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I'm a strong believer in the Gospel of Plager.

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  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
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User Blog

SLGT Fantasy Football

Drop an e-mail in the comment if you want in on a fantasy football league with Game Time

Lockout's end Links!

Lockout's over! LEt's click stuff.

Tuesday Open Thread: Former Blues

Pick a current player that used to wear the 'Note and hypothetically bring 'em back. You can also talk about something else entirely, if that's your thing.

Tuesday Links: Thursday Edition

Where JD might end up AND Ken Hitchcock answers a few questions within.

Thursday Open Thread


What promotional night/giveaway would you plan if you were in charge?

Wednesday Links

Stop by and click on obvious things

Thursday Open Thread

No topic today, so go for it with whatever's on your mind and go from there.

Monday Links

Come get some. Or don't. Either way, really.

Monday Open Thread

Who would you pick to shoot 18 holes with? Yes, yes, there's an obvious Erik Johnson joke to be made here.

Friday Open Thread

It starts with a question on replacement players and goes wherever you want it to go from there.

Thursday Links: All the news that's fit to click

JD's out. Schmaltz drank a whole bunch. There's other stuff, too.

What's your favorite style of hockey?


High scoring? Defensive? Lots of hard hits or lots of skilled stickhandling? What's your favorite style of hockey to watch?

Lockout Links: Day 11 (I think)


Another day in the lockout meets you with more stuff to click on.

This time the open thread has an exciting teaser!

And it has a great blurb, too! You can talk all about which rituals and superstitions you like. You can also talk about whatever you want. It's cool. No biggee.

Tuesday stuff to click on


It's Tuesday. Good day to click stuff.

Tuesday Open Thread


Most of us are at least aware that something controversial happened concerning the end of last's Monday Night Football game. I'll leave you to the rest of the internet if you'd like to see it for...

Monday Links: Day 9 and the Short, Short Version


Do you? Yes. Do you? Yes. Good. Click stuff. Hockey: The family of Derek Boogaard is suing the NHLPA. [TSN] Is there an argument against the NHLPA in all this lockout business? Of course....

Saturday Open Thread


There's no way we meet yesterday's comment total. Thanks to all the caravan folks that stopped by for...for...for whatever the hell that was. It was certainly fun to read. For today, we'll focus...

Friday Open Thread

Behold, the glorious end to the 5 day work week that is known as "Friday." I'm about to take my first trip to a pro sporting venue outside of St. Louis at around 1:20 today for the Cards/Cubs game...

Thursday Links: Day 5 edition


Hopefully talking about all your Blues stuff is/was beneficial, but I'm about at my wits' end with no labor peace in sight. Lockout fever: Contract it! Blues News: Nothing. Remember, if you're...

Thursday Open Thread


You've got your fair share of Blues stuff, right? A few jerseys, some t-shirts, and maybe a sweatshirt or two hung up in good order so you can throw 'em on at a moments notice, right? Unlike...

Wednesday Links: Day 4 and actually Wednesday edition


I don't know if any of you noticed the initial title of yesterday's links, but I was a goddamn day ahead of myself. Links? Links. Blues: Logos? Where we're going we don't need logos. [...

Wednesday Open Thread


If the NHL and NHLPA are going to be embattled in a work stoppage, maybe some good can come out of it in the form of getting rid of some or all of the dumb shit from the last lockout. Besides the...

Tuesday Links: Day 3 edition


Well, at least I've got a running tally of how long the lockout goes based on weekday link titles. Blues News: There's people on Twitter, stating that Berglund is headed to Vasteras for some...

Tuesday Open Thread


Each team inevitably faces tough losses. Each player on that team has to find a way to handle themselves after those tough losses. The exploits of certain Blues visiting the East Side has been...

Monday Links: Day 2 edition


I'm probably overthinking this, but if a lockout starts at midnight on "Saturday night," that'd mean the first day of the lockout is actually Sunday and that the second day of the lockout is today,...

Monday Open Thread


In recognition of both the newly christened lockout and my lack of internet, the Sunday Open Thread was omitted. Hope you aren't too butthurt about it. Here's a video to patch things up. Do...

Saturday Open Thread


We all know what will likely come to pass today. I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it. As hockey fans, however, we're all going to have to find something to fill the void and at least get some...

Friday Links: Lockout Eve edition


You know the scene in Armageddon where John McClane and the bank manager from Dark Knight are trying to diffuse the nuclear bomb before Houston blows them up? I feel similar to Mr. Pink over there...

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