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Back in the Burgh after living in Ohio and Chicago. It's good to be back.

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The story(s) of the first 20 games.

There are some good things in our first 20 games this year. Tabata and Correia are the obvious ones. What's your favorite story? Mine is Overbay. Not what I wanted to start the season, but...


Phantaskippy's top ten playoff QB's of all time.

Yeah I finished it.  Have fun.   Rational:   This list does not include the Wow factor of how great a player is, or my personal assessment of their talent level. It doesn't matter if I think...


The problem of the 4th quarter comeback and game winning drive.

I'm working on a best playoff QB ranking that is taking a lot more time than I originally thought.  Mainly because I want to really look at the stats and delve into them more than just throw...


My Manifesto on the NFL lockout. It's time to act.

Time is running out on getting a new CBA done with the full season intact.  That doesn't seem like it will happen, the union, the players, the reporters all saying it while the owners keep quiet.


A toast to some Steeler players from the SB.

Big Ben; your a throwback to days gone by, you throw two big picks to kill your team then put them right back in the hunt, you get hurt and play big, throw yourself around and generally do anything...


My thoughts on the game.

Hines Ward:  So glad to see him get a TD, if you read my post from earlier this week you remember Hines hadn't caught a TD vs. the Ravens since 2004.  That TD was worth waiting for, a tough...


A look at the Ravens and Steelers series from the goal line's perspective.

Just for fun I started looking at our players and their career numbers against the Ravens.  Something stood out.  Then I looked at the Ravens stats, and something stood out there too.  Not that...


So true you have to believe it.

So we face the Baltimore Ravens in the Playoffs.  Been there before.  In fact we've never lost to the Ravens in the Playoffs.  We are 2-0 vs. the rat birds when it really counts, and won one...


Steeler's vs. Saints reaction time fun post.

Why I am angry about this loss: 1. The Steelers lost. Why I should not be angry about this loss: 1. We held the Saints to 20 points.  Seriously, don't blame Dick Lebeau's defense for holding the...

Stefan Logan Kickoff return TD!

Just happy he finally got one. Was a nice run too. Good for him and Detroit.


Quick thoughts from the game.

houghts on the game.


Goodbye Worthington.

The Steelers released Doug Worthington from the Practice Squad and signed Al Woods. Al Woods was a fourth round pick by the Saints that they cut with some not so nice explanation from Sean Peyton....

AFC North preview (Onion)

A great and objective analysis of the teams in our division.


Looking at the schedule

I was over scouting the Falcoholics blog, and saw a post that showed their schedule and the opponents game before the match-up. I really liked the idea, so I stole it.  This being a Steelers blog...


Steelers offensive roster: Preseason counts edition.

From what we've seen this preseason, here's the roster decisions the Steelers should make, if they really have the guts.

Dhani Jones on play calling duties.

go to 21 minutes in. Dhani Jones talks about the duties of play calling for the defense. Thought this was good stuff with all the debate about Farrior going on.

Grade your team's draft thread.

  Just throwing this out here as a place for everyone to give a short explanation and grade for their teams draft. So let us know what you think of your team's effort.


What I think about this offseason so far.

About Mike Tomlin: 1.  Tomlin wants competition, at every position.  Bring in vets to compete with young guys, let the best player win the job.  I have a feeling he has no trouble parting with...


Big Ben Tuesdays

Tired of all the non-Ben talk, well just hold out till Tuesday.  Supposedly that is when he will be suspended according to this article from Yahoo Sports.


Steelers Offense

Holmes is gone.  Whether we like it or not that is a major impact to our offense.  Holmes was the defenses #1 concern, who gets that now?  Wallace looked good, but can he step in and be a...


Drafting, taking chances, Tebow.

The NFL draft is a crap shoot.  Sure things turn into busts and low round picks everyone overlook turn into All-Stars.  More often than not high picks are better than low, but there's no exact...


Who gets the Ball?

Jump so the cell phone using irradiated government brainwashed masses can read it

Russell Okung beasting it up.

38 reps, 36'' arms, and he was already projected top ten to top five by a ton of people. Way to ensure your big payday buddy. Also how about Capers, 19 reps, that is sad, QB's do that. Somebody isn't in the weight room doing bench presses.


The disappointment line.

At this point in the year, I thought I'd see what people's expectations are for the Pirates this year, by asking where your disappointment line is.  Where is the line for you that if the Pirates...


Another Pitt fan talking about Blair.

Hello, Was super pumped when the Spurs drafted Blair.  Few teams are set up to use him as well, with coaching and roster and such. I'm wondering not just what you guys think of him, that is easy...


A rational explanation for the collapse?

This is my opinion, and I would love to have more information to back it up, but here goes: I think the problem with our defense this year is three fold, a sort of perfect storm.  First, we have a...


Blame the Rooneys!

(Just because we're talking about the Rooneys and because I know for a fact that people in the organization will see this that might not get the sarcasm up front, I'm adding this little addendum...


The Steelers offense vs the Bengals, a look at each down.

With all the debate going on over the offense, and me not able to sleep I decided to look at the play by play for the Steelers offense. Decided to break it down focusing on 1st down running plays...


How the Browns beat the Steelers.

Just laying out a scenario.   Aaron Smith is out.  Troy is out.  The Browns best aspect of their team is the O-Line.  They pull what Detroit did the second half the whole game, control the ball...


Joe Namath and John Elway

Both say they like to watch Ben because he extends plays, has fun, and wins. Click Here for Article Dan Marino almost complains about guys running around too much. Too bad Montana wasn't there, he...

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