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On behalf of Vaughn Martin, happy Canada Day!

(I would have left Jesse Palmer off that list) Also Mark Rypien - the only Canadian ever to win a Super Bowl MVP award. Here's a little bit about what it means to be from the Great White North. There's a Code in Canada....

Gray's future with the Phins anything but black and white.

Lamar Miller might be the popular fantasy break-out pick, but I think this guys I our own in-house sleeper.

Larmar Miller set to be the most improved back in 2013 - Brooks.

Bucky Brooks' love affair with the Phins continues as he says Miller will be the: Most Improved Running Back for 2013. I'm not going to quibble about the difference between "improvement" and "use." I'm just happy to see a little more Dolphin love. We are now the other little sister who looks good because our big sister (NE) was REALLY bad.

Hartline publically praising Tannehill on

Makes sense if you want another 130 balls coming in your direction, but good to read regardless. Chris Wesseling has a pretty balanced take on the story.

Good Jeff Darlington story on Herdandez's impact at the Rookie Symposium.

His last contribution to the NFL might well be a cautionary tale of epic proportion.

Another shift in the Power Rankings

We got better again. No sure how but we're about as high as a team with a losing record is going to get without playing games.

Cards surprised by how serious Ryan Swope's concussion issues are.

Funny ....we knew. Be a shame if he never gets to play...but playing without his head right could lead to far worse than that.

32 in 32 - The Dolphins on NFLN

Our turn...strangely they just talk about the offence. LT really likes Lamar Miller.

Dolphins now a "threat" to the Pats -

Interestingly it's all those high-priced free agents we over-spent on which has us labeled a team to beware off. "Winning" the off-season doesn't mean anything, until suddenly it does.

James Walker asks: Can Dion Jordan Make up ground?

Well, his not the first first-round pick (anyone from Stanford) to have to stay in school in June...but it's not an unfair question. I think the answer is yes, it's just a question of how long...It's not like he's Andrew Luck trying to pick up an entire offence.'s 40 top wide receivers.

Wallace makes the list Hartline doesn't. The list is based not so much on last year's stats but their estimate of how they will do in 2013....good criteria because then you aren't limited by stats, facts or reality. ranks Philbin 21rst best coach.

Couple of things that are really funny: In November last year when we were 4-4 they ranked him 3RD! Compare with the current rankings (how did Jason Garrett improve??) A year ago (August in fact) Gregg Rosenthal ranked Philbin in the "We need more information" category. Harrison didn't do that with the rookie coaches this year. Rower Rankings Aug 2012

Tannehill on "NFL Total Access" Monday night.

Probably be a pile of platitudes but positive coverage isn't a bad thing.

The moment Brandon Gibson hit Ireland's Radar.

As Phibin says, he's a "hand catcher." Looking forward to seeing him do that FOR us.

Tannehill 7th on's 10 Best QBs under 25

OK, didn't see this coming. Rosenthal surprized me with this one. I figured after Freeman, Dalton and Bradford went 10,9,8 RT17 was going to get shut out. Turns out Rosenthal has a bit of a fancrush on our pivot.

Shocker - Heath Evans doesn't like our offseason - says we'll go 8-8.

NFLN's talking head injury is clearly not a Mike Wallace fan. I like Darren Sharper a lot more.

The next step for Ryan Tannehill...uuuuh get better?

Donavan McNabb - who doesn't know who our OC is or the names of some of our recently traded players tells us it's Tannehill's show now. Insightful analysis at it's best. Hard to believe he's no longer on the field.

Dolphins draft picks should take them into the playoffs.

So says Charles Davis, who just became the smartest person on the NFLN.

Cameron Wake - #89 on the Top 100 list.

OK - I think this is a little low. A bigger concern is: will he be the only one?

Dolphins NOT interested in Tim Tebow

Thank God! More proof Ireland is having a great off season.

Dolphins one of the teams that failed to address a weakness in the draft.

I would argue there's a difference between "fail" and "choose not to."

Jeff Ireland "under pressure: in 2013 - Schein

At some point Jeff Ireland must have run over Adam's Schein's dog or something.

Sparano damaged the whole organization:Ross

A brief Steven-centric account of how things are better now. All thanks to him. He can't understand why Sparano never got over his chasing Harbaugh. aaahhhh - ya. This is probably all true, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Honey Badgers? Honey Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' Honey Badgers.

As my granddaddy used to say: You could skim "dumb" of that boy for a month.

Fluker denies taking money.

Rumour has it Golden Corral was paying him to stay away.

We need to trade down!

According to the Wall Street Journal the best pick in the first round is 24. (Must be Karma - a 24 or a two-four is a case of beer in Canada. )

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