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TGP 2012 Over Under Never 2012 Spring Training Super Extra Bonus Ultra Edition

A Major League Baseball season is a long and grueling affair for everyone involved. Players, coaches, broadcasters, bloggers... Just like teams need Spring Training to get back in shape, so do...

Alaska Airlines now offers nonstop service, Seattle to Philadelphia!

Hooray! Two nonstops, Fairbanks to Seattle, Seattle to Philly, and I'm there. No more messing around with Chicago or JFK! Inaugural sales are pretty good, too. Might be worth a trip this summer.

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. The Phanatic on my front step this evening, and,...


Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. The Phanatic on my front step this evening, and, well, apparently he doesn't mind the cold!


Over/Under/Never Phillies Spring Training Idea Solicitation!

Ed. Note: Front Paged for the Cabin Febrile'd.-- Wet Luzinski From deep within the bowels of their secret Ice Fortress, the OUN Cabal has begin to plan for the 2012 season, and we need YOUR help. H...

Roy Halladay in 2012

So, I apologize profusely for linking to Bleacher Report. I've already said ten Hail Marys, sacrificed a live chicken and had a shot of whiskey, so please go easy. But check out number whichever one comes last. It's a long shot, but definitely plausible.

Should Lidge's Number be Retired

NOTE: FrontPaged for the laffs. - WC I bet you can't guess who wrote this. "Yet, there should be another number that is painted on to the wall in Ashburn Alley: No. 54. Brad Lidge’s greatness in red pinstripes may be limited to one year. But it was the most important individual season in franchise history." Really. Surprise! It's Casey Feeney!

A Lineup for Philadelphia

A Lineup for Philadelphia with apologies to Ogden Nash Originally published at Phrozen's Notes A is for AlexThe Great Alexander More goose eggs he pitched Than a popular gander (bear with me...


The Good Phight Bloggers as Awesome Rock Anthems, and Other, Lesser, Forms of Artistic Expression, Part II

By [somewhat] popular demand, and with efforts to avoid Joke Killer status, Part II of my award-winning* series in which The Good Phight bloggers are compared to Awesome Rock Anthems, and other,...

Fangraphs Audio with Eric Augenbraun

Also known as our very own Fuqua Manuel. Fascinating stuff! Teaching chess? How do you get that job. Awesomesauce.


The Good Phight's Bloggers as Awesome Rock Anthems

So, if you'll forgive some creative interpretation of the term "rock anthem," I hope you'll find the following a good summarization of some of TheGoodPhight's more notable bloggers. Originally...

Heath Bell to Marlins for $27M over three years

What the [heck], Ruben. What the [heck]. I mean, it's not a done deal yet, but what the [heck]. This FanShot sanitized for your protection by WholeCamels.

Phrozen's Notes

Not sure if this is kosher or not, but I have written an essay on my love of baseball on my own blog, which you all might be interested in.

Verlander wins AL MVP

Also some schlub voted for Michael Young! Really!


Sab(e)rmetric Books

I want to get a book or two on Sabrmetrics for my Dad for Christmas, and I'm curious if anyone has read any good ones. He's a very astute (in the sense that he understand the balk rule, and who...

Theo Epstein new GM of the Cubs

$15M over 5 years. Good luck, Theo. Hope things work out for the Cubs.


2011 Over / Under / Never Special Playoff Edition!

The Good Phight's First Ever Over/Under/Never Playoff Competition. Enter now hurry hurry hurry!

Mel Queen dies.

Mel Queen, the noted mechanical, electrical, nuclear and pitching engineer responsible for designing and manufacturing the famed, "Roy Halladay" robot, passed away at the age of 69. RIP

John Rocker (yeah, that John Rocker) is writing a book

Says he wants to tell his story the right way; that we've all got the wrong idea. I dunno, John, I think we understand you pretty clearly.

MLB "Power" Rankings

Mr. Grant Brisbee over at Baseball Nation has an interesting take on rankings. Name strength! For the Phils: "22 Phillies - The San Francisco Frannies. The Atlanta Atties. The Boston Bosties. Do it for any city, and it sounds stupid, but because you're used to this one, it's somehow okay? Open your eyes, sheeple." Personally I would have gone with the Colorado Collies.


Phillies in Seattle

The recent post about a Chicago meet-up has me thinking. I'll be in Seattle for the Phils' trip there in June (6/17-6/19), and would be willing to do a meet-up there. I'll also happily buy a beer...


Winnah Winnah Ovah / Undar / Nevah

After 353 days, we have results for the 2010 Over/Under/Never Challenge.Results and winners after the jump.

The REAL Opening Day Game Thread

Didn't see one of these yet, so I figured I'd throw one together.

The year Mike Sweeney hit 83 Homeruns

This is awesome and bizarre at the same time. Who knew that the greatest hugger of all time had other, more traditional talents?


The Phillies should go after Mark Reynolds

  What can Mark Reynolds offer the Phillies? First of all, he can guard the hot corner—not well, posting a career UZR of -19, dWAR of -0.8 and a RF/9 of 2.44 at 3B—but he could fill in...


Smugness Confirmed! - Phillies Extend Contract of General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr.

CSN is reporting that Amaro's contract has been extended No official word yet, but we can look forward to several more years of exciting smuggishness.  I have no idea what the terms are likely...

RIP Dave Niehaus

I grew up listening to "My oh my." You're missed already, Dave.

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