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A 3rd generation Reds fan. Favorite of all time: Chris Sabo.

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Reds to be part of Competitive Balance Lottery in 2013


Small-market, low-revenue teams to get chance at extra picks...

Off Day Forward: Petey's Big Bang Theory Promo


Wanna see what Petey does? It's pretty sweet.

Astros fan wins 315 free donuts, $237 tax bill.


Theres' no such thing as a free breakfast. In the end, this guy was told to pay $237 tax on the eight donuts he collected from the prize. This story features an unrelated picture of Paul O'Neill with a donut on a plate. Good times.

Jim Edmonds Seriously Injured in Auto Collision


Hit-and-Run Car Accident Causes Critical Injury Recently-retired Major League Baseball player Jim Edmonds was critically injured in a Los Angeles car accident, which officials say, involved a hit-and-run driver. According to a City News Service report, the major injury collision occurred on Victory Boulevard near Fulton Avenue the night of March 31, 2011. Officials say a dark colored sedan was heading west on Victory Boulevard when it struck a man who was walking on the street. Officials are still looking into whether the man was attempting to cross the street or walking along the side of the roadway. He was apparently a few feet away from the crosswalk. The driver left the scene. No further description of the suspect or vehicle is available. Anyone with information about this accident is asked to contact LAPD at 818-644-8000. My heart goes out to the critically injured victim of this hit-and-run car accident, who is apparently fighting for his life. I pray that he makes it through these injuries and goes on to make a complete recovery. He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Leaving the Scene of a Car Accident Based on this news report, the dark colored sedan struck the pedestrian. The driver did not even stop to look at what happened. He or she simply sped away from the scene leaving the severely injured Edmonds lying on the roadway. California Vehicle Code Section 20001 (a) states: "The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to a person, other than himself or herself, or in the death of a person shall immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident." If you have any information about this incident, the driver or the suspect vehicle, please visit our dedicated hit-and-run website at www.hitandrunreward.com to find out how you can leave an anonymous tip and become eligible to receive a $1,000 reward. This website is a part of our effort to partner with the community and hold these hit-and-run drivers accountable. Pedestrian Accidents According to California Highway Patrol's 2008 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) 104 people died and 2,716 were injured in pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles. Also, countywide, pedestrian accidents claimed 214 lives and injured 4,985 people during the same year.

Cueto injury?


Consequences of Cueto injury? This is a development that could create some havoc with the Reds rotation. Johnny Cueto left his Saturday start vs. the Rockies after only one inning. Cueto was supposed to throw 50-60 pitches over 3-4 innings. You may recall that Cueto exited his March 11 vs. TEX after two innings because of stiffness in his forearm and biceps. After a couple of days off and having his next start pushed back, he has been long tossing. In his one inning, Cueto allowed two earned runs and three hits with no walks and one strikeout. He hit leadoff batter Seth Smith before giving up three-straight singles and a one-out sacrifice fly. Cueto exited the ballpark to see a doctor and said he would speak later.

Young 'misled' by Rangers, wants trade


The Michael Young saga went public for the first time Monday, though neither Texas Rangers officials nor the six-time All-Star described how they got to the point where a trade appears to be the only way to resolve their differences. Rotowire (subscription) says: Young requested a trade several years back when he was asked to move to third base for Elvis Andrus, but this request seems to have more bite to it. Texas management has indicated that would attempt to accommodate Young's request, but Young's contract allows him to be dealt to just eight teams (St. Louis, Minnesota, Houston, Colorado, San Diego, Yankees, Angels and Dodgers) which will make finding a trade partner more difficult.

Former Red Royce Clayton cast as Miggy in MONEYBALL movie


Clayton poured himself into the part, and spent several weeks cultivating a Spanish accent in an attempt to make the character believable. "The guys found it hilarious," Clayton said. "I'd come in every day for two months saying, 'Hey you guys. We gonna win to-day!' and all this other good stuff in the same [Latin] accent."


SIS - 3 Artists, 3 Songs

I'd like to take a moment to ask about a seriously important and omnipresent subject here at Red Reporter: music.

