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Post Your Hawk: Week 6

Seattle Seahawks (2-2) vs. Chicago Bears (4-1) Seattle Injuries: Dexter Davis DE (Hamstring, DNP Wednesday); Marcus Trufant CB (Ankle, DNP Wednesday) Chicago Injuries: Lance Briggs LB (Ankle, DNP...


Post Your Hawk: Week 4

Seattle Seahawks (2-1) vs. St. Louis Rams (1-2) Seattle injuries: Aaron Curry LB (Hamstring, DNP Wednesday); Ben Hamilton G (Knee, DNP Wednesday); LeRoy Hill LB (Calf/Achilles, OUT); Sean Locklear...


Post Your Hawk: Week 3

San Diego Chargers (1-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) San Diego Injuries: Ryan Mathews RB - DOUBT Seattle Injuries: LeRoy Hill LB - OUT


Post Your Hawk: Week 2

One and oh! One and oh!


Post Your Hawk: Week 1

Ahhhh....FINALLY the football season has started. After a seemingly interminable offseason, the time has finally come.


OFTPOTD: 5-27-10: Non-Traditional Bachelor Party Edition

So, I've been tasked with planning a bachelor party for a friend who is getting married this summer. He's a pretty mellow dude, and by the time you're an old fogey like me, the idea of going to a...


Video Review - 2009 Season

Last year, I did a Video Review, so this is becoming an annual tradition. Last year's post was themed ("Freaks & Geeks", and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), and this year is no different. But...


Post Your Hawk: Week 15

Last week was fun, eh? I at least expected the Seahawks to play a little better than they did. Sometimes watching this team makes me want to puke. But at least it looks like the ownership is...


Video Preview - Buccaneers at Seahawks

Once again I have been asked to fill in for the mighty Scruffy's Video Previews. I kinda feel like Chone Figgins trying to fill in for Adrian Beltre. But I'll do my best. Videos after the jump.


Post Your Hawk: Week 14

How 'bout them Niners? Last week was a very pleasant surprise. It definitely made sitting outside for four hours in 35 degree weather worth it. I'm not sure my face has ever been more numb than it...


Video Preview - Seahawks at Texans

Since Scruffy is out with a rib injury*, I'll have to be the Seneca to his Hasselbeck. Here I go with some overthrown balls, and scampers out of bounds five yards behind the line of scrimmage... ...


Post Your Hawk: Week 13

Boy, I think I have a skewed view of how "good" the Hawks are. I expected last week to be a cake walk. Even me, the eternal pessimist, was shocked that the Rams gave the Seahawks somewhat of a...


Post Your Hawk: Week 11

Man, is this game gonna be fun, or what? Favre. Peterson. Harvin. Rice. Shiancoe. Hutchinson. Allen. Williams. Williams. Man, are we fucked or what? The Seahawks are gonna need some fancy moves to...


Post Your Hawk: Week 10

So, yeah. That Detroit game wasn't what we were expecting, was it? And the return of my pessimism was justified by how the Hawks played last Sunday. I think after this week's game, I'm going to...


Post Your Hawk: Week 9

Well, shit. The new and improved "optimist" version of me didn't work out. So fuck it. I'm back to being my old pessimist self. Even though I'm a pessimist, I'm thinking this is the game the...


OFFTOP: 10/30/09

While in college, I was an active seeker of music. It was easy to dedicate the time needed to research, listen, and be discerning in what I listened to. After college, however, my music stagnated...


Post Your Hawk: Week 8

I've been handed the reigns of the Post Your Hawk series, so say hello to your new overlord.


OFTFOT750C: 100th Diary/Fanpost Edition!

Oh happy day, this joyous occasion is finally upon us. My 100th Diary/Fanpost! Next milestone: 10,000 comments.


Off-Topic FanPost: 04/30/09

Now that Rock Band has released the six albums they announced last year, those of us who play the game are anxiously awaiting the next round of announcements. My excitement is somewhat tempered...


Through four games, M's outfield defense as good as advertised

Baseball Analysts have a nice little write-up (and graph) on how the M's outfield defense has performed so far over the first four games of the season. Obviously, small sample size caveats apply. ...


OTFPOTD 2/27/09 - They say it's your birthday

If today is your birthday, you share it with many important folks: Chilli from the "R&B" group TLC Tony Gonzalez, Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs (sorry NOLA) Matt Stairs Adam Baldwin,...


2008 Football Outsiders Awards

The good folks over at Football Outsiders posted the results of their Annual Awards. I urge all of you go mosey on over there and check out the results. The Seahawks cleaned up in a couple of...


2/4 OTFPOTD: The 'How To' Edition

Ever wondered, "How can I be hot?" Now you can find out. Ever wondered, "How can I limit my alcohol intake?" Now you can find out. Ever wondered, "How can I be on MTV's 'Grind'?" Now you can find...


1/29 OTFPOTD - More evidence that SportsCenter sucks edition

I was watching SportsCenter this morning while eating breakfast (as I normally do...because, really, what else is on at 6:45 in the morning?) And according to Josh Elliot, Aaron Heilman was traded...


OTFPOTD: 1/8/09 - And Now For Something Completely Different...

The first concrete details for the upcoming tactical shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines have been released. I was a little concerned when this game was announced because I really didn't want them to...


Video Review - 2008 Season

This is a themed post. Since I just got finished watching Freaks & Geeks, I just had to post some videos from that show here. And also, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best show on TV...


OTPFOTD: 12/17 - Jump the Shark Edition

It appears that the Office is going to jump the shark for the episode after the Super Bowl. Jack Black and Jessica Alba? Uuuuuuughhh...To me, this is just the culmination of a slow, steady decline...


OTFPOTD: 12/15/08 - I'm Freezing My Ass Off Edition

Holy dumb fuck, even though it's ass-butt cold outside, there is a ray of warmth and awesomeness this morning. Harmonix announced that they have reached an agreement with Pearl Jam to bring the...


OTFPOTD: My Work Internet Is Slow Today Edition

EVERYTHING is dragging today: Youtube won't even load, my LaunchCast has been "Tuning" for about two minutes now, my Google Reader isn't working right. The only site that seems immune is Lookout...


OTFPOTD: 12/3 - Why the Hell Did LaunchCast Just Play Jeff Beck Edition

For some reason my Yahoo LaunchCast just played Jeff Beck. Why? I have no idea. I don't like Jeff Beck. My music tastes don't lend themselves to LaunchCast determining that I like Jeff Beck. I...

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