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Could Manning to Tulsa mean Parker to UCLA?


Sources say that Danny Manning has accepted the head coaching position at Tulsa. this could potentially be big as part of Parker's draw to Kansas could have been Manning's work with Kansas big men. Now that he's gone, maybe that'll catapult us to the lead if we weren't already.

OT: Nike vs Adidas & Uniform colors


It's been discussed here several times before. Does an 18 year-old kid really care that much about the Nike vs. Adidas topic, or whether a school's jerseys/colors can affect a commitment decision. Well, here is your answer. YES!

Rahim Moore fined 20K for hit on Bills WR


Looked like a good hit to me. He was trying to separate Donald Jones from the ball. Isn't that what he is paid to do?

Bruins pick up their 1st commit for 2013!


Dashon Hunt from Westlake. Considered to be one of the best corners in the area for 2013. 5'10", 180 lbs. Plays corner, runningback, and slot reciever for the Warriors. He Garnered Sophomore All-American honors and was 1st team all Division, Conference, & State as a Sophomore last season. Here is a YouTube clip. Welcome aboard Dashon!


A Tale of Two Seasons: A Review Preview

  So many of us have no idea what to expect out of this season (and those who claim to know are lying).  While many of us may be cautiously optimistic, or choose to take the “let’s just sit back...


Bring Your Playbook Chuck Bullough, Coach Needs To See You

Why UCLA immediately needs to fire Chuck Bullough.


A Case for Fox Sports

Better production value, check.  Clearer HD signal, check.  National exposure, check.  Recruits across the nation getting a look at our program and what it has to offer, check.  More money for our...


NCAA 11 Rosters for PS3 & XBOX 360

Attention gamers, the folks over at have made it their lifes work to ensure that we never have to go to ebay to pay for rosters ever again.  They have two teams of...

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