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Off Topic: Ladies of Comedy

Since I got some interest in doing another genre of movies I am putting this one out there.  You need to nominate your favorite beauty from a comedy movie.  The entrants that get the most recs will...


For the Fellas (part 2) The Survey

Ok here they are guys.  You nominated them and I entered only the ones I saw "recs" on.  It's too late to give anyone a rec now.  Vote for your favorite.  This is just how you like it:  Lots of...


For the Fellas (Non-Steeler [almost] post)

  Good day everyone.  I am new here.  This is my first post and I want to say I'm glad to be here.....  As I was lurking around, I noticed that the lock-out bringing less NFl news has caused the...


Driveby Report: Black and Gold Storm Grounds the Jets Edition

There's nothing like shutting up a big mouth.  This was like the big guy that's quiet, getting tired of the loud mouth punk and beating the crap out of him.  Even though the Steelers let up on...

NFL's Greatest Team


I know there are links on the main page, but spread the word. Of the two Sporting News links the one on top (the one I provided here) has no limit on the number of times you can vote. It's 78 Steelers vs. 85 Bears. Spread the word and do it now! I have 10 times already.


Driveby Report: Don't call it a comeback we've been here for years Edition

Man I am so glad I went to this game.  This was one for the ages.  My son and I returned to the scene of the disappointing trip we made back in week 4.  No words to express what it was like at...


Driveby Report: Puppy Stompin into the Playoffs

This was the kind of game I was looking for.   The Steelers jump on top of the Browns and never let them come up for air.  This officiating crew actually let the guys play.  Then again maybe that's...


Driveby Report: We Made Another Kittie Go Splat Edition

I waited 24 hours to do this Driveby.  I didn't do it on purpose.  I just couldn't get motivated with all of this prssure to get some late Christmas shopping done.  Speaking of Christmas, I asked...


Driveby Report: Hearts of Glass, Hands of Stone Edition

Well, I wasn't going to write a Driveby because I was so mad yesterday that I didn't want to relive it today, but I don't see many posts out there about the game....  Anyhow, this game ruined my...


Friday Frickin Fun: Photo Album

I was just sitting here looking out of my office window across I-675 in South-West Ohio, when I saw a coyote walking across the highway.  Then it hit me.  I'm being entertained by a coyote...


Driveby Report: Keep Your Cat Off My Porch Edition

On the way back home from church, my wife decides to change the menu for the day.  That means I have to go to Kroger on the way home.  That also means I missed watching the first 5 minutes or so of...


Driveby Report: You Didn't Look for the Hair Edition

  This had a chance to be a very bad weekend.  Wayne High School got homered by the Cleveland refs in the State finals.  I guess they forget these games are televised and they have evals that...


Non Steeler post: High School blue chip from Dayton update

Ok, this is my update promised to the High School football gurus and the Buckeye supporters here at BTSC.  This is the latest on Braxton Miller from Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio.


Driveby Report: Buffalo still chokes like no other edition

I'm about to hit the hay, but I figured I'd get this Driveby out of the way.  My heart has slowed down and my blood has simmered down from a boil.  It hit boiling point when the refs threw their...


Holiday amusement: Mascots for players

Because I had a little break at work, I decided to do something fun.  You know teams from pee wee to the pros have mascots.  Well I want to do something new.  I am going to give NFL players a...


Non Steelers, but football related: Prospect QB playing in Dayton

At the beginning of the High School football season I promised to give updates on Braxton Miller.  He is the QB for the Huber Heights Wayne Warriors.  He is also the next QB for the Ohio State...


Driveby Report: Hey Raiders, this isn't 2009 edition

Once again I was out of pocket for over a week.  This time I was down in San Antonio, home of the Spurs.  Yes I am a Spurs fan.  No I can't figure out why anyone would cheat on Eva Longaria. ...

Yes, Brady is protected by officials where ever he goes. He is also untouchable in an office...


Yes, Brady is protected by officials where ever he goes. He is also untouchable in an office environment. Sorry this is screwed up. Embedding was disabled.


Driveby Report: We let down the Bungles, down by the riverside edition

  Ok, so I went to the game and I didn't tape it.  That means once again I don't have the luxury of reviewing before I write this.  Since I never review the games before I write these it's not...


Driveby Report: They were Brown so we flushed them down edition

I was not able to see almost all of the first quarter.  I was helping my wife.  I never take notes from the games so I have to depend on what I remember.  In case you haven't guessed I have an...

Download the New Steelers app


I got an email from Steelers.com yesterday to get this. We are the first to offer it. $1.99

Steelers vote to decertify the Union


Things are getting interesting, though this is no surprise.


Driveby Report: Welcome Back Ben We Could Have Used You Edition

I wasn't going to do a Driveby but after some of the crap I'm seeing out there I guess I will.  First off let me tell you I was at the game and didn't have the help of replay.  There was some...


Just a reminder: A Post for discussing Fanpost vs. Fanshot

There are two types of postings you can do on this blog.  One is a Fanpost and the other is a Fanshot.


Driveby Report: Week 3 versus Bucs

Ratta tat tat the driveby is back.  I'm a little under the weather so I chose to do it today, just in case I don't make it into work.  Sorry I missed last week.  It was a crazy week at work and...


Driveby Report: Steelers Flip the Dirty Birds

  Ahhhhh the beginning of regular season.  Top that off with a win and it made for a very pleasant Sunday afternoon.  My Sunday afternoon nap was delightfully peaceful.  We have great weather here...

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