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User Blog

Driveby Extra: Super Bowl full of Green Edition. It's all gud

I decided about a year ago that I would put the Driveby to rest for at least one year. It may come back next season, but I want to see if the interest is still there. This is not a real Driveby...


Driveby Report: Don't call it a comeback Edition

What can I say about Old school Gangsta Charlie? LL said it best. Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years! Old man Charlie gets ticked off and makes a statement: "Get off my lawn...


Driveby Report: "Howya Like Me Now?" Edition

I was a little nervous that the storm gave the Giants a giant advantage. Speaking of storms, that made this game remind me of Those Desert Storm sorties we flew. We flew in bombed the crap out of...


Driveby Report: Back to Reality Edition

Back to reality! Ok, so the Steelers have played a couple of good games in a row. I think they are kind of finding a grove. Next week will be a real test. I didn't see a lot of the beginning of...


Driveby Report: We Make It Rainey Edition

I'm tired! I have no voice! Got home at 1 am from the game last night and woke up at 6 am this morning. I was supposed to be at work by 6 but that wasn't happening. We came in hearing Bengal fans...


Pregame Driveby Extra: Don't play me close Edition

It's definitely time to do this video Driveby! It's locked and loaded and almost exploded!


Driveby Report: Can He Kick It? Edition

Ok, you wondering why this is so late? It's because I don't do Drivebys anymore. Then why am I doing it now? Because I can and I figured I'd try it with the new format (still don't likey). I'm...


Driveby Extra: Happy Friday Old School Gangsta Hines/Keep the Family Together Edition

Good morning Steeler Nation. Looks like I collected enough donations to buy a tank of gas for a Driveby. Once again there is a story to tell through music. Well, maybe this is just an excuse to...


Driveby Extra: Locked & Loaded Edition; Brought to You by the US Air Force

Ok so I was thinking about the draft (because SteelChamps asked me a question on Facebook). I normally don't because that requires too much time, but I figured I'd be a surface critic. I am to the...


Driveby Extra: Don't Sweat the Technique Version

I was looking over the events of the last few weeks and decided I needed to do a hip hop state of the Nation address. For those that aren't aware, whenever possible I do a post-game post during the...


Was the cheater "cheated" and the "genius" out geniused (if that's a word)?

I was looking around at articles about the Super Bowl, kinda surveying they aftermath and I found something interesting. It was an article right under my nose on SBNation. Someone was thinking...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 Regular Season Week 17: If We Stomp a Puppy Will You Call PETA? Edition

PixburghArn: Well my good friends Slash is once again taking a much needed break, so I'm standing in for him along with the very talented 1BlkGldFan. By the way, I was not feeling well last week...


Driveby Extra: The Rest of the Story Edition... presented by Leon (Bud representative)

Since I didn't get a Driveby done this week, I'll put another Extra out. This may be the last one. I call this one "The Rest of the Story" because it's got some random info that answers some...


Driveby Extra: Forty-Niner Prep Edition

As if we needed any hype for this game, let me do this 2011 style. Sticking with my format I will convey my feelings heading into this game.


Driveby Extra [Part II]: It's all about "Big Benjamin" Edition

This week has brought up some new material for an "extra" edition of the Driveby. I understand this may steal some of my videos for my 2011 Old School Hip Hop Driveby theme, but as much as I've...


Driveby Extra: Down the Stretch Roll Call

Since I was on the road and didn't do a driveby. I decided to do a "down the stretch roll call". I'll do this in 2011 Old School, Oldish school fashion I am using this year. I have looked around...


Driveby Report: These are the Breaks, We Put Five on 'Em Edition

Sometimes you get the breaks some times you don't. We hadn't gotten any earlier in the season. I don't think Cincy stood a chance even without the turnovers. All that happened today is what we...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 Week 13: Looking For Your Cat? Check My Tires Edition

Since Slasha isn't back from Cali yet, I am hosting this thing again this week. I introduce to you our own 1BlkGldFan. She is the real deal fellas. I am glad to have her this week. Enjoy. H...


Driveby Report: We Want Easy, Please Edition

Man, I already have to make an appointment this week to get my blood pressure checked.  Then I have to sit up and sweat out a game we should have no problem winning.  Can we get an easy win...


Mechem has Hate. PixburghArn has Anger

I have watched enough football this year to really dislike the leadership of the NFL and it's Stormtroopers (officials).  I thought about doing a Star Wars themed poast to express my feelings, but...


Hump Day Mix (HDM) 2.0: "Can You Smell What the Chefs are Cooking?" Great Googlie Mooglie Version

We'll start you off this week with a video to help you to understand the title. It's that time of the week again.  The middle of the week.  Slasha is on vacation in SoCal.  I sent him out there to...


Driveby Report: Welcome to My Hood Rookie Version

Welcome to my hood Rookie.  Dalton gets the business.  Just be glad we didn't give you Rodney King's beat down.  My thinking leading up to this game was, "We are going to introduce this rookie to...


Driveby Report: That's how Rough Riders Roll Edition

What a game?  We could have won this game going away, but once again we let them stay in the game.  Let's get his party started quickly.  Lock and load baby it's time to roll.  Stop...drop...shut...


Driveby Report: Maaaaannn Funk Dat Edition!

I saw parts of this game.  I missed some of the early part of the game and some of the second half, but I saw enough to actually do a Driveby this week.  Last week I was watching it on my laptop in...


Driveby Report: Today was a Good Day Edition

As Ice Cube would say, "Today was a good day".  I still don't get bragging about a "triple double" in pick up basketball though.  Anyhow, We really needed this. My heart thanks you Steelers.  I was...


Driveby Report: The Steelers Giveth; the Steelers Taketh Away Edition

  I'm back from the marvelous land of Detroit.  I went there for some OJT on drivebys.  I even got to ride back up for a tailgunner on a bread truck.  Yeah times are that hard in Detroit.  The...


Driveby Report: Trick Me Once Shame on You, Trick Me Again and I'll Shoot You

I almost pulled out my bazooka on this one and wrecked the neighborhood, but I decided to use small arms instead.  Ice Cube never made a song about this day, but then again who wants a rap titled...


Driveby Report: Sports News (since I am not able to watch any games until regular season)

Since I can't do any game Drivebys, I smuggled my guns out of the house and will do a sports news Driveby.  These will be bullets of random nature meant to be humorous. They are meant for...


Driveby Report: This one only deserves a quicky

I really didn’t want to get off my couch, load my gat and get in my car to fire off some rounds.  But hey, this was the first taste of "Steeler football" of the year.  I cringe as I type "Steeler...


OT: For the Fellas; Official BTSC Lady of Comedy voting

Sorry it took so long fellas. I have now found some free time and here is the voting for your official BTSC "Lady of Comedy".

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