB situation Here are some things to think about:


So much for being optimistic

So after optimistically thinking we could win out and make something of this season..... The Carolina game happened.... I will continue my post after the jump...


Realistically speaking...

Realistically speaking, we can/should win out the rest of our games. We play @Carolina, VS Dallas, and @SanFran. Knowing us we will probably drop one due to an overall bad performance by the team,...

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