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Army Football


I've read some posts here from people who don't understand Army Football. This young man represents the best that the Academy has to offer. In the current day of Michael Sam, Johnny Manziel, etc. this guy gives me hope for America and the real heroes in the NFL. Unbelievable read.

Knile Davis highlight video


Hey guys, I pulled this video off of YouTube and I have to say I'm impressed! He will be compared to Charles because of his 40 time, but they actually run very differently. Charles is more of a glider, but Davis seems to run more violently. In fact I actually see Adrian Peterson lite in this guy. He obviously doesn't have AP's ability to move 3-4 tacklers, but Davis doesn't shy from contact, and his speed is filthy. If he can hold on to the ball and stay healthy, this guy could be one hell of a steal. You can't teach 230ish pounds and 4.35ish speed. I love our first three round draft picks!

It's obvious why they cut Winston


I don't think there's any question why they cut Winston... They are obviously going to draft LJ. Had they kept both Albert and Winston, one of them would've had to sit behind LJ, and that person was most likely going to be Winston. I bet Reid wanted to cut Winston because his contract was too big to be a backup tackle. Stephenson's contract is much more club friendly, and he will serve as our backup. Prepare to see a LT (probably Luke J) as the first pick in the draft. They must like the guy a lot.


Caution, 2013 QB Crop Could Potentially Look A Lot Like 2011's

Many people here are rightfully upset with our QB situation, and I'm one of them. Fans are demanding a 1st round draft pick QB, and I can understand that sentiment, but I'd like to temper those...


Watching Cassel's injury replays are a bit strange to me.

This isn't a post about cheering for a head injury. I think we can all agree that wishing for a head injury in a football game is pretty sick. Can we put that to rest finally? My issue is in...

Fake Orton Twitter- HILARIOUS NSFW


OK, this is not safe for work or little kids, but I think it's hilarious. Don't respond and tell me how crass it is, you've been warned!


A Few Things That Concern Me and My Predictions

Ok for those of you that don't know me (which is all of you!), I'm not a guy that likes to focus on the things that are going well or on things that I think will go well.  I'm paid to be paranoid...

Bengals Cut Chase Coffman


Let's pick him up, at worst he's a great third TE. At best, he's a solid pass catcher and insurance policy against our injury prone rookie.


Does Cassel have a Leadership Issue?

This might be in the wrong spot, if so I apologize.  This is the first time I've made one of these.  This post has nothing to do with Cassel's ability, whether or not he should be the starter,...

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