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Beyond Fiction

"This is beyond fiction." – Joe Maddon to Todd Kalas in the bubbly afterglow of Game 162. Friday morning, shortly after 8am, I sat with a bowl of off-brand frosted mini-wheats on my lap and...


OTTOTD 8/25/11 - The One Reason Only Edition

I'm creating this for one reason and one reason only: declaration of Warde's idiocy. The Mars Volta produced one 5-star album and two 3.5 to 4 star albums in a single fucking decade, you...

The Rays Will Not Score Any Runs This Year

Yesterday morning, Intrepid Boy Reporter Play-On-Words and his slovenly valet Suttree swooped down to sunny Port Charlotte, Florida, where they Never Forget and the Rays broke out the fungoes and...


OTTOTD 12/17: I Come Not To Praise Gary Neal, But To Bury Him

J.R. Smith dunk on Gary Neal - Spurs @ Nuggets 12/16/10 (via huff99)     Same cat who is responsible for this gem:   Gary Neal high fives imaginary teammates (12.05.2010) (via jaythebadkid) ...


OTTOTD 11/10: A Selection of Jon Heyman Taking Bullets For Jetes

In case you aren't on Twitter (don't call it a comeback, etc.), here are some excerpts of what Jon Heyman did all day yesterday and part of this morning: run interference for DA CAPTAIN. It's very...


OTTOTD 11/4: Placeholder Until LBrglass44 Jacks It Edish

"I know this is kind of a funny question for you to ask me. But my daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music after I said some things that she thought were not very smart. She said, 'Dad,...


Things we will never witness

via i1203.photobucket.com Per Stacy Long: A quick review of what Beckham did -- a home run, a triple, two singles, a flyout, a walk and an oh-my-goodness baserunning mistake. Read Long's post...


OTTOTD: 10/11/10: And you, too, can dhazebay all day, every day.

From your local convenience store. "This is being marketed to police, other groups," said Marilyn A. Huestis, chemistry and drug metabolism chief at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. "You have...


OTTOTD 9/16/10: All Day, Every Day

This is that dope-on-dope, smoke but don't choke onIt's the shit, clearly blunt junkies have been known to croakUnless them toke of it's, THE BOOOOOOMB!For those who think life is unfair'cause I...


OTTOTD: 9/2/10: The Navel Gazing Edition

Are we evil?   So many have leaped at the throat of the SPs lately. Racist accusations, homophobic accusations. They've even started to dismantle the gilded armor of our ArchPig sternfan1. Thus,...


OTTOTD 8/26: God Whips It Out, Pees Fire On Brazil Edition

OMG RUN! God bless you workin on a plan to heavenfollow the Lord all 24/7 daysGod is who we praise even though the devils all up in my face.He keepin me safe and in my placesay grace to the...


OTTOTD 8/23: Attention All Softball Wiz Scrapper Chick Magnets

The fuck is with this manual draft order? 8th?? You cocksucker.   EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL PINGO EL...


OTTOTD 7/30/10: The Poor Matthew Hall Edition

A copy of the report I submitted to Andrew Friedman, written in Comic Sans...Last night, the Stone Crabs' second baseman was a catastrophe. Like most of the other Crabs, he did jack and shit at the...


OTTOTD 5/28: Brett DeVall's Dad Rules

Hi Allen,While I find Hosmer, Melville Cole and a handful of other players you constantly pound the drums for you have neverwritten a profile on Brett.Brett also strted as a freshman at Rutherford...


OTTOTD 12/23: The Kiss Me Now and Have Me Forever, Gerald McCoy Edition

"I couldn’t wait to be a Buccaneer," McCoy said. "I grew up as a [Buccaneer] fan. I know a lot about the history of the team, and I’m glad that I could come here to help and do what I can."I...


Impact of Brobama's High Speed Rail?

I don't have any facts, data, or anything to corroborate the following statement, but I'll do this the MSM way and bold it for its emphatic veracity:   THE HIGH SPEED RAIL WILL MAKE A SIGNIFICANT...

Nevin "ThreadKilla" Ashley Article on MLB.com

My buddy Rob wrote this piece, by the way. He's a lovely bloke. Check out the hitting zen on display here, courtesy of MKANX, I'd wager: "It's taking the right mind-set into batting practice," [Ashley] said. "You can get carried away on hitting homers and trying to impress people, but I'm just working on my game."


OTTOTD 11/5: Back to Normal Edition

[Doug] Williams has been impressed with Freeman's development, and said that he sees a gunslinger of a quarterback when he watches Freeman in practice. Morris said that is what the Buccaneers...


OTTOTD 11/04: The Brains, the Looks, the Muscle, the Useless Chick, and the Wildcard Edition

The A-team did it. Scooby Doo did it. The Ghostbusters did it.


OTTOTD 10/28: The 589 Tries To Say Nothing At All Edition

Martin Fennelly's column today ponders if the Rays will ever return to the World Series. He cites the circumstance of a team playing a totally different sport using the Trop as a practice field as...


OTTOTD 10/16: The Cobb Salad Edition

"There was thought last week of getting Freeman in at the end of the game," said Olson. "But our feeling as a staff was that we weren't sure this was the defense we wanted to have this kid start...


OTTOTD: 8/12 (The "The Good Guys Can't Win Away From Home" Edition)

To discuss: USA v Mexico tonight from Mexico City. A house of horrors for Uncle Sam's boys. This is the biggest game the US has played since Germany06 by far. Win, and it goes a long way toward...

OT: Keyboard Cat - The Shirt

Many of you might be tempted by this masterpiece.

Why was Bryce Harper hitting at the Trop recently? Hmmm?


Why was Bryce Harper hitting at the Trop recently? Hmmm?

The talisman for our resurgence. We'll never lose again.


The talisman for our resurgence. We'll never lose again.


"Jamie" Shields and Jeff Niemann own two of the most effective pitches in 2009 (to date)

From Baseball Analysts. Shields' 2-Seamer is worth about -6.3 runs per 100 pitches and Giant's curve is -4.9 runs per 100. Versus what's expected, of course. Our old buddy Brian Stokes appears on...


Does Eddie Guardado make sense?

He's not flashy, but he'd likely be cheap and better than he looks in front of the Rays defense. The Twins didn't give him any help in his brief time there last year, but his numbers suggest he can...

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