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The full Rodney - (We don't get no respect) PFT ranks Miami #31.


Seriously? Reading this is like watching a B horror movie. You ask yourself: people got paid to do this?

Billy Turner vs Kanas


Yes he's raw...but this kid is an ath-al-leet....nasty too.

Did Omar Kelly call in to The NFL Network on air?


Tell me the caller doesn't sound like Omar. I know it's not nearly arrogant enough, but still......

Incognito must be "tested" before he can play again.


Because large, quick-tempered and violent with little regard for others is NOT the ideal mind set for an NFL guard. Gregg Rosenthal calls Incognito a "borderline starter." ??? Really?

Incognito wants to return


"My number 1 goal" This should be interesting...

Remember when there was a Weeden/Tannehill debate?


30 years old, 1.5 years experience...don't like his chances.


If you think Phish is spelt with a P H .....

So while I was salivating at the onset of the Free Agency signing blitz, everyone else immediate vicinity (wife, daughter) was engrossed in the fall-out from "The Bachelor." Now, even...

"If Branden Albert doesn't sign with Miami Tuesday, then basically every NFL reporter will be wrong."


Gregg Rosenthall - Like the sound of that. Fortunately we have just enough cap-room to be seen as spending wisely and not enough to be characterized as recklessly throwing money around in a miss-guided attempt to buy a championship.

Browns release Bess.


The bizarre 2013 season of D Bess ends the way it had to. Even though this turned out to be a good move by Ireland, all three parties involved (Lombardi, Bess and Ireland) ended up losing their jobs.

No surprise - The Dolphins now officially represent intollerance in the NFL.


How long did it take to ask Michael Sam if he'd be worried about being drafted by the Dolphins? To his credit he handled it with more class and understanding than the people asking. Video

Things that make you go...huh?


Richie Incognito will probably be disciplined significantly for offending two or three people with racist language and insensitive behaviour. Meanwhile the NFL continues to actively ignore the fact the Washington franchise bears a name and mascot which is racist and culturally insensitive to millions of Native Americans. If Incognito had call someone a "Redskin" it would be used to further underline the contention he is a racist bully.


Shannon Sharpe wants Incognito banned.


In the scramble to grab the moral high-ground......

Incognito not rolling over (so to speak)


From Fox Sports (who didn't get the Martin interview - can you imagine Mike Ditka instead of Dungy?)

Question on a rule Olivier Vernon wants to know....


It the ball was out of Aaron Rogers' hand before it started forward why wasn't THAT an "illegal bat??"

Annnd the hits just keep on coming


NFL network running a story about one of their own reporters speculating Ireland and Philbin will get tossed for Bullygate. Really?

Incognito NOT being investigated by the NFLPA


That would make Adam Schefter: a) wrong b) a slimy little #^%#& who doesn't check his facts c) an ESPN toad with a grudge against Richie Incognito d) the height of an average 5th grader e) all of the above.

Tannehill "trending up" in QB rankings.


Winning a couple of games and out duelling Andrew Luck will do that for you. Nice to see the word has spread as far as Gregg Rosenthal's mother's basement. I guess he gets to watch TV if he makes his bed. asks if the Dolphins are now a threat to the Patriots.


That looks like a big vat of Kool Aid to me. I'm not drinking anything yet.

We have Irsay's attention.


Not everyone is dismissing the Cleveland win.

Pro Football Focus Cut Tracker


By position with their rankings included.

Pete Prisco says Dolphins will go 5-11


Pat Kirwan's more optimistic, he thinks we'll go 7-9. Even better, they forecast all the games we're going to lose. Damn, just when I got NFL Sunday Ticket.

Cards cut Carpenter


Did he even make it out of the airport?

Are there a different set of rules for Tom Brady?


OK - I think Tom Brady is a great football player. But as such he doesn't need the ref's help. Check this clip. I see grounding and holding...neither was called...the taunting - which is bone-headed - was. SMH. (For the record: Not the same refs who did the Dolphins-Texans game.)

Carpenter signs with Cards. (Huh??)


Déjà vu all over again for Jay Feely.

Looking less likely that Mingo will play Week One.


Nobody knows how long it will take for his lung to heal.

Smith says he didn't swing at Incognito.


In related news a flock of pigs was sighted over New York City.

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