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Boise State student starting in 1996 --- same year BSU went D1. Have been a proud fan ever since.

Whatever happened to $5 tickets?

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Boise State waiting for Firm Commitment from Air Force before saying Yes to Big East; Louisville may jump to Big 12 instead of West Virginia


As of today, its looking like Boise will become part of Big East and the "Mega-Conference" will not materialize after all. Looks like the teams to watch are Air Force, Louisville and West Virginia.

Big East, MWC & C-USA Commmissioners to Meet Today


Although the Big East denies a "scheduled, in-person meeting" among the three commissioners, reports from West of the Mississippi say otherwise. Why are they meeting? To preserve an AQ for the Big East, and to prevent large exit fees for those schools thinking of jumping ship. A document obtained by the Las Vegas newspaper shows Boise State in a division with: * Nevada * Fresno State * San Diego State * Hawaii * Utah State * UNLV .... and San Jose State if the conference were to be 32 teams instead of 28. At least these teams are regional rivalries. The critical team? Louisville. If Louisville stays, the Big East will apparently not have to merge in order to keep its AQ status.

ESPN gives Pat Hill an "A for Effort"


It's always nice to root for the good guys. And Pat Hill has always been one of 'em. He clearly cares about his kids. "It drives me nuts that we’re performing in a way that doesn’t make everybody happy. I want to make everybody happy. I want to see the kids I care about so much being happy. Right now, we’re not happy and I don’t like that." He is also willing to take the current criticism like a man, " I enjoy what I do here. I love this community. I came with the sword in my hand and when you go out, you go out on your sword. Everybody’s day ends some time and I’ll look back and hold my head high." Before it's Pat Hill's time to leave, I hope he gets his team to string together a couple of big wins over BCS programs and go to a Big Bowl. Next season, the Bulldogs have games against Oregon and Colorado. Wouldn't it be great if his 'Dawgs could go 2-0 in those games? Pat Hill deserves a legacy like that.

Pres Kustra tells NCAA he is against proposed $2K annual stipend


The NCAA is looking into whether student athletes should receive an annual stipend to help cover the true costs of attending college. President Kustra contends it will further divide the have's and have-nots.


Games that Matter: Rooting Guide for Week 8

It’s the middle of the week during football season, so it’s time once again for me and Mr. Badger to review the games – and teams – that should be followed come Saturday. As usual, we start with...


Text of Interview with Dr. Kustra on 670 KBOI (edited - from notes)

  Q: Welcome to the program Dr. Kustra. Can you please talk about the conference realignment situation going on right now? Dr. K: My job is to represent the University, the faculty, the students,...


Games that Matter - Week 7 Rooting Guide

Can you believe it’s already Week 7? Neither can Mr. Badger. He’s currently eating as many Churros as he can so his Winter Hibernation doesn’t catch him by surprise. Just between you and me, he has...


TCU Formally Accepts Invite to Big 12

THe inevitable was bound to happen. Sorry I don't have a source... I saw it on TV news tonite in San Diego. Read it on Texas' blog as well. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the...


Spay_OBNUG For anyone that's interested, I'll be Tweeting my Road Trip and Game Day Experience

How many words do we have to type? Well, Spay_OBNUG is the Twitter account. I've never tried Twitter before, so it should be fun. Or excruciating. Is it possible to add pictures to your Tweet?...


Games that Matter: Week 6 Rooting Guide

As we do every week, we start things off with our beloved Broncos. Our Broncos go to battle with the WAC’s Fresno State at the same WAC time (weeknights) and same WAC channel (ESPN). Ah, the good...


Updated with New Pics! Games that Matter: Boise State’s Rooting Guide for Week Five

We begin with the game that matters most. (4) Boise State (3-0) vs. Nevada (1-2) Time (MT): 12:30PM Coverage: Bronco Stadium & Versus Line: Broncos by 28 Support: ...


Games that Matter: Boise State’s Rooting Guide for Week Four

What teams should Bronco fans be rooting for in Week Four? Join me and Mr. Badger for a rundown of Bronco Nation's rooting guide for this week's games. First stop: Those Boise State guys. Part 1 –...


Games that Matter: Boise State’s Rooting Guide for Week Three

With two weeks of college football in the books, the landscape of teams to cheer for and against is starting to take shape. Before outlining which teams’ seasons have added significance, it is...


Games that matter: Boise State's rooting guide for Week Two

A guide to how Boise State fans should root for this weekend's games.


Games that Matter: Boise State's rooting guide for Week One

A look at the college football games in Week One that may affect Boise State's BCS chances


Bulldawgs to Watch: RB Position - Crowell (#1) and Samuel (#22)

  Before you start reading, please remember that I’m the furthest thing from a football guru that you can find. I get all my information from  the Internet – from real  crackpot reporters bloggers...

