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2014 Bulls Offseason: A Kevin Love Proposal

Enough words have been written about Carmelo Anthony becoming a Bull this summer. I wish to focus on a different superstar who may be available. This superstar is younger and more efficient than...


Completely Biased End-of-Season Awards

Here's my vote for the awards as we come to a close on this season. MVP 1. Kevin Durant 2. LeBron James 3. Joakim Noah 4. Blake Griffin 5. Stephen Curry This one is easy, right? I don't...

Stop Talking, Neil


This was several days ago, but the lesson, as always, don't listen to Neil Funk. Derrick is "not close" to practicing as of this week, yet Neil is blind to facts and reason. And also who's on the court.


Welcome to The Jimmer--A BYU Student's Perspective

Jimmer Fredette is now a Bull. The Jimmer and I have a special relationship. You see, as a homesick college freshman three years ago, I was quite depressed that my address suddenly changed from...

no break 'til Brooklyn


The Bulls host their pals the Brooklyn Nets in their final game before the All-Star break.


Is Joakim Noah the Best Center in the NBA?

Let's break it down. First, let's make a list of all the centers who should be considered. For this exercise, I will make completely arbitrary decisions as to who is and is not considered a center...

Managing the Luxury Tax


Thank goodness we traded Teague. For so many reasons.


2014 USA FIBA Team

Here's who I think (if everyone is healthy--including Rose and Westbrook) should be on the 2014 FIBA Team. Starters PG Derrick Rose SG James Harden SF Kevin Durant PF Kevin Love C Dwight...


2013-2014 Season Predictions

Who's ready for controversy? I am! Because I want everyone on BaB to know just how wrong I am so you can make fun of me 7.5 months from now, I am posting my predictions for this season below. ...

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