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Beer Advent

Today's main VEB post contained some beer discussion, and I thought this could be helpful to anyone looking for beer recs. A group of 24 friends pooled $1300 or so and purchased 24 cases of...

Allen Craig, Priapist


.317/.376/.465 in 126 games played out of a possible 131. 5 years/$31M (1.75/2.75/5.5/9.0/11.0), plus 2018 option (13MM) If your erection lasts for more than 4 hours, please consult your physician.


Possibly relocating to STL - input needed.

Looking for some input about neighborhoods, schools, house prices etc. I work for the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia and am exploring a transfer to the STL Fed. I have two daughters, 5 and...


Home Openers and Letdowns

Maybe it's just the kind of fan I am, but I was both disgusted and non plusse during the ninth inning yesterday. Maybe it's just hindsight - a way of protecting myself from getting all butt-hurt...

playoff Scenarios and SPs


Just for S&G's, and because I don't relly have to post the bank's staffing report for an hour or so, here's my projected rotation for these the 2009 National League Playoffs, during October, of which there is not more than one.* NLDS 10/07 - Carpenter 10/08 - Wainwright 10/10 - Piniero 10/11 - Smotlz 10/13 - Wainwright NLCS 10/15 - Carpenter 10/16 - Piniero 10/18 - Wainwirght 10/19 - Smoltz 10/21 - Piniero (unless we're down 3-1) 10/23 - Carpenter 10/24 - Wainwirght A few things jump out at me. 1) Not really scarred about any of this except potential for NLCS GM#2 in Philly with Smoltz on the mound.** 2) How awesome it is to have virtually no preferrence between Carp and WW. 3) How it is also awesome that our #3 doesn't scare me either That's enough chicken counting - I won't deign to carry this over to the WS. *anyone else feel ripped off that the 2006 logo was so lame? Last years WS/postseason logo could beat the shit out of 2006's **As a Stl fan living in Philly, I am torn; of course I would love the chance to attend a Cardinals Postseason game, but I don't want anything to do with the Philles, unless I'm guaranteed at least 2 Lidge Pujols showdowns.


Shifting from Trade targets to FA targets

I haven't contributed any hairbrained ideas, and am feeling left out.  i also needed to put something in the body of this fanpost apparently.


Roster for August

I'm bored at work thinking about the Cards' rotation for the rest of the month, and see a nice opportunity for going to a 4 man rotation w/o Looper or Piniero after 8/13 @FLA. If it were up to me,...

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