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Miami has Talent - Plan for a loss, Hope for a win...Patience Grasshoppers!

Everyone take a big deep breath......Breathe in.......Now exhale slowly...... I've taken this new approach where every game is a loss, but when we win, my hopes and dreams are fulfilled! All I...


JMart - The New Face of PTSD

via media.nbcmiami.com via thenypost.files.wordpress.com JMart - The New Face of PTSD Ever since the whole Jmart story has descended upon the Dolphins, I have been blown away by...

I love the Phinsider to death! But is it me or is the new site a cluster-F*ck!? It's hard to read...


I love the Phinsider to death! But is it me or is the new site a cluster-F*ck!? It's hard to read anything with the layout...my brain just goes WTPh? (Ph = F) I think it would be nice if there was the option to have a classic view like the old days or at least format the site some what like the old site. The only major change that I think would help would be to get rid of the endless page that scrolls down forever and ever and ever. It's like a giant abyss that keeps going and never stops, like a blog that's too hard to read...... Use a skeleton template for the site that folds down for Iphone rather than having to subject us to a iphone dumbed down version of a site....


Meet the Head Coach of the 2012 Miami Dolphins!

After much debating and constant local polling, I think the time has come to reveal the 2012 Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins........ Rob Ryan Yep, that's right, think about it. The NFL would love...

Epic Fail - A Must See


I thought drafting Pat White and cutting him one year later was an epic fail, but this takes the cake.... http://www.patwhitefans.org


Shame on You - Boo Birds

First off I'd like to mention that it seems like this entire season has created a black cloud that is spewing piss down on every one of us fans.  I'm a very positive person but it seems like every...


Playoffs!?! More like Layoffs!!!

Before I get to the point of this article, let's take a stroll down memory lane.....   Off-season - Like usual, all of us Dolphin fans congregate and begin chatting up players we like and who we...


Electroshock Therapy - The CP10 Situation

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a spark, so I thought it might be a good time to look at the definition and a few examples of good and bad outcomes.  At first, I had the same reaction as many...


A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss....

As we all know, Randy Moss has been kicked to the curb by the Minnesota Vikings and will be looking for a new place to call home.  If the Dolphins were to give up a 3rd Round Pick in next years...


Phin Snap: Quintin Demps (Safety)

  Phin Snap: Quintin Demps (Safety)   Quintin Demps  #39  S 2009 Stats - 14 Tackles, 0 FF, 1 INT Age - 25 Experience - 3 years Height - 5-11 Weight - 206 lbs. College - Texas - El Paso


A look into the Future - Super Bowl 2014

While football is considered a "any weather" sport, sometimes you have to realize, "wouldn't it suck to lose due to factors you couldn't control?".   Doesn't the "Tuck Rule" infuriate you?  The...


Phin Snap: A Reaction to the Jets Offseason

Phin Snap: A Reaction to the Jets Offseason It seems I can't turn around without bumping into a story about the Jets.  With that, I propose a few things to take solace in as a Dolphin Fan.   P...


Phin Snap: Some Pat Turner love (and some for our other WR's)

Phin Snap: Patrick Turner, Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn (WR - Miami)   For some reason I keep coming upon Fanposts talking about how crappy our WR core is and how they don't pass the "eye...


Phin Snap: Julius Pruitt (WR)

Phin Snap: Julius Pruitt (WR - Miami)   I haven't posted a Phin Snap in a week or two and thought it was time to throw another one out since I looked at our current players and it seems like we...


Phin Snap: Danieal Manning (FS)

Phin Snap: Danieal Manning (FS - Bears RFA)   It seems like slim pickings in the FS market for us unless some wild miracle happens (I think we might be able to land Darren Sharper) but until then I...


Phin Snap: Brodney Pool (FS)

I have contributed several fanposts to the community and thought "Phin Snap" could be a "snapshot" that's quick and easy.  Maybe it works and maybe it doesn't, but I thought it'd at least stand out...


Why not Ryan Clark? Instead of Rolle....

I keep seeing flashes of a player whose hard hitting and has a nose for the ball (remember that INT from Clark in the endzone to end our comeback against the Steelers?).   Ryan Clark isn't afraid...


Poll: Refs hate us don't they? (Regarding Pat White)

Now I have to say, I'm at the point of hysteria when it comes to the calls against us.  Sean Smith pass interference? Really?  I saw at least 5 or more holding penalties that were never called.  It...


Dolphins 5th in Sacks!

I keep hearing about Joey Porter and how we should not bring him back etc.  He's had an injury issue this year and it is evident that he's slowed down a bit (most likely due to a nagging injury). ...


Brandon Marshall Development???!!!

Look like there's another riff between Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels.  Could this be the opening the Dolphins need to secure a proven Pro Bowl Caliber receiver that has 3-100 catch seasons??? ...


The Dolphin's Season Theme: One Step Behind

In this fanpost, I'd like to point out a few glaring points about the Dolphins this season.  It seems like the theme of our season could be labeled "One Step Behind" due to the fact that several...


Phins should check into Cribbs...

Joshua Cribbs is a good player and the type of player you want on your team.  His answer about his contract situation was golden and he's got lots of years left in the league.  The Browns don't...

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