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I know it's not a Clipper blog, but I very much enjoyed this.

I know it's not a Clipper blog, but I very much enjoyed this.


Why Kobe Bryant Should Shoot the Ball More

Perhaps some of you have seen this TrueHoop blog post over at ESPN, but I hadn't until today, and I found it to be quite interesting.  The post comments on some analysis done by Matt Goldman at  h...

The Trade Negotiating Styles of 8 NBA Executives

Challenge: write your own for Gar, Pax, or Dorf without making a stale chemistry joke.

Carlos Boozer - NBA Life. How could anyone not like him?

Carlos Boozer - NBA Life. How could anyone not like him?


Luol Deng for Defensive Player of the Year

The argument I'm about to make is pretty simple in essence: Luol Deng has been the best defensive player on the best defensive team in the league and should therefore, at the very least, receive...


2010-2011 Game Preview #32 Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Happy New Years Blogabull! So I'm actually pretty excited for this game, the reason being that, for the first time this season, I will have the pleasure of seeing this Bulls team in person.  But...

Rajon Rondo Has More All-Star Votes Than Derrick Rose

For shame, Bulls fans. Click the link to vote.


Official Find a Big Man through Trade/Free Agency in Wake of Noah's Injury Thread

I'm sure there will be much speculation about potentially adding a big man now that Noah's out.  There's an excellent chance that the Bulls don't do anything at all, and if they do make a move, I...

Did Carlos Boozer return too early?

BDL post featuring a video breakdown by BBallBreakdown that covers several plays from the Magic-Bulls game (not all about Boozer).


Kirk Hinrich Tracking Thread

  Kirk Hinrich has played in 7 games and about 36 minutes a game so far this year. He only has an 11.8 PER but a 22.9 TIR (thrust intensity rating). He also has a much better head of hair than K...


ESPN Rookie Rankings

http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/players/rookies/rankings   First edition of these from ESPN.  You need insider to see 11-50, so if anybody wants to know what David Thorpe has to say on any rookies...

Carlos Boozer Gets Beat in HORSE by a High School Kid

Sounds embarrassing but if you watch the video, it's really not. Anyways, as Dwyer says, "this is all we have to see from Carlos in red and black for the next two months."

Rose Interview on Hoopshype

In reference to Thibodeau: "He’s really a basketball coach." I'm guessing that that implies that VDN wasn't "really a basketball coach."


ESPN's Future Power Rankings (Update: We're No. 4)

They're not fully posted yet, but Hollinger and Chad Ford have come out with their latest future power rankings.  For those of you who don't have insider: The Future Power Rankings are ESPN...

Orlando Pinstriped Post on Redick

[From the fanshots. Other posts from OPP that should be checked out: from February, March, and May -ed.] I'm pimping this write-up because it seems that a lot of folks around here are under the impression that all Redick can do is stand around and hit jumpers. He's much better than that.

Who Belongs in the 'Pen?

The premise of this post is simple, so I'll keep the intro short and sweet.  The Cubs have finally come to their senses and decided to move Zambrano back to the rotation.  Now, obviously, this...

Marc Spears on Carlos Boozer

"One NBA general manager said Boozer could receive a five-year, $70 million deal that falls short of the maximum." If his price is that low, his standing as an option this summer jumps considerably in my book. I think I'd rather have Boozer at that price than Amare at the max. Discuss.

Lebron's Overrated, Phil Jackson's Underrated and More

Interesting article that raises some good points based on statistical analysis.

Hoopdata's breakdown of 2010

They seem to be much more optimistic about the Bulls than basketball prospectus.

ESPNChicago's top ten Cubs of the decade.

ESPN Chicago made their list of top Cub players this decade. How they ranked Ryan Dempster over Sammy Sosa is a mystery to me, but nevertheless, check it out and debate.


Lovie Smith iz Stoopid and Fire Him We Should

Lovie Smith obviously needs to be fired.  Just look at the Bears performance today.  Getting shellacked by the Cardinals is completely unacceptable, and it is completely Lovie Smith's fault.  It...

White Sox shut down by two former Cubs.

I think we could all use a laugh and the White Sox' futility provides just that.


Who should be the Cubs Closer?

Okay, a quick synopsis and a poll.  I know there's another poll, but I think that leaves out two very good, very reasonable options.  I think that the fact that 25% voted other indicates that...


Some Ideas for Moving Hinrich

These are some possible trades we could do to move Kirk for expirings.  Hope Gar Forman's paying attention.  What do you guys think?


On the Cubs OF

Just a few general comments on the Cubs OF


The Real Problem with the Cubs' Offense

Everyone's slamming Jim Hendry right now for putting together a roster that has limited depth and couldn't handle an injury to Ramirez.  Well, I'm going to argue that the Cubs' bench is just as...


If the Cubs were to make a move...

What would be the most help to the Cubs?  The Cubs clearly need help hitting right now, but I'm still convinced Jake Peavy could be a difference maker at the end of the season and in the...

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