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Football Outsiders: Week 1 DVOA Ratings

The Bills rank #2 based solely on week 1. FO had the Bills ranked #18 coming into the year, now they're up to #12 (based on pre-season weightings and week 1). Their playoff odds went from 16% to 37% with mean wins of 8.6.

Parcells' Draft Board

Here's the draft board Parcells had last night on his ESPN special. You just knew someone would put it on the internet. Hopefully, someone segments it out a little more or gets screen shots of it.

The Next Great QB

An interesting read. From a Buffalo perspective, QBs taken at #2 or #3 haven't fared well in the draft so perhaps a reason to be cautious if you weren't already.

Titans plan to move Vince Young

The Tennessee Titans announced Wednesday that quarterback Vince Young will not return to the team next season. ------ Jeff Fisher 1, Vince Young 0. I'll be surprised if Young gets a starting spot anywhere else.

Panthers to Take Luck

If Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck decides to enter the 2011 draft, the Carolina Panthers will take him, two high-ranking team officials said Tuesday. The team officials said they wouldn't even consider trading down in the draft if Luck is available. -- I'll believe this more than the Lombardi story that said that they'll pass on Luck.

Re-Focused: Week 16, Patriots at Bills

The pleasant surprise? Chad Rinehart (+4.8), who put in another performance that suggested the Bills may have stumbled onto something for the long-term with the combination of Rinehart and Eric Wood (+2.0) at center and right guard for the foreseeable future. The worst performer? Well take your pick between Marcus Stroud (-5.2) and Paul Posluszny (-4.6) who both struggled. Stroud was moved about at the point of attack by a rampant Patriots offensive line and didn’t manage a single quarterback pressure. For a player with such talent Stroud has been a disappointment for so long now that we’ve come to expect it.

Re-Focused: Week 14, Browns at Bills

Eric Wood (+3.1) returned to center, his college position at Louisville, and looked impressive there shifting inside from guard. In his prior 20 starts at right guard, he had only bettered his grade from Sunday as center once, a grade of +3.8 against the Bears in Week 9 this season in Toronto. Wood’s performance against Ahtyba Rubin was very impressive, controlling and moving Rubin both laterally and vertically within the box to create space for Fred Jackson and the Bills’ interior running game. Former Washington Redskin Chad Rinehart split time at RG with Cord Howard and comfortably outperformed the rookie offensive lineman. Rinehart registered a +3.0 overall grade on 37 snaps to Howard’s -0.8 on 33 snaps.

Three bad performances

3. Lee Evans, WR, Buffalo Bills This is just becoming painful to watch. Evans was thrown six passes on Sunday and caught one of them, producing a 6-yard gain. The five incompletions were all 19 yards downfield or more, because the Bills seem insistent on having Evans trudge deep every play without ever throwing him a curl or dig pattern. On the year, Evans has been thrown nine passes more than 15 yards downfield and has not caught one of them. Of the 13 passes that have been thrown within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage, Evans has caught 10 of them. He's on pace for 376 yards, which would be the third-lowest total for a 16-game starter in league history. The bottom two? Keary Colbert (282 yards in 2005) and Antwaan Randle El (351 yards in 2006).

Source: Eagles get calls on Kevin Kolb

The Philadelphia Eagles have received numerous calls about the availability of quarterback Kevin Kolb from several teams, according to a senior team official. When asked Wednesday whether Kolb would be on the Eagles' roster after the Oct. 19 trade deadline, Eagles coach Andy Reid said, "Listen, I can't predict anything down that far, nobody in this league can do that." --- Doesn't sound like a strong commitment from Reid right now.

Jimmy Clausen is the Panthers' starter

After coming on in relief of Matt Moore in each of the first two games of the season, Jimmy Clausen is the Carolina Panthers' starting quarterback.


3 Way Trade: Buffalo/Seattle/Baltimore - My proposal

I was doing a little thinking with the Seattle / Lynch trade talk getting a little more steam, at least in the media. The Bills want at least a 3rd for Lynch.  Seattle doesn't have a 3rd next...


Drafting now for 2012+; aka, I liked this draft

I think there's too much emphasis on what's happening with the team in 2010. Regardless of what happened in the draft the Bills were going to be a mediocre team at best in 2010. And they still...


Was Walker's Regression Expected?

The release of Walker based on his apparent regression got me thinking if that's something you would expect out of tackles. It's obviously tough to measure how well tackles play objectively, but by...


MOD - Jays: Brackman

It looks like Brackman is falling in the draft.  The question becomes do you want to go for the high risk /high reward player at #16 or #21?


Separate the HS Pitchers.. aka MOD Jays #2

There's a bunch of HS pitchers in the 10-20 range.  The Jays pick at 16 and 21 and I'd like to separate the group of pitchers in that range.  So, who's at the top and why?


MOD I: Blue Jays

The Jays select at #16, 21, 38, 45, 56, 86, 89 in the first two rounds.For now, let's focus on the picks in the first round.In the prospect lists that I've seen there's a lot of HS pitchers in the...


MOD: Blue Jays II

Ok, barring any major changes with a prospect (like an injury) we're set for the first round pick.Now we have to focus on Rounds 3-5.  The picks are 86, 116, and 146.


MOD: Blue Jays

For the first three rounds of the draft the Blue Jays have two picks.  The first is number 6 overall, and the second pick will be in the third round, somewhere between 86-88, overall.

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