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The karma gods showed plenty of spite reincarnating me in the state of Minnesota--I hate cold weather. Given I haven't done anything about it yet, I continue to make the best of life here in the tundra. Blogging is avocation for me, and I continue to have a love/hate relationship with sports. There's nothing as poetic as an athlete competing at a skill level beyond the reach of many; there's nothing as disappointing as to see rampant greed and excessive capitalism destroy a gift meant for all classes of society. Alternately lampooning and celebrating sports is what I do best; we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

My blogging motto: Arrogance isn't pretty, but it can be funny.

I'm slightly older than the average blogger, although you'll see signs of immaturity in my prose. I'm married and putting a daughter through college, so I bring a certain middle age perspective to this whole endeavor. Wealth, success and fame do not automatically translate into competence, and I feel it's important to articulate that as we follow our favorite teams. Everyone is flawed; the next step in evolution is to acknowledge that and succeed despite of it. Stop the hero worship!

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User Blog

Back by Miniscule Demand - Diary of a, Coaching Genius


Another journal entry from the personal diary of Kevin McHale.

A Big Trade and Fond Farewell


Looks like the Pistons finally shook up their team...from the AP: DETROIT (AP) -- The Detroit Pistons shook the NBA in a big way Monday -- landing former MVP Allen Iverson from the Denver...

Splitting the Difference


Comments about last night's Timberwolves victory over the Sacramento Kings.


Game Thread: Opening Night!

Different uni's, different court, Tonight we'll continue the great Wolves rebuilding experiment. Game Notes: 7:00 pm, Target Center vs Sacramento Kings TV: KSTC-45 Radio:...

Love lost 15 pounds to impress NBA scouts before the draft by changing his eating habits and...


Love lost 15 pounds to impress NBA scouts before the draft by changing his eating habits and working out constantly. When he was invited to practice with the U.S. Olympic team in Las Vegas in July, he noticed the chiseled physiques of Carlos Boozer and Dwight Howard. Love put most of those 15 pounds back on during a summer spent traveling and making promotional appearances, and he admits he wishes he would have reported to training camp in better shape.

Jerry Zgoda - Star Tribune Reporting on K-Love's "Learning Curves".

Basketball Browser Sunday...Connecting the Dots


An analysis of Sunday, October 26th basketball news as it relates to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Buck Stoppers


Summary of last night's final preseason game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks.

Swing and a Miss


An overview of last night's preseason game between the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Our First Real Win...


Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images I've been watching Sacramento--our first regular season opponent--over the last couple of preseason games, and all I have to say is: what happened to THAT club? As...

The Night Chicago Died


Photo credit: Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images Well, it IS only preseason, but suffice it to say that if the Wolves played the entire game like they did the first quarter, the tone of this post...

Notes from the Bunker...


Let me the last week and a half I've lost serious investment money, heard some KTLK radio maroons claim Magic Johnson faked AIDS, saw some lady from Shakopee insist to John McCain that...

Shaddy Logic


While the Shaun Livingston watch has now been renewed (really, when has more effort been made on a third point/combo guard?), let's roll back to Monday's "10 Questions Facing the Wolves" article...

Tundra Realities


Livingston's apparent decision to go elsewhere is an important reality check for the Wolves, in their strategy to manage the cap for a future free-agent run. Dudes, it's cold up here!!! And,...

Diary of a Madman - Training Camp Edition


Journal Entry - September 24, 2008 I'm excited, Glen's excited, heck, I think even Shooter Walters over at the Pi Press is excited about this season. Not to separate my shoulder by patting...

Even Grating Players Need Help...


Celtics in the land of Bush, pre-Financial Market Bailout plan (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Just to get everyone's juices flowing on a Monday, here's the 1,765,893.343th quote from...

Mid-Season Musings (A peek into the future)


"From Midwest Sports, excerpts from an interview with Randy Wittman, head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. After 41 games, the team is last in the Northwest Division, at...

What About Foye?


Okay, so we've all defended Bassy in the last thread; what of our dear, should-have kept-Brandon Roy-combo guard? Not quite apples to apples because of injury, but here are basic stat...

Mr. Livingston, I Presume?


It's amazing how today's news gets delivered, but coming from HoopsHype via Yahoo Sports, it looks like the Blazers, Heat and Timberwolves are competing for the services of Shaun Livingston, the...

Coach's Challenge


  Paul Forrester of CNNSI had a good breakdown of the challenges and prospects facing the eight new NBA coaches this year. I thought it might be good to profile our own head wizard in a similar...

As Summer do the Lynx


David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images With the NBA training camps within sight, it's time to bid a fond farewell to the Lynx, who won last night, lost it's two best players to injury, and again failed...

An Early Mock Draft via Hoops Hype


With the 3rd pick in the 2009 draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select...Demar DeRozan, a 6-6 Freshman SG from USC. Hmm...if we pick third again in next year's draft, I think it would be a significant letdown. Randy Wittman probably will be fired, and McHale will say it was someone else's fault.

Miller's Impact


I haven't seen any recent surveys on the subject, but I have to believe that most Wolves fans like the addition of Mike Miller, regardless of the OJ Mayo/Kevin Love exchange. The Iron Ranger has...

Begging for Forgiveness


Okay, I admit it, I get bored in August and early September, especially when there's not much going on. After the USA'ers took dual gold, I concentrated on my A-job, and getting my kid out the...



(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Finally, a competitive men's basketball game. If anyone doubted the need for three point or outside shooting acumen during this Olympic tournament, please replay the...

Tough Day for the Aussies


(Photo credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images) Ouch. When two of your best players--Penny Taylor and Lauren Jackson--are dinged coming into the Gold Medal game against the USA juggernaut, the margin...

Diary of a Madman - Part III


Kevin's Journal - Wednesday August 20th New uni's, a great draft with Kevin Love, dumped some players with HUGE contracts (gotta find out who signed Jaric in the first place!), resigned my own...

Spain Runs out of Gasol


I'd be yelling too if my team got beat this bad... Photo credit: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images So much for better competition. This time, it wasn't just the defense, but the superior three...

USA's Grecian Formula


(Photo credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images) As in any other type of basketball, if you turn the ball over 25 times, your chance of losing increases. Exponentially. USA's blowout of Greece--thought...

Good, But Not Great


(Photo credit: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images) Question: When is a win by 31 points NOT impressive? One answer can be found in today's USA Men's Basketball victory over China. USA's defensive...

Olympic Kudos and Controversies


  Check out the Aussie Uni's!!! USA Basketball started out with a bang this morning (or evening, if you're in Beijing), with the women handing out a 40 point drubbing to the Czech Republic,...

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