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Numbers Can't Lie: Drafting an elite WR

Back in January, I wrote an article discussing how a wide receiver's height/body mass index (BMI) combination is a critical component to their chances of developing into an elite player.  As it...


Numbers Can't Lie: Alone on an island, they'll drown

The job description of an NFL cornerback typically paints the picture of his working conditions as being alone on an island.  Unfortunately for Miami, those islands are looking mighty vulnerable...


Numbers Can't Lie: Is it too late to get a refund?

On Tuesday, March 3, 2009, Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells made the first blatantly questionable personnel move during their tenure as leaders of this franchise by handing over a five-year, $29.5...


Numbers Can't Lie: Speed Scores

With the Scouting Combine wrapping up earlier this week, I had planned to use the running backs' 40-yard dash data to introduce some of you to a really useful metric developed last year by the guys...


Numbers Can't Lie: Keeping Carey

There's been some good discussion around the site the last few days regarding Vernon Carey's impending free agency.  I'd like to flesh that out a bit more by looking at exactly what we have in...


Numbers Can't Lie: Becoming At Peace With Numbers

This week, I'm going to eschew the inclusion of lots of numbers or tables in my column. (Cue the loud cheers from many of you.) However, I'm doing this in order to talk to you all about...numbers...


Numbers Can't Lie: Top 5 Prospects List

I'm getting this column up a day early this week because I'll be busy skiing during my usual posting day on Thursday. One of the aspects of baseball that I think is missing to some extent from the...


Numbers Can't Lie: Judging Our Community Projections (Offense Edition)

This column is the second half of my look back at the community projections that were compiled here before this season began.  Last week, I looked at the defensive projections.  This week, I'll be...


Numbers Can't Lie: Judging Our Community Projections (Defense Edition)

Last week, in discussing the misguided expectations that some of us have for Ted Ginn, I looked at The Phinsider community projections that were done before this season began. Generally, when...


Numbers Can't Lie: Readjusting Our Ginn Expectations

Before I get into the meat of my column today, I wanted to quickly answer a question that a reader (DolfinPhan) asked in the comments of last week's column.  He wanted to know the drop-off, if...


Numbers Can't Lie: Wildcat Observations

Greetings everyone. This is the first edition of a new weekly column here on The Phinsider that I'll be writing.  I was very pleased when Matty asked me about writing for the site because I've...


...And then it was over

I've been trying to put my finger on exactly how I felt after this loss, and the end to this season.In all honesty, I wasn't overly saddened.Dissapointed? Sure, in some respects. I didn't agree...


Statistical Look: How Good are the Ravens?

I've been asked by a couple Phinsider regulars to post one or two of my pieces from my own Dolphins site (Phinaticism) here at the Phinsider. I thought I'd give it a try to see what you guys...


BREAKING: Ricky Williams Reinstated

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has been told by sources that the NFL has reinstated Ricky Williams after his 18 month suspension. trade deadline is...

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