Bulldawg Injury Update: TB Samuels back to practice; NG Jenkins to return to practice Saturday

Samuels vs Crowell at TB Richard Samuels returned to practice Thursday after injuring his quad. It's looking like Georgia expects to play both Samuels and Freshman 5-star phenom Crowell at Tailback. Samuels - due to his seniority and experience - is still first string. But the coaching staff seems to imply that his recovering quad might limit his playing time and starting role. It's just my opinion, but I think both young men will see significant playing time - if for no other reason than to give our Broncos different looks. Jenkins vs Geathers at NG John Jenkins returns to limited practice on Saturday and full practice on Monday. It's also looking like a shared role for the pair of 350 pounders Geathers and JUCO Stud transfer Jenkins at Noseguard. Again, in my opinion, I'd expect Geathers to start at NG and Jenkins to either relieve him often or get time at DE (possibly starting). Again, it all depends on how well his hammy is feeling. I think Georgia would like to put Jenkins in the game as often as possible if at least to try to alter our Offensive Strategy. Because injuries are unpredictable, I'm not sure the Georgia coaches will know any of these answers themselves until game time. Long and short of it, expect to see all four players in the game, giving Brent Pease and his offensive gang plenty to think about.

Help Needed Understanding Boise's Offense and Georgia's Defense

I hope it's well understood by now that my knowledge of football strategy is limited to sandlots and high school benchwarming. Probably because the pressure was never on, and I couldn't pay...


Bulldawg to Watch: Nose Guard Position - Geathers (#99) and Jenkins (#6)

OK... everything I'm going to write in this post is based on other people's smart knowledge. I'm what one would consider a "Fan Only" football guy. I'm not - and never have been - a coach and have...


Bulldawg to Watch: Senior CB Brandon Boykin (#2) - Named to SIX National Award Watch Lists

Here's the deal: Boykin plays Cornerback AND Kickoff Returner. And he's pretty darn good at both. Cornerback Last two years, Boykin: started 24 of 26 games. had 71 solo tackles and 33...


Bulldawg to Watch: Soph ILB Alec Ogletree (#9) - Led Team in Tackles during BOTH Scrimmages

Sophomore Alec Ogletree has the size (6'3", 235) and speed (played strong safety last season) to create BIG problems for the Bronco running game. He loves to tackle and has a nose for the ball - as...

BSU assistant AD named Interim AD


Boise State Senior Associate Athletic Director Curt Apsey was named interim AD by President Kustra on Thursday. His tenure will begin Sep 9; he will not be considered for the permanent position.

Bulldog Injury Update: FS Jakar Hamilton out for season (fracture); Superfrosh TB Crowell's Groin Injury lingers; Jr TB Samuel out a week with Quad; LB out a week after scooter crash


Let's hope all get healed up so it's Mano-a-Mano on Sep 3rd. Losing free safety Hamilton will hurt the Dawgs. He started 5 games last season and was expected to share substantial snaps this year as well.


Which MWC team will present the biggest challenge?

Everyone knows who will take home the MWC trophy at season's end.  But who will be runner-up?  I have my own thoughts, but I'm interested to hear what others think.  Ugh, I hate this 75 word thing....

Tanner Magnum wins Accuracy Contest for 2nd Day in a Row at Elite 11 ---


"A lot of guys said they were going to take [the jersey] from me today," said Mangum. "But I’m determined to keep it all week. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a fluke or a one-hit wonder. I intend on wearing this jersey all week." As much as I'm sad to see him go elsewhere, it's tough to compete against BYU when the kid's Mormon. I wish the kid all the best... except when we line up against him. Now THOSE will be some games!

Ex-Georgia Coach Jim Donnan accused of leading Ponzi Scheme


Sad story for Georgia fans. Yet another thing to be thankful for at Boise State... we have a PHENOMENAL coaching staff with rock hard core values. I can't ever see Coach Pete running a Ponzi Scheme in his retirement days, under any circumstances.

We will NOT be playing dUI in 2012


Dreams can come true! Hopefully we can fill the spot with a solid AQ home game. I'd love to play VaTech, but 2012 is admittedly probably too soon for us to book such an opponent.


Blue Out in Georgia

Boise State will have a Blue Out in Georgia.  Get your Blue OGNUG T-shirts ready!   FYI: The Athletic Dept has already determined the Color Scheme for 2011 Home Games, but is not quite ready to...

Apparently it's official: GA OL Brent Benedict is transferring out


I'm not sure if this means the Dawgs are down 2 or 3 OL now. Does anyone know? I've lost track. Kinda sucks because I do NOT want the storyline to be, "Broncos face tattered Dogs in Atlanta". I much prefer the one that goes, "Broncos face revamped Top 25 SEC powerhouse in a hostile environment"!

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