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An interesting article detailing rebuilding I would've liked to hear from more coaches that weren't from Hayden Fry's coaching tree,...

Questions about the Rocky Mountain Showdown


Here are my questions about the Rocky Mountain Showdown. #GoBuffs

Shane Callahan has returned home

OL Shane Callahan has transferred back to Your CU Buffs. Here's how it impacts Colorado

The Offtopic- Kit Kats around the world


We all like snacks, so let's determine that the US is better at snacks that all other countries. To hell with the World Cup- we've got snacks.


It's time for another Ralphie Report Fundraiser

This time, we're supporting the CU Spirit Squad- cheerleaders, dance squad, and Chip. They're trying to go to camp. So we need to support them. Pick your performer, but the Ralphie Report is...

Your Colorado Buffaloes are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Colorado defeated Arizona State 13-12 to finish the season on top.

Welcome to the Final Four, Buffs fans

After two tough games, your Buffs are on to the semifinals. Let's get caught up

Colorado Buffaloes - your 2014 RMLC Champions

For the first time in over 20 years, your Colorado Buffaloes have captured a conference championship in men's lacrosse.

The Sisyphean Fate of Colorado Basketball

With the announcement that Spencer Dinwiddie will declare for the NBA draft, CU will continue to struggle to make a bold step forward on the larger basketball stage.

Let's get ready for the lacrosse playoffs

Let's Go Buffaloes! CU are the RMLC champs, and will move on to the RMLC tournamet and MCLA tournament

Ralphie Report Field Trip - Back To Boulder


If you couldn't be there, here is a comprehensive look at the last weekend in Colorado lacrosse.

EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: Tad Boyle Is Not Going To UT

Will Tad Boyle be the next coach at Tennessee? The internet says it is a definitive maybe! But we have the answers, so get your clicking finger ready, because you'll want to read our exclusive scoop.

The Red Hot Buffs hit the Bay Area

It may be a club sport, but your Colorado Buffaloes are making a run at a national championship. Let's go Buffs!

A Colorado Men's Lacrosse Season Update

You are suffering from withdrawals from CU sports. We are here to provide you with your sports methadone.

What led the Buffaloes to this point?

The topic de jour is "an event/play/game that led to your team being where they are today." The answer from a Colorado fan would be a resounding DUH.


My shoutout out to Will Whelan

Today we lose a good one, as fellow CU writer (and Mullen alum) William Whelan moves on from and on to a new life, back in his native Bay Area as a coach for the Oakland Soldiers...

Go Vote For Ralphie


It says Chip, but we all know that Ralphie > Chip

What will Collier and Miller bring to the Buffs?

We’ve often talked about what the team would look like without Spencer Dinwiddie. That’s depressing. Now let’s look at how the team will look like with Tory Miller and Dominique Collier. That’s...

Preparing for life after Spencer Dinwiddie

It's going to happen, so let's get it over with - Preparing for life after Spencer Dinwiddie

The Ralphie Report Field Trip To Pauley Pavilion

Have you been to the iconic arena? Probably not. So let us take you on a magical journey. Also, we got our asses kicked.

Finally! We start lacrosse season #GoBuffs


Here is a poorly written season preview of the Red Hot Buffs men's lacrosse team


An update on Emily Talley and The Big Break

Checking in with the Buffalo.

Live Game Thread- Colorado vs. UC-Santa Barbara


CU vs UCSB live game thread

A CU Lacrosse Wrap Up


Let's all support the CU men's lacrosse team!

Richardson calls out Buffs fans


Why don't students turn out? Paul Richardson makes a request

Welcome to Ralphie Report Lacrosse!


It's football season! It's basketball season! It's duck season! It's Wabbit season! No, it's lacrosse season

PAC-12 Media Day Deja Vu


If you missed it or just want to enjoy it again, here are Spencer Dinwiddie and Tad Boyle answering questions at Pac 12 Media Day

TRR Saturday Selections: Picking the Winners?


Do you enjoy gambling (for entertainment purposes only)? If so, here's a thing to read and then discard, as I am terrible at gambling

Season Tickets for CU Mens Basketball Are Sold Out

Were you waiting to order your season tickets for CU men's basketball? Tough luck, procrastinator, because they're all sold out.

Should College Athletes be Paid?


Should athletes get paid? Weigh in in the comments

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