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We finally did it you guys - we're Hyper Elite

Nike has finally succumbed to my internet bitchery, and granted us our rightful place in their Hyper Elite jersey pantheon

Welcome To Football- Here's A Chart Of Depth

You have waited for months, slogging through boring things like baseball and family, but your waiting is over, for it is game week, and with it the accoutrements normally associated with a new...

Offtopic in the Ralphie Report Film Room


Things are heating up! Fall camp is in full swing, there's lots of content from media day, so let's talk about some movies! Wait, what?

Whither The Remains Of The Rocky Mountain Showdown

Should the Rocky Mountain Showdown continue. Yes! Or No! Maybe?

Completing the fundraiser and picking a winner

Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have completed our fundraising drive for Ralphie, and donated $1550 to her cause, which will help "cover the care, maintenance and future of the program....

Here it is, our preseason all Pac 12 team! Finally

You've been waiting with baited breath for who one guy thinks should make up the All Pac 12 preseason team, along with awards. Well your long national nightmare is over, because here it is!

Colorado AD Asks to Cut 10% From Each Program

In a scary but not unexpected move, all athletic programs at Colorado are asked to cut 10% from budgets that are already cut to the bone. Also there's a weird chicken analogy

Welcome to the league, Andre Roberson!

In somewhat of a surprise, Colorado Forward Andre Roberson was drafted by, um, someone, and traded to someone else. I don't know, this is crazy (It's the Thunder, though). #GoB

Buffs in the NBA and bacon candy- The Offtopic


The Offtopic returns, with a eulogy on Big Break Mexico, an update on our fundraiser, talk about basketball, a discussion about terrible vs. slightly less disgusting fast food, and the first...

We did it, you guys! Now let's add a twist ending!


We succeeded in reaching our goal of $1000, so now we can reveal our twist! DUN DUN DUN. Actually, we just found out today, but shut up already. You can still donate!

The Ralphie Report Does Phil-anthropy.


If you were wondering if there is an end to my Phil Related terrible puns- there is not.

Meet Me at the Crossroads: Where to Go After Bohn


Where does the Colorado Athletic Department go after Mike Bohn?

Offtopic: Big Break Week 2! (Plus other stuff)


Welcome back to the Sporadic Offtopic, where we'll break down the latest installment of Big Break Mexico, look at a new QB sort of, and review some movies I saw- 1 big and 1 little.

The Offtopic Gets Deep On Some Golf and Big Break


It's doldrums time for CU sports. We're all hunkered down and eating canned hobo beans. But hark! A savior has come! Let's all cheer Emily Talley as she makes her way through Big Break Mexico on...

Weekly Offtopic: Requiem for a Hashtag


Saying good by to a legend, telling Kickstarter that it's stupid, and the best movies about sports. feel free to have a different opinion, as long as you realize that your opinion is stupid and wrong.

Things that are boring (not the Offtopic!)


Let's all talk about things that I find boring, or why Joe Lunardi is stupid, Patton Oswalt's amazing riff on Star Wars, and Trance- Danny Boyle's fantastic new film... in The Offtopic!

So much investigative journalism in the Offtopic!


Do you like sub-mediocre gimmick tacos? What about paying college players, tennis, or basketball transfers? Well then you're in luck, because we're talking about all of those things. Don't like...

Let's Talk Buffs Spring Depth Chart Bayby

Let's talk about the new CU depth chart. You know you want to.

The Curious Case Of Andre Roberson

Let's discuss the positives and negatives of Andre Roberson returning to school.

Will Tad Boyle Leave? No, Not Gonna Happen

The annual coaching carousel has begun in college basketball and we must again beat back the notion of Tad Boyle leaving

Weekly OT: Stop Lying, Your Bracket Is Terrible


CU suffered a rough weekend in their sports, so let's talk about movies, TV, celebrities... anything else. Literally any other thing. Also featuring a mariachi punk band!

Weekly OT: What is the second best N64 game?


Welcome to our weekly discussion of things. This week, things tangentially related to the NCAA Tournament. Brackets! Jokes! Making fun of our rivals!

Should you go watch tennis? Yes, yes you should


In which I took a field trip to watch the CU women's tennis team play

The Weekly OT: Spring Practice Begins


We all like our sports, but sometimes we also like other things, like music, incredibly stupid movies, and open air massages. Come join us for this very important discussion.

Phil Here - How You Guys Doin'?


Introducing the newest contributor- me (Phil)


Phil's Bites

So if you don't know why the unemployment rate is so high, I'm here to answer that for you- it's because Woods has literally all of the jobs. With that in mind, I'm here to alleviate some of the...


I Hate Those Stupid Big Heads

Let's just get this out of the way right now- I am a crotchety old man. This likely comes as no surprise. I have been a crotchety old man for quite some time, even before I was old. I don't like...


Breaking Down The Mills Shake Video

By now you've all seen The Mills Shake video. If not, then go click that clicky I just posted (ed note: embedded below - JW). Seriously, don't be a jerk, we'll wait... ...Okay, now that...


Pac-12 Punchability Scale

So during the game against Oregon, I posed a hypothetical question: EJ Singler- punchable? or MOST punchable? This is not the first time I have wondered this question. It actually flashes...

Video of Dustin Thomas


Finally! We've got highlights of our third basketball signee. And frankly, it's the most impressive. I love how under control he seems to be all of the time, and he has Kevin Love-like outlet passing instincts (OK, maybe that's hyperbole)

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