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User Blog

DBTB Fantasy Hockey Finals

It was my pleasure to serve as commissioner of the DBTB fantasy hockey this year. After a long and productive season, we crowned a new champion after this past week. Many congratulations are due to...


Submit your own 8 team no trade list

The dreaded no trade list is many things: harbinger of possible change in a hockey team, source of constant internet speculation, constant trade deadline companion. With all the discussion around...


DBTB Fantasy Hockey

Hi Everyone. I haven't seen anything about this anywhere else on the site, and I have no idea if anyone is actually interested, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to do Fantasy Hockey this year....

Traverse City on WWKB 1520


So KB 1520 will be broadcasting all of the Traverse City games with Paul Hamilton doing pxp. From what I can tell, KB 1520 doesn't stream online. Does anyone know of any way for us out-of-market fans to be able to listen to the games?


Evaluating Darcy Regier

One of the first tasks confronting Black, Pegula and whoever else is cleaning up the mess that is the Buffalo Sabres is to decide Darcy Regier's fate. This is not going to be an easy decision and a...


Grigorenko-related Rosterbation

We're all trying to figure out what will happen with Grigorenko - will he spend the rest of the season in Quebec City or in Buffalo. There's a roster situation that could determine what happens....


The beginning of the end?

If you haven't heard already, the owners gave a little bit and made an offer to split hockey related revenue 50 - 50. As Eric Duhatschek of The Globe and Mail rightly points out, we should not ...


DBTB Fantasy Hockey question

Hi all. So I'm already starting to jones hard for some hockey, and it looks increasingly probable that we won't have a full season. However, that wouldn't necessarily stop us from drafting players...

Shane Doan: Mystery Solved?


It looks like the mystery has been solved and the Sabres were the team with the 4 year/30 million dollar offer.


Draft Possibilities

With the long offseason ahead of us, I just thought I'd focus on the first chance to change the makeup of the team - the 2012 NHL Entry Draft at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA from...


George Parros?

With all the speculation about Getzlaf and Ryan earlier in the year, I started thinking about other Ducks, notably Parros.The Sabres are certainly in need of some grit. While Parros doesn't score...


Project Yeah

You can have your protests, your walkouts, your boycotts. Those never work, and are frankly for way more proactive people than myself. Everybody knows that the best way to express one's displeasure...


Is this the nadir?

I can't remember the fanbase being more down on the Sabres since the bad old days of the Rigas bankruptcy, or perhaps right before the 05-06 season, when the loss of Zhitnik and Satan made people...


Weber Hurt / Brennan called up

This was a surprise. Ruff said after practice that they would stay with 6 defensemen. Does this mean that Tyler Myers is going to be suspended? With the lack of defensive play, I was a little...


How will the Sabres get under the cap?

Now that Marc-Andre Gragnani has been signed - how will the Sabres get under the cap? At least part of the answer is simple - to waive Ales Kotalik and Shaone Morrisonn. But this won't be enough....



So what do you think? Is this the stay at home D we've been looking for? Would he be better than Morrisson was last year? And do we think he'll waive his NTC?


My dream about Brian Galliford...and Buffalo Rumblings

I had a dream a few nights ago that I went to an establishment owned by Brian Galliford named Buffalo Rumblings. The first floor was a pub-style sports bar that served excellent wings and had all...

Thomas Vanek's Past Could Be Michael Grabner's Lesson


This is a very nice article by Rafal Ladysz over at Die by the Blade comparing the two Austrians. Feel free to comment.

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