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Saints fan since 1985. Born, raised and currently reside in Atlantic County, NJ
Outside Atlantic City.

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
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It's Nigh Time for Reggie to Put Up

I've been a supporter of Reggie.  I believe in his talent- I've defended him and appreciated that he helped us get to and win the Saints only Super Bowl ever and get to the only other NFC...


Anyone notice?

On that fumble that Vilma recovered- did anyone notice where Matty Ice backed off and ran away from that fumble?  Cleary he didn't even attempt to get down on the ground and try to get the ball. It...


Just Wonderin'

The entire NFC West ( each team) has a losing record - I think most are aware of that.  But, to make it worse is that they all have a negative point differential.  I wonder if that has ever...


89% chance

As I write this, I know there are some folks who are going to jump all over this.  I am well aware.  I can even name them, but I won't.  But here's the stat- Teams that have 3 road games in a row...

Brees Walks Off Cover to Another PBS Start


good article about breeze on the Bengals website



Okay, we are down to 7 teams that will make the NFC playoffs- Tampa is done- lost a starting safety, a starting Rt Off Tackle, and they just really weren't that good to begin with.  I don't see...



Wow, what a victory last night!  The Saints have played well under pressure, amid adversity, and under the big spotlight several times now. That's an excellent thing to have on your resume.  We won...


Check out this CSC blog.. "Archie Once Tried to Beat The Fail Out of Eli"

Last year I made a post about how it is different in Philadelphia.  I have been a loyal Saints fan since 1984 or thereabouts because I just can't stand the atmosphere and general air of the Eagles...

Anyone catch this about Chase Daniel?


Anyone catch this about Chase Daniel?

On Sunday, Chase Daniel was credited with an assist on a tackle along with Marvin Mitchell at 2:03 left in the 4th qtr. It was on a receptio by a Steeler receiver. Seems unusual- a misprint??

Reggie Should Wait....

In spite of the fact that our offense could really use Reggie's abilities right now and all that he brings to the table, Reggie should either come back after the bye week or play sparingly vs....



Okay, so where do we go from here?  We are facing the best team (probably) that we will face this season.   I have some ideas as to how we fix the situation.  My opinion is that we aren't that far...


A Word About FGs

I watch most Saints games at a bar where 7 or 8 games are on at a time.  It appears to me EVERYBODY is missing FGs these bays, not just the Saints.  I saw a guy hit the same upright 2 times...


Everybody told us this wouldn't be easy.

It isn't and it won't be.  But, seems to me the fix is apparent.  Not necessarily easy, but obvious.  You can't lose the turnover battle.  Which means you can't give the ball away.  That simple....


The Silver Lining

Yes, we are persevering through some tough times in a sense mostly (IMO) due to some injuries, but there is a silver lining.  When that final stretch of the season comes, there is a good chance...

Deflating Favre's Ego


Interesting article slamming Favre

Childress still complaining


I think they should just wait until week 2 to play Favre. After all, he is not 100% and if he gets hurt, we will never hear the end of it.


An Optimistic Look At Saints 2010-11

When you have a team that has a few holes to plug, and a few positions that could use upgrading, that can be a minor undertaking or it could actually mean an overhall- depending on a lot of...


Anyone know about these guys??

I noticed some names on the Saints official roster that I don't recognize.  I'm thinking they were on the practice squad last year and I don't really remember them.  Earl Heyman, Reggie Jones, G...


We Beat 3 Hall of Fame QBs

I would wager that no team in NFL history had to face a Hall of Fame QB in every playoff game they participated and furthermore no team in history ever defeated 3 HOF QBs in a row.  The magnitude...


Hey GGM- You Been Workin' Behind the Scenes??

Now they are saying that Reggie Wayne hurt his knee in practice.  I thought your spells only were for game day ?? Freeney didn't practice, the CB  Powers or somebody is struggling with a plate and...

"Mr. Commissioner, don't take away Who Dats from the Saints"


Great editorial in Washington Post re: Who Dat controversy by Neely Tucker


This Optimism Is Quite Fun!!

I remember during the regular season, it seemed like it was fairly often that Who Dats would either get down on their team a little or get negative a bit, or even at times there was the distinct...


A Word About Dave Thomas- PTs 4th and 1 play

I know we have given him some credit during this season, but I need to bring his name up again.  In that overtime, he sold that pass intereference call which was hugely important.  But I just...


Anyone else see this Joe Horn article?

I always liked Joe Horn, but it seems he just has too much of a need to have things always be about him.  Doesn't seem like this is the time for him to be a feature story. I don't know, how does...


Re: Favre's future

Here's the problem with Favre's legacy.  He was the single most important factor in devastating your franchise over the last almost 2 decades and then you guys sold your soul to the devil and...


If The Saints Were The Favored Team

I don't think it would be good if the Saints were the favored team.  Forget that they have done well over the past season when they were underdogs, I think there would be more pressure and it would...


A Word About Shockey

I posted previously about how important Shockey is to this offense and in the game vs. Minn. I think it was very obvious. Clearly he was not at 100% and they didn't target him much.  This is what...


Thought you guys would like to see how you are represented by

one of your members on our blog.  This was cut and paste as just one example of what some of your guys are doing over at our site.   You're an idiot. Gave the game to the vikings? hell no. It...


111 ain't no lie

I have found it very comforting that Drew Brees' passer rating actually goes up to 111 when other teams blitz.  It's pretty good on non - blitzing downs, but 111 vs the blitz is like- well maybe...

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