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Chicago Cubs are the only non Philadelphia team I root for. Had something to do with Dallas Green bringing a lot of 1980 Phillies over to the Cubs. Including some minor leaguer named Sandberg. What ever happened to him?

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The Cubs name a new manager and I hope he gets the Cubs a lot of these celebrations in the future!

This is the full WGN TV broadcast from September 24, 1984, in two parts, of the Cubs breaking through. Cubs beat the Pirates 4-1 to win the NL East to get the Cubs to the post season for the first...


Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds - May 27, 1984 - FULL GAME Mitchell and Ness isn't doing a $100 a jersey sale this year. They are going with 25% off. I'm not sure this works but they did have a code for 40%...

Just listen


This is horrible.


Mitchell and Ness Black Friday Sale

Have you ever wanted a Mitchell and Ness throwback jersey but felt the price was too high? At least for the next 3 days, that won't be the case. All Mitchell and Ness jerseys are $100 from today...

The Cubs' new Theocracy


Bill Conlin's column in today's Philadelphia Daily News. Takes the usual shots at the Cubs.

Yankees playing Cubs at Wrigley Field makes for a special baseball moment of another era


Enough people are ripping Wrigley Field, now here is a NY writer praising it. "And yet the atmosphere was electric enough to remind me that this is what I miss about the old Yankee Stadium, days and nights when the old place shook, when the energy could take your breath away." Even a shot at Blake DeWitt in the article too. LOL

Cubs take new swing at long-stalled triangle building


I think the Cubs should worry about fixing the team on the field. I've seen a lot of people over the past few weeks comment on being an organization like the Phillies. This is how the Phillies 2010 team was built. 1996 Draft Jimmy Rollins (2nd round) 1998 Draft Ryan Madson (9th round) Amateur free agent Carlos Ruiz 2000 Draft Chase Utley (1st round) 2001 Draft Ryan Howard (5th round) 2002 Draft Cole Hamels (1st round) 2004 Draft, Rule 5 Shane Victorino (Dodgers) 2005 Free agent Antonio Bastardo (undrafted rookie) 2006 Draft Domonic Brown (20th round) Free agent Jayson Werth (Dodgers) 2007 Free agent Chad Durbin (Detroit) J.C. Romero (minor leagues) Waivers Greg Dobbs (Seattle) 2008 Trade Joe Blanton (Oakland) Brad Lidge (Houston) 2009 Free agent Raul Ibanez (Seattle) Trade Ben Francisco (Cleveland) 2010 Free agent Danys Baez (Baltimore) Jose Contreras (Colorado) Ross Gload (Florida) Placido Polanco (Detroit) Brian Schneider (Mets) Wilson Valdez (minor leagues) Trade Roy Halladay (Toronto) Roy Oswalt (Houston)

The 1984 NL East title celebration


Amazing that all of a sudden, this stuff shows up on youtube. Coverage from most of the Chicago stations from that night. Al can gave you a better idea what went into this. Better save this before it gets pulled from youtube! Part 2: Part 3:

Pre game and Post game. Game 1, NLCS 1984


Here's a little pre game ceremonies and a little post game. What a shock it was for ABC.

Are you still Reelin' in the Years? The last home game of 1989


I was only 13 in 1989 but can someone explain to me why Jeff Pico was called on in the 9th to close this game out. He did the job, but still. It's Jeff Pico! No Mitch Williams? The celebration after win: When was the last time you heard about Domingo Ramos?

OT.....At Flagging Tribune, Tales of a Bankrupt Culture


This is from today's New York Times. "Interesting" look at the Tribune company under Sam Zell's leadership.

Want to relive 1989?


That's part 1. You can find the rest. It's part 1 of 6 of the Boys of Zimmer tape.

In honor of the Cubs facing Tim Lincecum tonight (he does look like Mitch Kramer!). I hope Tim took...


In honor of the Cubs facing Tim Lincecum tonight (he does look like Mitch Kramer!). I hope Tim took the magic bus to the game.

Anyone going to either game in Philadelphia tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon?


Anyone going to either game in Philadelphia tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon?

I'll be there Wednesday night. It's been raining all day and will rain throughout the night. If tonight's Phillies game is cancelled, guess who pitches for Phillies tomorrow night? Roy Halladay This the Pirates only trip here so they will try to get the game in.

OT: Police use Taser on fan on field at Phillies game


I'm sure a video of this will be on youtube within hours. Something for the idiots that run on the field to think about.

Toyota sign will not be in place by opening day


I guess Daley and his cronies didn't get the unmarked envelope of hundreds.

Roy Halladay to the Phillies


3 team deal. Cliff Lee goes to the Mariners.

These Cards are playing like Cubs


Are my eyes that bad or was that Soriano misplaying that ball in the 9th inning instead of Holliday?

In hindsight, Phillies lucky they didn't get Soriano


Baseball notes column from the head baseball writer for the Philadelphia Daily News. He also chimes in on Zambrano.

OT.....Patrick Kane arrested for robbing cabbie?


I thought his salary from the Blackhawks was enough! Can't afford the cab fare after a night of drinking


Just back from the game 7/20

It was tough to sit through.  I didn't need a mock standing ovation while heading up the steps of my section with 2 outs in the top of the 9th. I had seats 3 rows from the field.  It was a long...


Cubs vs. Phillies at Citizens Bank Park 7/20-7/22

Since it's a few days away, I'll post this.  Who has tickets for the games in this series? I'm going to the game on Monday night. If anyone is going on Tuesday night, Green Day has a concert at...

2003 steroid list leaked (Unconfirmed)


The unconfirmed list of the 103 MLBers who tested positive for steroids in 2003. 4 current Cubs and a number of Cubs on the 2003 team on this list.

Nats reach out to Phillies fans to help sell out their Opening Day


Never heard a team come out and plead for the oppposing team's fans to help sell out their Opening Day

Cubs ready to lift .........


Article in Philadelphia paper before the Phillies come out for the 4 game series next weekend

Hurry before Youtube pulls it!!


Hurry before Youtube pulls it!!


Anyone going to the game tonight?

Just be prepared for a lot of traffic down there tonight.  This happens all the time down at the sports complex.  Along with the Cubs-Phillies game, the Sixers also have a home game at the same...

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