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Jo-Lon Dunbar's having quite an - erm - impact


"St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar and former NBA player Donte Greene were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct in South Beach early Sunday morning." @So sorry we didn't keep him.@

News of the Saints' demise has been greatly exaggerated


Whoda thunk it? Greg Gabriel doesn't think that the Saints are going to go over a cliff. The words "another Super Bowl run" are used. Rainbows and kitten whiskers for everyone!

NFL, Players Settling Concussion Lawsuit


This shouldn't be a big surprise. The NFL won't have to go through discovery, meaning that they can continue to bury internal information that they possess concerning concussions; that would have been damning PR, regardless of the trial's outcome.

Jack Bechta—Rash of injuries probably due to up-tempo practices


In an article on National Football Post, Bechta discusses the rash of injuries with a long-time team doctor. NFL teams seem to be suffering as many or more injuries despite less practice time. Up-tempo practices plus more classroom time leading to players stiffening up may be to blame.

Exhibit 54-c on Why We Shouldn't Get Too Excited About the Draft Yet


"And then there was Boise State wide receiver Titus Young. Confident, entertaining, charming and, most of all, polite. Young was one of the best interviews we ever had in Mobile. He shook hands and made eye contact and his answers came off more as casual conversation than rehearsed rhetoric. He captivated the small audience from the National Football Post. Titus Young was a well-spoken gentleman who was going places. We were all convinced. Too bad it was just an act."


Report: Victor Butler Signs 2-year deal with the Saints

The Times-Picayune reported that Victor Butler has signed a two-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. Butler should be an upgrade for the Saints at linebacker, and his experience playing for...

Report: Victor Butler Signing with Saints


Butler reportedly signed a 2-year contract to play for the Saints.

Former Vikings tackle Brad Culpepper: We were coached on how to injure opponents


Excerpt from the linked article: "We practiced techniques to injure players," Culpepper said. "We would dive on a mat and aim for the knee portion of a pad like it was the quarterback, and we would practice going at that and trying to bust the quarterback’s knee. You knock the quarterback out, you win the game." Interestingly, Culpepper broke into the league with the Vikings, where this "coaching" occurred. Say what you want about the merits of the punishment - if the Saints purposefully injured players, they would not be the only ones to ever do it. The coaches for the 1992 Minnesota Vikings Season, Culpepper's rookie season, from wikipedia: Head Coaches Head Coach – Dennis Green Offensive Coaches Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks – Jack Burns Running Backs – Tyrone Willingham Receivers – Tom Moore Tight Ends – Brian Billick Offensive Line – John Michels Defensive Coaches Defensive Coordinator – Tony Dungy Defensive Line – John Teerlinck Inside Linebackers – Monte Kiffin Outside Linebackers – Richard Solomon Secondary – Willie Shaw Some interesting names among that coaching staff.

Jeff Duncan: Drew Brees' contract has New Orleans in uncharted territory


Jeff Duncan actually writes an article with depth. Will wonders never cease?

Bernie Miklasz: Bounty probe raises questions about NFL


Bernie raises a number of questions that our community has been asking since the initial shock wore off.


Shefter reports that Lofa Tatupu signs with Falcons

Adam Schefter tweeted that Lofa Tatupu signed with the Falcons. After his visit with the Saints, I was hoping they would sign him. He looked like an upgrade to me. He seemed like he might be...

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