Why the Cards will be meh for 4 more years


Here's the main body: Deal the Cards: An unhappy ending to the Cardinals' once-promising season is right over the horizon. But there are forces at work that make it tough to look at what happened to this team as just One of Those Years. "I look at that team, and I don't get it," said one NL exec. "At the end of the day, they've got two aces in the rotation [Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright] and a third guy [Jaime Garcia] who could be the rookie of the year. They have the best player in the game [that Albert Pujols dude]. … And it's hard to find a better group in the 3-4-5 holes than Pujols, [Matt] Holliday and [Colby] Rasmus. They haven't had their key guys hurt. So they're just not clicking on all cylinders, and I'm not sure why. I don't get it." What makes this troublesome is that this is going to be the structure of the team for years to come, assuming they give Pujols his $300 million to stick around. He, Holliday, Carpenter, Wainwright and Garcia would then be signed, and in place to serve as the core of this team, through at least 2012. So considering that just those core players could be raking in close to $80 million a year by 2012 among the five of them, the best description the same exec could come up with for this roster template -- especially for a franchise with a 2010 Opening Day payroll of $93.5 million -- is "top-heavy." "If you're locked in at those dollars for those guys, you've got to win with that," he said, "because it's going to be them and a surrounding cast built with a lot of low-dollar guys. So you're at the mercy of those guys performing and staying healthy -- because if they go down or don't perform, you can't replace them."

I hit Vegas hard this weekend, but stopped in to see how Pete was doing. When I snapped this...


I hit Vegas hard this weekend, but stopped in to see how Pete was doing. When I snapped this picture, he was watching a horse race actively when he glanced down to see what he was signing.

Classy Cardinals Reprise! I hope to construct a music video montage of classy St. Louis Cardinal...


Classy Cardinals Reprise! I hope to construct a music video montage of classy St. Louis Cardinal moments, perhaps setting it to Mariah Carey's "Hero." Please take a moment to find the classiest incidents in recent Cardinal history, and link to an article covering the event, or video or pictures if you can find them. And if you just have a ridiculous photo of a recent Cardinal, please post a link here to the highest resolution image you can find. I think we can all learn from such a classy organization. Let's give it a try.

A Vin Scully anecdote from last night...


A Vin Scully anecdote from last night...

Vin amazes me how he always manages to have a story or tidbit about the Reds that I've never heard before. Last night he reminded me that Paul Janish not only Tommy John surgery, but it was due to a collision in Dayton. I don't think I knew that. And while I'm typing this, my son put on a spring training game vs. the Dodgers where Scully informs us that Brandon Phillips' father was a wide receiver. Good stuff! But the anecdote that killed me last night was about a game at Riverfront Stadium in the late 1980s. Reds owner Marge Schott was letting her dog, Schottzie, run all over the field, no doubt pooping up to her reputation. Marge went into the visitors dugout to chat with Tommy Lasorda. An anonymous Dodger saw Marge and her dog, and decided to have a little fun. He slipped into the clubhouse, and came back out with a Baby Ruth candy bar hidden in his glove. As he ran out to the outfield, he secretly dropped it near third base. Soon afterward, he made a big commotion as he came in from the outfield so as to attract Marge's attention. Then he leaned down, picked up the candy bar, and took a healthy bite. Marge turned, horrified toward Tommy and said, "That boy's gonna be real sick!" They later let Marge and Tommy in on the joke. From Marge's quote, I can only assume that the player was black. ;)

ESPN: Aroldis Chapman about to frustrate NL hitters


"Cincinnati general manager Walt Jocketty said Wednesday evening that he probably will have a discussion with Reds manager Dusty Baker this week about whether and when to promote Chapman..." who "was clocked at 103 mph in the ninth inning the other night -- twice"



Yeah, today is getting pretty darned boring already. So, unless the mods shut us down, let's post some reasonably-sized pictures of Reds folks past and present (players and front office welcome,...



"You never know what you're going to get out of the bullpen." It was something my father would often nervously say when the starting pitcher was being yanked for a reliever. There was wisdom...

James Gammon, played Lou Brown in 'Major League,' dies at 70


He's gone to the heavens to talk to a guy about some whitewall tires.

Marty! Yahoo takes a shot at the Cubs!


"Another popular myth is that "Back to the Future Part II" predicted the Florida Marlins winning a World Series long before there was a team in Miami. This is also false, because, well, it's not 2015 yet and the Cubs would have to win -- which, if statistics hold, will likely never happen."

Yonder Alonso promoted to AAA


Alonso was hitting .267/.388/.406 at Double-A Carolina. He'll continue to play both left field and first base at Louisville.

Runner does front flip to avoid catcher tag!!!


Amazing! With score tied at 9 in the bottom of the 8th and bases loaded,...

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