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Make or break games for the Suns

The Suns are in deep doo-doo. They have lost 3 straight, their best non-canadian player from last season is in a funk and being way too vocal for anyones liking about his diminished role in the...


Year of the Hammer!!!

via i.wp.pl So, you think it's the year of the Dragon? Think again. There is one guy that has even more to prove.Marcin Gortat had a pretty good year. He was one of 3 centers to average a...


NBA.com on to something? "Young, Nash-less Suns take first steps back to respectability"

Now I know it has been a very heated debate here at Bright Side as to how good (or rather how bad) the Suns will be this coming season. Most of us have a tendency to be overly optimistic while some...


Trade that takes us deeper and gives Nash a chance at a title next year

OK. As you probably know I am never a fan of blowing it all up and rather value teams that can fine-tune their way through rebuilding process. Suns have given my point some value after the...


All-Star Snubs - Gortat not even mentioned

I am completely not surprised that Marcin Gortat finished 5th on the West Center voting list (behind Bynum, DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol and Nene). Our team is rather small market and is performing...


Reflections on Suns - All Star recognition

Analyzing the early returns from all star voting one can see some interesting storylines emerging: 1. Nash is no longer seen as the premiere Highlight - Passer of the league - he got demoted by R...


Will you be willing to consider rebuilding with Rajon?

With all the commotion about how Danny wants Chris Paul and is willing to give up Rondo and NOH willing to get a third team involved I wonder... ...if the Suns could be that team? And what would...


Busy summer for Gortat

It's all in Polish so apart from Gortat's smiling mug there is not much for you ;)http://www.sport.pl/sport/10,67450,9890185,Marcin_Gortat__Treningi_z_Olajuwonem_jak_finaly_NBA.html Nice as I am -...


Gortat 9th on the 6th man ballot + Polish papers end-of-season interview

The Hammer earned 11pts in the ballot with two 2nd place votes and 5 3rd place votes. For a player mentioned only as D-12 sidekick a year ago that is a serious upgrade. As I agree completely that...


High Ceilings and crystal chandeliers

OK. Sorry for the chandeliers. I should probably go with fireworks or cherry's on top or some shit like that...   We had a rather interesting discussion with some regulars and of course Lord Seth...


Nuggets Deal - the new shakedown out West.

Okay, so how is everyone on the Melo'drama final turn?   I, for one, am ecstatic! First of all, I really like the idea of having the Nuggets calmly slip out of the playoff race. I don't care how...


Big Interview with Gortat in Polish papers

Translation of an in-depth interview with Marcin Gortat published in the leading newspaper in Poland.


Hard Fouls

Maybe I am oldschool, maybe I just like physical play too much, maybe I come from a different background since I was a huge fan of the Knicks in the 90's but I consider a hard foul as much a part...


C'mon ya'll! Show Thortat some love! Do the...

The one thing Gortat probably misses from his Orlando days! Why not help him feel mighty? Make him stronger with each thundering strike against your palm. Make the world shudder with fear and your...


The way to go for PHX

Believe it or not, I think the new Suns have a lot of potential, they just need a little fine tuning in the offseason... Not much can be done via trade, but a lot can be done in free agency. The...


Twin Towers???? Really!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Hello??????? Is that even true??? I am looking for confirmation! This is a link to a polish article from earlier today from the biggest news portal in Poland (not a tabloid). h...


Orlando bigs more important than ever before! - game-by-game analysis

In this year's playoffs I believe that except fot the possible series against te Hawks - in all the other match-ups - our bigs will be the key. Starting with the bobcats series - Gortat and Bass...

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