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Hardcore A's fan since I was 6 years old. I cried when the A's lost to the Dodgers in the World Series that year.

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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DLD 2/8/10: Statue of Bud Selig to be erected in Milwaukee

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's a great joke, right? Well, sadly it's no joke: the Milwaukee Brewers are building a statue of Bud Selig outside Miller Park. I personally hate the guy and think this is...


Two A's prospect lists on the web

Kevin Goldstein and John Sickels are perhaps the two most respected and revered prospect mavens in the world of baseball writing today. Both have recently released their lists for the top A's...


A's talking to Giambi's agent

This article from Susan Slusser talks more about Crosby's place with the A's, and includes quotes from Crosby, but far more interesting than that is this: The A's are poised to begin talks with...


DLD 12/17/07 - Your laziness = my first DLD

Here's a great graph detailing all the A's on the 40 man roster, plus some prospects who aren't, and the A's extended control over them, courtesy of Ken Arneson over at Catfish Stew. Very helpful...


A's should trade for Pujols!!!

Now I know what you all are thinking how the heck can Beane swindle Pujols from the cards???? But we all know that the cards gm Jocetty can be had easily as evidenced by the Mulder deal. We got 3...


Dellucci to Indians: 3 years, $11.5 million

http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2678135 Seeing as there's no link dump yet, I thought I'd start a diary. David Dellucci was one of the guys I thought the A's should have gone after, but...


Fun with Win Shares

You all know what Win Shares are? Bill James invented them a few years ago as a way to express the total production of a player, in terms of the amount of wins his contributions have produced, in...


Does Blez = TRAITOR?!?

While visting Halos Heaven this morning, to see if all the Angels fans were crying to their mommies yet, I noticed an interesting note left by the Rev himself: "Props to Blez for the new Halos...


Troy Neel

http://www.oag.state.tx.us/evaders/evader_detail.php?id=42 Anyone see this? (Sorry if this has been posted before.) Apparantly, former Athletic Troy Neel owes almost $500,000 in child support...


A's anagrams

Apparantly, A's GM Baby Nellie had a nice little offseason for his team, signing Fathom Snark and Estonia Ablaze and trading for Notably Milder, who the A's hope will live up to his name. Now, with...

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