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Burress not allowed near Vick


"Burress is not permitted to "fraternize" with any person he knows to "have a criminal record." That would seem to eliminate any chance of Burress joining Michael Vick on the Philadelphia Eagles' roster. But if Burress is forthright in his communication with his parole officer, it would be possible to waive the rule, allowing him to join the Eagles."

Pro Football Focus examines Eagles O-line


With the addition of Danny Watkins, PFF looks at what might be the best scenario for the Eagles O-Line.

Walterfootball gives Watkins an 'F'


I can somewhat understand a 'C' or something, but an 'F'?? REALLY??? Oh and he gives Henery a 'D'!!

Emmitt Smith's 2011 NFL Mock Draft (satire)


Well we still have 2 hrs until the draft. I thought you guys might enjoy reading this, IT FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!

Retired Players to announce second-round draft picks


Barry Sanders, Franco Harris, Marshall Faulk and 29 other retired NFL stars will announce their former teams' second-round picks at the NFL draft April 29. The league announced Thursday it would have players announce the picks for an entire round for the first time. Troy Vincent will announce Eagles second round pick.

Dez Bryant sued over jewelry


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is being sued for non-payment of $246,000 worth of jewelry by a New York-based company in a civil suit filed Friday in Dallas. Bryant purchased $267,000 worth of jewelry from A+A Diamonds LTD d/b/a Rafaello & Company, which makes high-end jewelry for celebrities and athletes. LOLDEZ

ESPN's Top 10 NFL pass-rushers


Apparently, Cole is the 16th best pass rusher in the league..........along side Chris Long.


Moe and Perry

If you watched the Superbowl you might have seen the NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial. Near the end of the commercial they had a whole bunch of characters from the Simpsons showing off...

Brady receives all 50 votes for AP's MVP Award


AP's Second Team All-Pro QB: Vacant, we all know it should be Vick. AP's OPoY: Brady. Usually the MVP does not win OPoY, otherwise the OPoY award would be meaningless. AP's NFL MVP: Brady. Vick doesn't get a single vote, Brady gets all 50. Anyone else get this feeling that AP has something against Vick?

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